Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Olive Harvest

 Hello dear friends,
Black olives

It's that time of the year again here, at our place - olive picking.
This years crop is a good one,  due to the exceptionally dry hot summer. I am happy that this will mean a lot of bottles of olive oil to store away in the pantry.
I actually enjoy harvesting the crop and find it therapeutic being outdoors and seeing the buckets filling up. We have a few different varieties, but all mixed together, makes for a nice tasting oil.
Green variety
Surprising enough the birds are feasting on them as I am picking and they must not be put off by the bitter taste. The trees have got quite tall and I will pick those from the step ladder but will leave the really high ones for the birds to eat.

When the picking is finished we will  take them to a Local Olive pressing company where the process of turning the hard bitter olives, into delicious, fragrant extra virgin olive oil.  The olives are pressed in a big press, imported from Italy.

I must get back to my job now and harvest some more .

Hope you are enjoying the week


  1. Oh you make olive oil by yourself, this is so great.
    Can I have a bottle ;) have a nice day

  2. Olive oil is one of the most precious ingredients of food not only for its taste but also for being so healthy .
    Have fun !

  3. dear caroly,
    these are nice photos from the olive harvest.
    i love olives.... ;-)
    many greetings

  4. Dear Carolyn, got Olive trees in your garden? Wonderful! And so many..... so you can do a lot of wonderful delicious olive oil!
    Do you do this yourself ..the oil?
    Have a lovely week, my dear friend!
    Love and hugs

  5. Lovely post Carolyn! Hope you are having a great week:)
    ~Anne xx

  6. Hello dear Carolyn!
    You have olive trees!
    What a dream!
    They look so beautiful and tasty!
    I wish you a happy week and a lot of olives for you oil!
    And you' re sweet that you leave some olives for the birds!
    With love, Geli

  7. Wonderful to have olives. Must
    be exciting to taste the first oil.
    Have a nice weekend dear Carolyn

  8. Thank you for telling and showing how about your olive picking. It's very exciting for me as city girl and from the cold north.

  9. I would love to lend a hand in picking out those olives. This is such a fun activity, many thanks for sharing it Carolyn.

    Wish you a beautiful day :)

  10. Hope the harvest goes well and you get lots of delicious oil from the pressing!

  11. How wonderful!
    Love olives!


  12. My goodness...what an enchanted garden! Olive trees! It must be so very special to dine with loved ones, knowing that such fine ingredients were gathered by your hands. And it is very generous of you to share the harvest with feathered visitors.
    Thank you for sharing your magical spot Carolyn. Wishing you a splendid weekend!
    Warmest hugs...

  13. I had NO idea that you grew olives! And to have oil from your own orchard? This is romantic....what can I say? Enjoy the fruit of your labor my friend. Hugs to you sweet Carolyn! Anita

  14. How wonderful Carolyn!!!! I love olive oil. I had one olive tree in my other house but it was such a mess as we did not harvest the olives ;) always stepping on them!

    Be careful on that ladder!!!!


  15. Hi Carolyn! Oh, must be a hard work indeed! But I bet that oil will be delicious then! Good luck on the picking dear, kisses! xo

  16. you must have a large garden to grow so many olive trees. Unless they are wild trees.
    Having the oil pressed makes things a lot easier.

  17. Dearest Carolyn,
    Guess you are not growing olives commercially but for your own use. That is quite an accomplishment for having such a harvest. Enjoy them!

  18. Oh Carolyn,
    You made me think of a sweet memory of my childhood. When I was little my parents use to have a huge olive tree in our back yard. It was so big (or so that is how it seemed to me) that my dad was able to put a swing on it for my sisters and much fun and such sweet memories. Thank you.

    Bet that olive oil is going to be delish....I love olive oil.

    Wishing you a wonderful, past approaching, weekend.

    Much love,

  19. Oh Carolyn, you harvest your own olives? How wonderful! As soon as I saw the olive on my blog roll it brought back memories of me when I was a very young child eating olives.. I used to put one on each finger tip. How silly is that!
    Happy harvesting,

  20. Hi Carolyn,

    So exciting to have your own Olive trees and oil! Have fun picking!

    Madelief x

  21. I have a small olive on the patio but it is never warm enough to produce any fruit. I remember you picking the olives last year how time flies! I hope you crop is good.
    Sarah x

  22. Hi Carolyn,

    I am so envious, and a bit jealous, how awesome to be able to pick your own olives.

    Not happening where I live.:(

    There is nothing like fresh olive oil, store bought does not come close. One of the things I miss most about Europe is the olives and olive oil.

    Hope you enjoy lots of delicious olive oil.

    Happy weekend to you.


  23. Dear Carolyn, olive trees in my mind are so specific for Italy or south of France - never connected these with Australia before, but I guess it makes perfect sense considering your dry and hot climate.
    How many do you have - or is it a whole plantation? It must be wonderful to be able to produce your own oil.;)
    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. Hi Zuzana,

      We actually live in New Zealand and our climate on Waiheke Island where I live is great for olives and grapes. Dry hot summers and a very mild winter.


  24. What fun it must be to harvest olives Carolyn! I have them all the time:) When we were visiting the wine country a few years ago, we sampled so many different varieties and in various marinades. You'll have to share what your favorites are!

    Enjoy a relaxing weekend! xxleslie

  25. Dearest Carolyn,
    What a wonderful post!!!
    I have two beauitful olive trees...But they have never put on the olives.Yours are so gorgeous.Ours are planted in our green house and it get very hot in there.Someone told us, that they have to be in the cold for a time.Is that true? Then another person told us that they have to be cross polanated(bad speller). with a different kind.Hubby and I are so mixed up.Can you give us some clues?
    Hugs and Kisses
    Marie Antionette

    1. Hi Marie Antionette,

      We have a very dry hot summer which they seem to like and quite a mild winter.
      As for the types of olives we have 12 trees that we bought from the garden center and they are different varieties. Sorry can't really help because it was just by chance that they seemed to have worked out well for us. The trees are probably about seven years old so give yours time.
      Hope they give you some olives.


  26. Hi Carolyn,

    We have one tree and investigated buying a press but it was so dear it didn't justify all the bother of picking!

    Spanish olive oil is realtively cheap anyway - is it dearer in NZ?

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Lola & Nora:)

  27. Blessings my lovely friend. I love all of your postings. So busy preparing to move I have not had much time to visit, but am always thinking of you.

    Love you

  28. Carolyn,
    I love OLIVES!!!!

    I use lots of olive oil in our meals and occasionally will take it just for taking it for health reasons.

    You are blessed to be able to get your olive so fresh.
    That's neat.

    Awesome Summer,

  29. Thank Carolyn, such a interesting post.I love olives, My dad drinks one spoon of olive's oil every day. He is 83 yrs old in great condition...
    Have a nice weekend

  30. I didn´t know that in New Zeland you have olives´s really a surprise
    Here we have a lot and we use it in all our meals
    Even for the breakfast ,a toast with olives´s oil and garlic or tomato,it´s the most healthy breakfast
    Visiting you is always a pleasure

  31. Dear Carolyn,

    This is simply wonderful! I lived for two years in Greece and knew a few olive grove owners but I have (foolishly) never associated olives with New Zealand. I can imagine you slowly and surely picking olives from each tree and looking forward to the delicious olive oil you will be enjoying for months to come.


  32. OHHHH.....I raise my bottle of OLIVE OIL to you! dear one, thank you for coming to wish me birthday greetings; my best gifts are friends that care. HAPPY WEEK! Anita

  33. Carolyn,
    Olive trees are very special to me. We used to have two big ones in the backyard of our old home. I really miss them. That is great that your local company turns your olives into olive oil for you. My husband wanted to make tasty olives when we had our olive trees, but never got around to the process of it. What a wonderful thing that you are doing here, Carolyn.

    Happy Sunday.


  34. Hi Carolyn, those olives look great - I love olive oil and when it's from olives that you've watch grow first it tastes even better :) Your blog is lovely, I just became your newest follower. I love what you say about 'never imagining that your blog would brin such joy to your life'.... I feel exactly the same way about mine :) Have a wonderful day, Elisabeth x

  35. Hi Carolyn,
    I ddn't imagine olive trees were so common there, I tought they were a carateristhic of mediterranean places!^^
    Still i've never knew how olive oil is made!^^

  36. Hi Carolyn,
    How wonderful to have such a gorgeous crop of olives. Your pics look beautiful. It must be so nice to be outdoors picking olives knowing they will become delicious oil. It is also great to have a company there to process them for you.

    Have fun.
    Sending hugs, CM

  37. Dear carolyn,

    I never thought about olive ..... just kiwi by you !!
    It is really a wonderful thing to have the delicious home made olive oil !
    have a nice day

  38. I love olives, esp those green ones. Delicious as they are how great it is to pick them yourself.
    Kisses x

  39. What fun....I would love to pick olives. Lucky you. Hope you are well my friend.

  40. Dear Carolyn
    I love olives too. It's really wonderful to have olive in the garden. The pictures are very nice.
    I wish you a happy rest of the week. Love and hugs Yvonne

  41. Hi Carolyn,
    I enjoyed reading about your olive grove. You are so lucky. I bet the olives taste amazing because they are so fresh off the trees!
    Did you know that olive oil is great for your skin too?
    If you mix a bit of oil into your face or body moisturizer, it gives your skin a little glow. Just a little tip I thought you might be interested in knowing! ;-)
    Enjoy those delicious olives.
    Jo. xx

  42. when I began to read your post, I thought Ah Australia, because of the season, and in fact you live in New Zeland ! I have to confess that I don't know anything about your country : what a pity no ? I live in the far opposite in PARIS France. I do love olive oil !!



  43. wow--how exotic your life is--wonderful!!!

  44. Carolyn what an amazing woman you are picking your own olives from your orchard. I have to admit I don't know much about growing olives but I am in awe of your crop.
    So glad you shared this with us and that I got to see it.

  45. le foto che metti sul tuo blog sono sempr così belle e piene di significato :D

    fashion blog miriam stella

  46. Dear Carolyn,
    that must be amazing to be able to harvest your own olives, and then get a wonderful tasty and beautiful olive oil back home from the press- the photoes are making my mouth watering..I love olives!! Congratulations with such a huge harvest !

  47. what a wonderful blog dear, love it!

    Hope you can visit mine sometime :)


  48. How wonderful that you have your own olive trees. We bring out olive oil from Jerusalem. I tell you, there is nothing better than fresh olive oil. Doesn't even compare to that watery stuff they sell in most grocery stores! :) Best wishes, Tammy


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