Monday, July 2, 2012

How my week is starting off

Hello dear friends,

I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend. 
Mine went a little to quickly for my liking and now it is Monday again.

Tomorrow I am going to the Dentist which I am not looking forward to ... I need to have a crown
please wish me luck!

I just had to share a little sneak peek of what I am making before signing off.
Francesca bear is waiting to be finished ~ I am making her for a blog friend who has to commissioned me to make her a bespoke bear for her daughter.
 Back to work now.
Do what you love. Love what you do.
Enjoy your week


  1. Hi Carolyn, I'm sure Francesca will be a cutie and will make a little girl very happy.
    I wish you all the best for your dentist visit and hope all goes well.

  2. Carolyn, Good luck with the dentist. Everything will go find. My mouth is full of crowns and yours will last a long, long time.
    Have a great week. Ginger

  3. Hi Carolyn, at least you can think of how beautiful Francesca will turn out while you're at the dentist. Hope it all goes successfully. Hope the rest of your week is filled with happy times, hugs Robyn

  4. I'd love to see the bear once it's finished. Good luck at the dentist. Think happy thoughts - it may help while sitting in the chair.

  5. Hi Carolyn, I do hope your trip to the dentist was not too painful.
    I'm looking forward to see little Francesca arrive.

  6. I don't like going to the dentist either. I have to be sedated to go.

    I can't wait to see how your wee bear turns out!


  7. Ohhh, can't wait to see Francesca!!!

    Good luck, my friend. I've had several crowns and now a couple of root canals, and even though I know what to expect and have had no problems, it's still nerve-racking.

    I have to go in for my mamogram this morning . . . .

    I hope you have a fabulous week!!

    Much love,

  8. I hope your dentist is as gentle as ours, you'll be fine.
    Lucky bear recipient

  9. My darling friend,

    I have tears in my eyes at this moment. You have reminded me to do what I LOVE. Confusion sets in when I start thinking about what I SHOULD BE PRODUCING to make sales.....I need to make what I love.

    OH YOU TOO are taking off wallpaper? I am trying to use a steamer (which is quite effective!) but we are having a heat wave!!!!! I had to take a break.

    YOUR BEAR IS GOING TO BE stunning. I am so glad to hear that you are making magic for a dear blogger pal. Are blogger friends just special?


  10. Hello Carolyn!

    I'm so curious to see Francesca!!!^^
    I'm sure it will be super cute!
    And ....I hate dentist, so wish you the best!

  11. Hi darling...i wish you luck by the dentist,....have a nice is a hard time for me.,...because the sunday next weekend is the date my mom died last is so hard for love love

  12. Dear Carolyn,
    I am in the mittle of having a crown,too- had all fixed,and am now waiting for the real crown! Don`t like it eighter :-(
    Your Francesca bear, will surely be the best gift for the little girl-She will love her!
    Hugs and cross my fingers for you.

  13. sorry you have to have dental work--i will pray for you right now :)

  14. Good luck at the dentist. The picture of Francesca in the process of being completed was lovely.
    Sarah x

  15. Dear friend,

    I know, I was today in the dentist, too;)
    Oh, how sweet the bear will be....♥

    Carolyn, I want you to know this thing. I will be stay a lot in our summer cottage in this summer, beacause of my loooong vacation(I will start my new work in Sebtember) so this mean that maybe I can`t always leave mesage to your blog even I can visit here beacause of internet and USB modem not work always so well there. I just want to explain, if you don`t "hear" me so often...

    Now, I send you many hugs from me!!♥
    You are wonderful blogfriend!!

  16. Looks like the bear needs a wee bit of stuffing! Hope all went well at the dentist and that you have a great week!

  17. My dear Carolyn,
    I hope, the Dentist appointment has been nocht oo bad ;O)
    Francesa-Bear .... oh I so look forward to see her :O))
    Have a happy week my dear friend!
    love and hugs

  18. Oh I hope your dentist appt. went well. That doesn't sound like a fun way to start off your week.
    Take care...I hope we get to see the finished near soon. :)

  19. Oh! I have been to a dentist once and it was really painful.
    Hope it all goes well for you.
    Wish you a happy week Carolyn:)

  20. Hello, dearest Carolyn, I hope everything went well at the dentist!
    I have to visit the dentis again next Monday - because of a strong jaw bone inflammation he has to remove two of my teeth... :o/
    I'm looking forward to see Francesca-photos when she is finished - she will be a sweet girl!!!! :o)
    Have a wonderful time - warm hugs from Austria, Traude
    ✿ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ✿ ♥♥♥♥ ܓܓ✿ܓ✿ܓ

  21. What a lovely commission!
    Happy week!


  22. I hope your visit to the dentist went well. I try to just think pleasant thoughts and know it will be over quickly. Crowns are really good to have. Can't wait to see your new bear. I have enjoyed sewing lately, too! Hugs!

  23. Oh your bear will be darling. Hope all went well at the dentist...I had to go through that a few weeks ago too....sending you lots of love. ooxo

  24. Hi Carolyn, popping over here to see how´s you doing. I love that inspiration you left us, "do what you love". That´s exactly what I´m doing right now. :)

  25. Carolyn, I hope all goes well for your crown. I know just how you feel as I have had a few myself. In fact I have a dental appt. this week for cleaning etc. Not a fun visit, but necessary every 6 months.
    Love the quote and so true.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a great week ahead.
    Lot of Love, Celestina Marie


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