Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sweet lavender

Two things I love, lavender and bees

There's your sweet lavender, sixteen sprigs a penny
that you'll find my Ladies, will smell as sweet as any
~ Lavender sellers cry
London, England Ca 1900

Hi dear friends,

Do hope that you are enjoying the weekend and maybe you have sunshine where you are.
We have stormy weather here, with rain and one of those days where you just want to stay indoors and be snug and warm and do all the inside jobs, or curl up in a chair with a good book.

The lounge is coming on well - have finished all the painting, so the next job will be to put up the wallpaper. 
Last night we looked at lighting and there are some beautiful lights out there. 
My Laduree tote is so cute, that I bought in Paris

 Life is filled with beauty, often in the smallest and simplest things and everyday they can make us happy.
Hope that you are having a happy day and wishing you a fun week ahead



  1. Carolyn, the simple things are always best and I love fresh and dried lavender. Its supposed to have a calming effect.. Wonderful to have bedside.

    Hope you've had a nice weekend!


  2. Enjoy your sunday !
    Best regards from Paris,


  3. I need to get back to making lavender sachets. Lots of decision making goes into redoing a room. Good luck as you finish up the lounge. Have a great evening. Tammy

  4. Here in Hilland it is not too hot today......nice weather the sun is shining.....we go out today and join the from me....happy

  5. Life is indeed about sensing the happiness in the small moments... My weekend going great too, wish you the same Carolyn :)

  6. Good morning Carolyn!!!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to almost be done with all your hard work, but just left with the FUN details???? I am anxious to see your results! I cannot get a good shot of my newly painted room! AHHHHH!!!!! I need a professional photographer!

    We just had rain last night. We have been rather fortunate this summer; our rain has been coming to us at NIGHT or very early morning and then we are able to enjoy sunshine all day long. Today is supposed to be a scorcher, however!!!!


  7. You're quite right! We can find so much joy in the littlest of things!
    Love from Monica xo

  8. That's so true, dearest Carolyn, beauty is often in the smallest and simplest things! :o) I wish you happy and successful renovating!
    Warm summer-hugs from Austria and the scent of lavender from my garden!
    º° ✿♥ ♫° º° ✿♥ ♫° º° ✿♥ ♫° º° ✿♥ ♫° º° ✿♥ ♫°

  9. I love lavender. Love you sweet friend. Thanks for your visits and sweet words.
    Love and hugs

  10. Adore you new bag!! Yes YOU are right, life is FILLED with little delights. Can't wait to see your painted room!


  11. Hello Carolyn. Our summer here in Finland has been rainy. Now the weather is very warm, +25 C. Happy week and thank you visiting my blog <3

  12. I love lavander smell
    Happy weekend

  13. So very true, Carolyn. We all need to stop and take time to smell the roses, take pleasure in simple everyday pleasures :)

    I hope you have a wonderful week!!


  14. And it takes 16 sprigs of lavender to make a Lavender wand, perfect!

  15. Love the smell of lavender. I have English Lavender growing in a pot on my patio, and just two weeks ago it's flowers have heavily bloomed. Yours are lovely.

  16. The lavender looks great. I can almost smell it ; )
    What a great bag. I love the colour lilac ; )
    Have great day.

  17. Dearest Carolyn,
    you are so right, the little and simple things give so much joy, if only we are ready to recognise and love them.
    We have had rain all day long aswell- and cold weather again- after a week with very high temps. !!!
    Happy working with finishing your room- now comes all the fun.

  18. Hi Carolyn! I also love lavender ... and its color!
    Have a good new week!

  19. Dearest Carolyn,

    Good luck with the wall paper and with every little detail you will be taking care of.
    Love to you and enjoy your new productive week.

  20. Dear Carolyn,
    what a lovely post again! it is always a leasure to come and visit you!
    Lavender is one of my favorite plants!

    have a happy new week, my dear friend!
    Sending love and hugs,

  21. Your new lounge will be nice, fun when you can start decorating.
    Lavender i lovely, one of my favorite scents.

  22. AHHHH....I had to take in another whiff of lavender....thank you sweet one for visiting!!! Anita

  23. Hi Caroly,thank you for your kind words...sometimes is so dark and I feel tired,but a new day comes and we have to be positive!

  24. what a lovely post and a lovely sentiment :)

  25. Hi, Carolyn ... here in Brazil is the largest sol.Mas rain from time to time is also bom.para renew ar.O your blog posts and still full of interesting images :) Sorry if my English is poor. Have a good weekend.
    Dani Cristina.

  26. HI CAROLYN!!!
    We got 4 much need hours of rain yesterday...cooled this desert done to 78 degrees!!AMAZING considering it is nearly August!!!!
    HOT and DRY here usually!!I have a fiend who lives in Australia and my cousin is there now...he works for Mercedes he is there for 2 years....hope to visit him maybe!!!!
    I love the rain..but we only get about 7 inches of rain per I enjoyed every minute of it!!!
    Love lavender...I have some hangin in my kitchen now...YOUR lounge is coming along greatly!!!I love that wallpaper!!!Great choices!!!!
    My friend says that compared to the US she thinks everything is far more costly in Australia then here...that is not fair...prices should be same!!!

  27. oh how I love lavender!!!! look amazing and I can smell it's lovely scent just looking at it!!!

  28. I love lavender and bees too - and today has been beautifully sunny!

  29. Dear Carolyn

    You are right, of course; beauty surrounds us in so many small details. We have had a divine day today; after yesterday's incessant rain this day has been blessed with brilliant sunshine and so many joys.

    Have a beautiful week.


  30. Your room will be amazing...can't wait to see it.
    Oh yes lavender is one of my favourites..and mine is so lovely this year as well.
    Sending you some happy sunshine and hugs for the rest of your week.

  31. Hi Carolyn,
    Oh yes, it is filled with beauty--no doubt!!! We've had such hot weather here in New Orleans, but it's rained for a week...finally today, it cleared--yay! lol

  32. Hi Carolyn,
    I love lavender and the scent brings me so much joy. Love your pic with the stalks of lavender.
    Inspiring post. I hope to try and plant some for next season. Hopefully it can take the heat. We are triple digits here and no end in sight.
    Have a wonderful day.
    XOXO Celestina Marie

  33. I love the pretty lavender background on your blog now! Lovely!


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