Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Up, up and away!

I made this little balloon,  that I have on my notice board. The basket is made from the cage off a champagne bottle and the  label from the Graphics Fairy.
When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return.
~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Louis Vuitton window displays are always fun
 The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human carrying, flight technology. In 1783 in Paris, the first manned flight was made by Jean-Francois de Rozier and Francois d'Arlandes.
Have you ever been up in a hot air  balloon? 
I have always thought it would be fun sailing through the clouds.
kikki K calender

I hope your week has started off well and wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.
Many thanks, for all the wonderful friends that stop to visit me  and to new followers, I want to thank each and everyone and I look forward to coming to say hello to you.



  1. Oh Carolyn, I just love your hot air balloon.. It is beautiful, very vintage looking.. I just love vintage.. You are so talented!

    I have never been up in a hot air balloon... Actually, I am afraid of heights, so I don't think this would be a good idea.. I will stand firmly on the ground and just look up..teee
    Have a wonderful week,

  2. Hi Carolyn! Having a great week. I have never rode in a hot air balloon, but think they are fascinating to watch.

    Perhaps when I turn 60? Not sure if I have the nerve to go up in one....though they look like it would be fun.

    For now, I like looking up at them.

    God bless,

  3. No balloon for me Carolyn, I'm happier in something with jet engines! Thank you for your lovely message of welcome to divine baby Gracie!
    Nonna Millie xx

  4. I love your hot air balloon Carolyn! When I read your post I tought of the movie around the world in 80 days with David Niven.

    Yes I have on a visit to my mom many years ago. Albuquerque is known as the balloon capital. What a site it was. So many balloons and so colorful and so many different designs

    Thank you for the memories this evening


  5. Hi Carolyn,

    What a fun post! I've never been in a hot air balloon, however they fly near our home and I have been wanting to try it :)

    Enjoy the start to a new week!


  6. HI CAROLYN!!!
    Hot air balloon rides intrigue me....but DOUBT i will ever ride in one....of course never say never....but I think I will pass...a helicopter perhaps!!!
    I loved seeing BALLOONS in PARIS!!!
    Have a great week

  7. http://pierre-boyer.blogspot.fr/2011/08/montgolfieres.html
    Enjoy your day dear Carolyn !
    Best regards from France,


  8. Dear Carolyn,
    what a lovely post!
    And for me a nice memory of the day, when I had a hot air ballon ride... it was my birthdaypresent to my 50st .... a wonderful feeling up in the air!

    Have a happy week,
    love and hugs,

  9. Hi Carolyn,
    wonderful air balloons... they carry us back to good old times and make a us very yearningly. I' ve never driving with an air balloon, it must be amazing...
    Wishing you a wonderful sunny week

  10. Oh how peaceful and quite it would be up in the air sailing along.
    I'l keep dreaming.

  11. Beautiful balloons, darling!
    Love the history!


  12. Your little hot air balloon is so cute. I've seen many take off but have not been in one. I think there were balloon flights when we were in Kandalama, Sri Lanka but I never saw any in the sky. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  13. Hi Carolyn.I love your balloon! Not sure if I would be brave enough to go up in one for real!! Have a great week:)
    ~Anne xx

  14. Hello Carolyn!
    I haven't been in a hot air balloon. It could be exciting! There is a hot balloon occurrence in my home town every summer. Many balloons are rising up to the sky at the same time. Unfortunately this year I am not here and can't see them :(

    Your balloon is so beautiful!


  15. I would be a bit scared to travel this way, mayby my imagination stops me from such ideas:)

    Blog about life and travelling
    Blog about cooking

  16. Love your little hot air ballon.. I have been up a number of times as I baby sat for a ballon pilot and they sometimes gave me a free ride if they needed some extra weight!
    It is a beautiful experience. My last flight was with my sister and 11 of her friends for her 60th birthday. Cant wait to go again.

  17. I never thought one could re-use the cage from a champagne bottle. How clever of you. My friend has been on a hot air balloon ride - it was on her bucket list. I have no desire at all but I love watching them in the sky.

  18. What a wonderful post !!
    I love hot air balloons.
    Just last week one large hot air balloon past over our little town.
    It was a great sight ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  19. Carolyn,
    No, I've never been up in a hot air balloon, but that is something that I've always wanted to do. To get a feel of what the birds see everyday would be a thrill. Your balloon you made is so cute, how clever.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  20. I never did......not for me.....i do not like that......high in the sky in a basket.....lovely week darling...like your selfmade baloon .....!!...love Ria...xxx...

  21. Hello Carolyn!

    I rode in in a hot hair balloon and i did parafly too, there were both incredible experiences!!! ;)
    Everyone shoul try to fly!


  22. Hi Carolyn,
    I remember learning about the first balloon flight at school and drawing a picture of it!
    I would love to go up in a hot air balloon just Although they say the landing can be scary!
    Your hot air balloon looks wonderful.
    Sarah x

  23. puts me to mind of the fifth dimension's hit :)--up up and away

  24. Dearest Carolyn,

    As much as we've been up in the blue skies, never in a hot air balloon.
    Wishing you a happy mid-week.

  25. Hello my sweet friend,
    These summer days just seem to be flying by so quickly. I can't believe I've missed several of your posts. Will have to go back and read them :-) Anyway, I have never been on a balloon ride...and they are very popular around here too...I'm just too much of a scaredy cat. Hee, hee, hee. Love the little balloon you made. Hope you are having a wonderful week my friend.

    Much love,

  26. I would love to fly through the sky in a hot air balloon, Carolyn! I'll have to add that to my "bucket list". I also enjoyed looking at your Paris pics. I've been there twice and am actually planning a trip to France in November. You made me years all the more!
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  27. How I would love to be in a hot air balloon. Once one took a wrong turn and came meters from our large front room windows..it was so weird to see it right outside!!! Hope you are doing well....and your winter is lovely.

  28. Hi Carolyn,
    What an adorable hot air balloon that you created. I have never been up in one, but if given the chance ai would do it. I enjoyed the interesting facts too...thanks for sharing!

  29. Hi sweet Carolyn,
    your hot air ballon is wonderful, I love it, and that you used the champagne cage,for it .
    But I would ,not, love to be in one :-) prefer real playnes or to walk the earth,LOL .
    The photoes from Paris are great, dear.
    Hope your week is happy, and good!
    Hugs and xx-Dorthe

  30. What a cute balloon you've made, Carolyn! And no, I've never been in one. I was in Santa Fe once when the sky was filled with them. It was amazing. I see them around here once in a while, but not often. I wouldn't turn down a ride in one though. :)

  31. Hi Carolyn,when I was a child I was dreaming to touch a mountain,because I see them from a long distance and couldn't imagine it was real,so big !!!Thank you for stopping to my blog with so kind words!

  32. I had a chance to go up in a balloon years ago when I was in France. I could kick myself now. There is something so romantic about them. Oh right now I know why I didn't go....I wasn't with that special someone:)


  33. I've never been up in one but I have enjoyed taking photos of them! What a fun one that you made! Enjoy your week!

  34. Hello Carolyn,
    I like the ballon you made!! This morning I was reading in the book Encyclopedia of the Exquisite and the first the is the book is about Aerostation (the first few hot air ballon that went up) in France. It is such a miracle, really!!

    How are YOU??


  35. Happy Friday my sweet friend.
    Have a glorious weekend.
    Love all of your postings.
    Love you...........


  36. I've never been in a hot air balloon, but I would love to, even though I get vertigo...!

  37. Your blog is adorable! Lovely! I am your new follower! Would you like to follow me back?


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