Thursday, January 24, 2013

The lost art of handwriting

Earlier this week I read that January the 23rd, was National Handwriting day.

It got me thinking of the joy of handwriting and  how wonderful it is to receive a beautiful handwritten addressed envelope in the mail box,  you don't really get the same feeling with an email in your inbox of the computer.  In saying that I think email is a great way to communicate and keep in touch with our family and friends.

The lost art of handwriting is one of the few things where we can express ourselves ... there is something wonderful about picking up a pen and letting your thoughts turn to words, on the paper.

I remember as a child going to the museum, and attending a Victorian school day.
Sitting at little wooden desks and writing down on a slate board.
Handwriting was considered very important to develope a fine hand, so a lot of time went into practising copy writing.

Maybe take advantage of National handwriting day and use a pen to rekindle your friendship, by writing a handwritten letter, poem or journal entry.

Many thanks for the kind visits to my little blog and a warm welcome to new followers.
Hope that you are having a happy week.


  1. It is a lost art. Apparently there are some schools that are not teaching cursive.. Everything seems so impersonal with regards to all the texting and on line communication. Oh well.. as my 21 and 24 year say.. it's just a different time mom:)


  2. I remember writing letters to my aunt and always looking forward to getting one in return. She was a wonderful letter writer. I also remember filling my ink pen with ink and of course making a mess lol


  3. Not only handwriting but spelling too...sigh.
    Hope you are doing well....if you want to exchange letters I'm in!!!

  4. I particulary love to write and read handwriting letters...
    Best regards from Paris,


  5. My dear Carolyn,
    what a wonderful post !
    I did not know, that it was handwriting day on the 23rd!
    I must say, that I write lots of emails, but I also write handwritten letters and cards too! They are so much more personal and it always is such a nice feeling, if there is a handwritten letter or card in the postbox ;O)
    Wishing you a lovely week, my dear friend,
    take care,
    Love and hugs,

  6. It´s not often i write by hand, but my mother has a very beautiful handwriting, mine is not as nice.

  7. I agree hand writing can be very beautiful if done with care.

  8. Always nice to get a handwritten letter....but it is a long time ago...when i get one......lovely post.....!!have a nice day

  9. Dear Carolyn, this is a very nice thought:) When I get some card handwritten by my friends from some part of the world, it makes me very happy since they took time to do personally something for me:) You know, my handwriting is sooo bad:) Many people got troubles to understand it:) Kisses dear! xo

  10. Dearest Carolyn,
    With you I do appreciate fine cotton papers, fountain pens and good hand writing. You did a post in 2011, on June 13 about this and I loved it.
    Hugs to you,

  11. I love hand written letters and greeting cards in the mail box.
    May it never stop.
    More than words letters mingle souls.
    Love and hugs and smiles across the miles.
    Love Jeanne

  12. i love this--although my handwriting leaves so much to be desired---i love your style :)

  13. Eu também gosto da arte de escrever e de desenhar.
    Boa quinta-feira!
    Um ótimo dia para você!
    Beijinhos do Brasil
    .·° ♫♪•.

  14. Posso cambiare i tempi, ma la vecchia lettera avrà sempre il suo fascino.

    Calamaio e pennino, sono sempre sul mio scrittoio!

    Un bacio ed abbraccio forte!

    Con tantissimo affetto. NI

  15. missed it by a day....and honestly, I have to say my handwriting has deteriorated terribly. Disuse atrophy of the worst sort I'm afraid....

    I, too, miss the days of racing to the mailbox the second the postman had see if I "got a letter" .... usually from my Mom.... or my sister.... and now my Mom is gone...and my sister writes once a year..on my birthday ...we communicate regularly on email...but, it's just not the same is it?

  16. Hi, my dear Carolyn!
    I also think that it is beautiful to receive an envelope handwriting!
    when I was a children, I had a friend met by correspondence: my teacher was friend of her teacher, and they decided to write letters between the children in their classes. Then, when we grew up we met personally the girl with which we wrote letters!!
    I remember that I waited anxiously for her mails!

  17. I still love a handwritten note from friends and snail mail. Makes me feel most loved.
    Just like when Mr. Posty brings me a wonderful handmade ornament from my friend. It just got here today! I can't believe it too so long.
    Thank you!

  18. Hi Shell,

    Thanks for visiting and my that took a long time to get to you - must have taken the long way to you.


  19. Dearest Carolyn, a wonderful post!
    I previously wrote soo much with the hand, there were 40 or even 60 pages long letters of me (obviously not written in a single day ...) but now I write almost only on the computer. And I had a really nice handwriting (if I WANTED :o) ...) Now, my handwriting is no longer beautiful, my wrists are groaning when I'm writing a short letter (which is part of my "mouse-arm problems") But sometimes, very rarely, I still write a "real" letter ... : o))
    xox Traude

  20. I prefer writing letters to using the phone on some occasions. There's something very personal and 'hands-on' about putting pen to paper, especially on special paper or in a card. I particularly try and write often to my elderly relatives and I'm thrilled when my 90+ aunt writes back.
    Happy weekend to you and yours!

  21. I still love to hand write letters to my Great Aunts. I always loved writing and receiving letters from family and friends, I miss that with email. Must write a letter later on! Hugs, Catherine x

  22. So true, darling!
    Glad I learned calligraphy as a child :)


  23. You are so right Carolyn,
    it is a lost art. I love to write, and I so enjoy receiving letters in the mail.. No many people send letter anymore.. Such a shame..
    Thank you so much for visiting and your most thoughtful words about mama rabbit and baby... It is always such a treat to see your notes.

  24. I remember writing my letters on a blackboard with chalk - I loved it! (And I'm not that old, am I?)
    Still love pen on paper best..

  25. I follow you back my dear!



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