Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Little Paris Kitchen

My obsession with the Food and Cooking Chanels, finds me sometimes spending way too long sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV.  A favourite of mine recently is ~
'The Little Paris Kitchen'

Have you seen Rachel Khoo, of The Little Paris Kitchen?

 Rachel left the UK and headed to Paris where she trained as a French pastry chef.
Living in her tiny apartment in Paris, she cooks simple, French delicious looking food from her small kitchen. Even turning her front room into a restaurant, seducing Parisian diners.

You can see her running about Paris on shopping trips to the markets, La Bouloungerie and La Patisserie. She can be seen wearing gorgeous vintage style frocks, and her characteristic trait of bright red lipstick.
So if you like Paris, and cooking shows, take a look at the show - she also has a fabulous Cook book out too

Wishing you a happy week


  1. This looks wonderful Carolyn. I think I've seen the book .. but not her show. How fun to follow her about Paris as she shops!

    Happy Monday to you!

  2. Food and Paris my very favourite things Carolyn ... No I've not seen this show but I would love to ... It's obviously not on our channels. What an inspiration she must be.
    Wishing you a beautiful week. xx

  3. I wonder if this airs in the US Carolyn. I will have to find out because when you mentioned her vintage frocks and cooking in the same post, my ears perked right up :)
    I think she is so pretty. Love her lipstick and wish I looked good in red.
    I hope you are having a great start to your week my friend.

  4. I like cooking, I like french food. This Show sound perfect for me.
    Thank you for sharing with us

    Have a nice day,


  5. ...thanks for sharing !
    I didn't cross Rachel in Paris , but I'll see "The Little Paris Kitchen " ...I enjoy so much in watching food channels .....They make wonderful dishes in a simple and easy way !!
    have a nice day .

  6. Now that is a book I would love to own! I am wondering the same as June.. Is her show here in the US? I will need to go through the cooking channels. Thanks for the tip Carolyn!
    Have a wonderful week
    Sending you a hug!

  7. Dear Carolyn,
    thank you for telling us about this wonderful Book! I should have a look ;O)
    Wishing you a wonderful week, my dear friend!
    love and hugs

  8. Dear Carolyn!
    I want this cookbook!
    Have a happy week!
    With love, Geli

  9. Carolyn, I just saw last week on Pinteret where my daughter had posted that she wanted this. I think I am going to have to order it for her and surprise her. I think I may want a copy of this book now. :)

    Thanks for the post! I feel enlightened, I had no idea. :)

    Have a most awesome week!


  10. Aww it looks wonderful..
    Thank you for sharing x

  11. Thank you dear Carolyn - this post is right up my alley!!
    Rachel's program sounds wonderful I can't wait to check it out on the food chanel. I will have to Mysky it as my husband might have a fit if he has to watch another cooking show!!!!!
    Shane ♥

  12. She is lovely!
    Will have to check out the show!


  13. Unfortunately this show doesn't exist in our channels but this girl embodies the inspiration by herself!I will try to get her book!Thank you Carolyn for motivating me !

  14. This is the life. As simple as can be, but using the BEST of everything. Even her wearing just the red lipstick is a symbol of taking only the necessary to enhance her beauty and then just being AU NATURAL.....my mum only wore red lipstick and what do I do? THE SAME! And it goes well with my black hair.

    Dearest one, thank you for introducing me to this book. I will enjoy learning more of the French lifestyle that I find wonderful and well, why do you think I went to school to earn my degrees in French!

    Many hugs sweet Carolyn, Anita

  15. Hi Carolyn,
    This sounds like a wonderful cooking show. I am not sure we get it here, but I am going to look.
    The host is a beautiful girl. Love the pic riding the bike. Enjoy this week my friend.
    Hugs, CM

  16. i haven't seen this show--but i too love watching cooking shows--and i especially enjoy this one about french cooking at home :)

  17. I've never seen this program but my sister loves it!

  18. hi Carolyn,
    I never saw her show, but i heard a lot about her!
    That book seems very interesting!

  19. We enjoy lots of tv food programmes here, including Rachel Khoo's. I love the concept of eating out in small cafe spaces - cozy and stylish at the same time and wonderful food, of course. Hope your week is going well. x

  20. It must be great! I like this kind of programs too...

  21. I haven't heard of her before. I actually haven't had the tv on in weeks. So much nice just to hear the humming of the home rather than a blaring television. The kids don't even watch it anymore because they are doing things on the computers. Wishing you a lovely week. Tammy

  22. Hi Carolyn! Thanks so much for sharing, I have the same passion but I didn't know the show! For sure to watch and also I am interested to read the book, looks nice! Kisses and hugs! xo

  23. Dearest Carolyn,
    Exotic combination of Chinese/Malaysian and Austrian Mother, born in England and now in Paris! She's clever and knows what she wants.
    Hugs to you,

  24. I don't know this program but I am sure gointo to investigate a little further! thanks for the great tip!
    wish you a sunny happy week

  25. I have enjoyed watching her cookery programmes. The food is always so lovely and she makes it look so easy cooking in a limited space!
    Sarah x

  26. I love cooking but i do not now her.....not famous in Holland i am affraid......enjoy the week love Ria...xxx..

  27. Dear Carolyn, very exciting!This girl must be very special!I like the stories and struggles of talented girls.Hugs

  28. Dear Carolyn
    It looks wonderful! I love cooking also.
    I wish you a happy rest of the week with a lot of sun. Love and hugs Yvonne

  29. Hello Caroly, I have seen this show a few times, and I loved it! The picturesque scenes of Paris, and the pretty little apartment caught my eye more than the food, even though that looked delicious!

    Thanks for your kind comments over at mine, you're always very welcome!

    Love Claire xxx

  30. Dearest Carolyn,
    Oh, I DO wish to see the program and read the book in English p;)
    Wishing you a blessed rest of the week as well, my friend♡♡♡ 
    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  31. This looks like such a cute book and I love that she turns her home into a restaurant, I really really want to do that in my home so badly!



  32. BLess you Carolyn...thank you for your kind words and many prayers are being lifted up for all the victims. Oh this world is going crazy...isn't it?

    Love, Anita

  33. I haven't seen that show, Carolyn. How adorable the book is. I can certainly attest to how small the kitchens are in Paris, though. My daughter lived there for 7 years and the kitchen was teeny! (So was the bathroom!)
    Have a lovely week!

  34. Hi Carolyn!

    I haven't heard of Rachel before but from what I read from your post I'm very likely to find out more about her. She seems to be very stylish woman full of passion. xxx


  35. Oh dear...really?
    Really this girl have a restaurant in your home?
    Oh...fantastic idea... ;)
    KISSES...and for ever in my heart! W.L. NI

  36. Wow a beautiful lady dear Carolyn,
    and seems to also be a fantastic cook!
    I can`t watch that program, but many other food programs are showed in Danish tv!!I also love to read cook-books with a twist ...meaning good storien between the recipies :)
    Sending you hugs-

  37. My 33 year old daughter loves her and has prepared some of her recipes. Her sliced potatoes are delicious!

    I haven't watched her on television.
    You're lucky to watch her.

    Have a delightful Life,

  38. Hello sweetheart Carolyn! Thank you for your visit and kind comment! I love Rachel Khoo and have her fabulous book! I have not watched her show though. Thank you so much for sharing the link! She is so beautiful! Have a happy week! Love, Paula xo


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