Thursday, January 17, 2013

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink

Tuesday morning – my husband got up to go to work and make me a cup of tea.  It wasn’t long before he came upstairs to tell me that;  “Here was your tea, but we have a problem – we have run out of water”. 

He had ‘been meaning to’ look at the water tank for  a bit, but well it didn’t happen. 

We had checked it about a week ago and it was about a quarter full – but what with no rain and the extra use with the kids staying,   – the big tank was now empty.

Fortunately we have a back up tank with about 10 days supply – so we were going to be ok until a delivery of water was made. 

Well we would be if the pump would go!! 
It had shut down, as it didn’t go well pumping air and the accumulated debris from the bottom of the tank. 

It shut down and sulked.

Husband tried to get it to go and after numerous attempts said “I have to go to work – call the plumber”.

Well I had a go and it started for me – so water supply was back on line – still no sign of rain so I ordered a load of water. 

The water system was full of air and the nasty stuff from the bottom of the tank that we never hope to see – so I spent the day clearing out the water system and drinking bottled water and by about late afternoon the water was running clear.

Next morning Husband went to have a shower – turned it on, turned around and the shower rose blew apart – literally! 

The build up of compressed air, filthy water and nowhere to go conspired to create a disaster. 

The rose wasn’t strong enough to contain the water/air and blockage.  It flew apart with a  sudden bang showering husband with filthy water and soaking his underpants lying on the floor (ha ha). 

Well once again he said “Call the plumber”, which this time I had to do. 

Well the plumber – Mr. Wonderful, who  turned up and explained to me – after pulling the shower rose off – which as it is a really big one – is called a ‘Monsoon’ re-crimped it where it had flown apart -  and asked me if my husband was ‘Handy” 

I of course blushed and said he was.  “Well” he said – “You need to get him to undo all of these screws (there were about 100 of them) clean each one and put them back on”.

After he left I decided to do it myself and pulled the thing apart – it took me hours – and my elbow ached when I finished, but I got them all out – poked them with a pin and stuck them in the dishwasher – good as new.

When Hubby returned he screwed them back in and put the rose back up and it worked better than it has for years. 

Just goes to show you can do it if you turn your mind to it.  

We never know the worth of water, till the well is dry
~ Thomas Fuller

Hopefully no more catastrophes for a day or two.
Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday, dear friends


  1. Quelle aventure !
    Vous auriez également pu faire tremper le pommeau de douche dans du vinaigre pour faire dissoudre le calcaire accumulé...
    Belle journée,


  2. My dear Carolyn,
    what a day! Oh I am sure this was not a good day and I hope you will not have any more catastrophes now!
    I did not know, that you have big Watertanks for this....
    Well, I hope everything is good now and works again and you are not get prevented by any problems!
    Have a lovely week,
    take care, my dear friend,
    Love and hugs

  3. Well done Jus ... couldn't function without my first cup of tea of the day! As you say, we don't realise how much we rely on something until it's not there any more

    Have a lovely evening

    Claire xxx

  4. Carolyn, you're totally welcome to pop over to Andalucia and pick up some of our water - non stop rain for days!!

    Hope all's well now,


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  5. It happened a lot in a day, well done, it is you who are handy. Without water it becoms difficult.

  6. What a story !!...i hope it is all okee now !!...happy day

  7. OH NO! Your systems out there are totally different from ours here; we can always (so far!) rely on having water, but one must remember that this could change, given such strange weather patterns happening in the world....oh dear, may you get your water back!! Anita

  8. Goodness me, what a tedious job but well done you and I bet you feel really good for having done that task! Suzy x

  9. Oh, I know how you feel. A few times our well ran dry,blew up the water pump etc. It's just horrid to be without running water.
    Jane x

  10. Hi Carolyn! I'm sorry for the trouble, is very annoying when happens! Totally agree with the quote you share and with the fact we can do everything if we turn on our mind:) Kisses! xo

  11. Grab what you miss when suddenly no water is.
    Fortunately, now everything is in order and you appreciate it all the more.
    Have a nice day Carolyn.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  12. Hello Carolyn!

    Such a bad day! Hope now it's all ok again!
    Take care, dear!


  13. May there be plenty of water for you always my sweet friend. I am sorry about your dilemma.
    Love Jeanne


  14. Oh, Carolyn, there must have been something strange happening in the cosmos as I had a very weird day too!!!

    I would have laughed if the plumber asked me if my hubby was handy, when he wants to be!!!

    Enjoy a soak in the tub, you deserve it!!


  15. You have had fun and games with your water! I am impressed how "handy" you are too! Do you live out in the country? I'm glad the shower was not close to your refurbished rooms. Hope things are now back to normal.Sarah x

  16. Dearest Carolyn,
    This sounds almost like in the movie the Thornbirds where the lack of water always was an issue.
    What a fate but so glad it is back and working better than before.
    Stay well!

  17. Distaster (sort of) averted!
    Love the quote and moral.


  18. Gosh what a way to start the are a trouper though, husband should be proud of you!

    Happy weekend to you too xxx D

  19. love it!


  20. Thanks everyone for visiting and it is always great to have you leave a note in your busy lives.
    Sarah, we live on an Island and the only water we have is from when it rains and the water is stored in tanks.
    During summer when we have not had much rain, we have to buy in water which is delivered in a water tanker.


  21. Oh goodness! I'm glad your husband was uninjured ... and imagine explaining it at the office if he had been!

    I'm not sure whether to feel immensely thankful for a mains water supply or worried that it comes without a back up tank! So glad you got it all sorted :)

  22. Yahoooo for you my friend...hope all is well now.
    Forget how easy we have it...this is a good reminder.
    Hugs and love to you.

  23. Well! Wow. Your shower looks mighty inviting and wonderful now. What a lot of work!

    Happy new year to you! Hope it's filled with adventure and happiness and good health. xoxo

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  25. oh gosh, that sounds quite a mess, glad that you could fix it all quite easily at the end of the day!

  26. Oh dear Carolyn! I am sorry you and your hubby had to endure this!!! It is awful not to have water and then to have it and it be filthy! So glad all is cleaned up and running well and you have clean water! The shower looks lovely and good as new! I hope you have a very happy and restful weekend with no more disasters sweet friend! Bless your heart... and your hubby's!
    Much love, Paula

  27. Good for you Carolyn...
    we tried to snake our own drain the other day.....not successfully... after the kitchen sink had been slow to drain for months... .but, at least we didn't make any mess ...which is exactly what the Roto Rooter guy did when he arrived....from the moment he went downstairs with dripping from his dirty auger ...ugh....all on my light grey grout on the hardwood steps...and later ...a disaster where the wall, door and carpet took a dose of the blackest of black junk ...arrrghhhh! I wanted to strangle him. ...but, instead had to pay a huge bill.....

  28. Dearest Carolyn,
    OMG, you and your husband have been through a lot. I think this is the case of "All is well that ends well". And I read your comment here, which made me realized your situation for the water supply. Rain sure is a God send(^^;)

    Take Care of Yourselves and I O hope your summer is not so hot now.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to ny dear friend in New Zealand, xoxo Miyako*

  29. Wow, Carolyne - there you had something to deal with! Water is something, i need so much to feel good! So glad all worked out in the end - and better than before! Hope your weekend is cozy and sweet!

  30. Huggs to you...the call for the plummer always sets me back money and pride. I wish I could have fixed it. Nice you have a lovely, better than before, shower!

  31. Carolyn, my sweet one!

    Oh thank you for coming all the way from the other side of this beautiful planet to see me today. Life is a wonder, is it not? And to think that even if none of us ever saw it, it would still go on. Enjoy each dawn to find treasures just for your heart. Anita

  32. Ah Carolyn.. What a day! It sounds like everything that could go wrong, did, with the water and the rose.
    So happy all taken care of.. By the way, when I saw the first photo of the soaps I was in heaven.. I love soaps, and those are just beautiful. I'll bet they smell wonderful.
    Here's to a quiet day for you tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for coming over to see the finished relief work. Yes, it was a joy to work on and am happy it is finished... Back to the needle felting, and dear Bebe.

  33. ciao,

    first time on your blog .
    Never tought about having problems with water ....but anyway I spare it !
    You have two wonderful "child" !

    have a nice day
    ave (new follower)

  34. Hello sweet friend ... that experience is not it? I guess the fact that he worked. Then, I wanted to tell you that a couple of days ago it's your ticket to beautiful ME ... I'm excited and I hope sooner or later keen to embrace! THANK YOU sweet friend ... always in my heart! Whit LOVE!!!!
    Kisses and HUGS!!! NI ;)

  35. Such an adventure dear!

  36. Hi Carolyn,

    That was a lot of work but as someone pointed out above, it's all well that ends well. The spray from the shower now looks fresh and fierce which is great to see. I hope that there are no more problems now! Wish you a wonderful and a lovely day :)

  37. I do hope that your days of catastrophes have taken their leave. Wishing you happy (rain-filled) days.

  38. Dearest Carolyn, oh-oh, that sounds like a lot of (water-)problems!
    Oh, and all the many screws! You were very busy! I cross my fingers that everything works perfectly from now on!

    In Austria there are lots and lots of snow now! Last week I was skiing in the "Salzburg area" (that's why there was a one-week "rusty-rose-comment-silence" - ... and the posts that you could read in the past week were "programmed"). But now I am back again and catchig up :o))
    ♥ ♥ Hugs & love

  39. Dear Carolyn, running out of water is truly a nightmare;) I guess in the modern world, we are just so used to turning on the tap and clean water comes running at any time.;)
    Glad your plumbing got fixed.;)
    How are you coping with your hot weather? Are there any water restrictions?
    Have a great week ahead.;)

  40. What a disaster! The humor of the explosion made me smile a bit... what a mess! So glad that you are back in the water and shower business. Water is something that we take for granted and when it is not there is certainly a catastrophe!

    YOU are definitely the handy one in the family... and resilient, too!


  41. Hello dear, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts!! Happy Monday!
    Come back soon to visit on Cosa Mi Metto???
    Win a red dress identical to the one Miranda Kerr wore!!

  42. Good heavens, Carolyn! What a mess! But resolved with some elbow grease and a good plumber!

  43. What a day! Glad to know it's working great now :)

  44. i surely appreciate my water--good thing you are so resourceful!!

  45. What a day Carolyn.. goodness gracious. We don't have a water tank so I can't imagine this one ordeal. Water is something we often take for granted.. except for you of course!

    Glad everything worked out!


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    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at


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