Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy weekend

Spring flowers are blooming here, so today I brought a little bunch of sweetness into the house.
The fragrance of the Hyacinths is heavenly and I wish you could smell them.

A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness
~ C. Baudelaire

 I am looking forward to coming to visit your blogs soon to see what you are up to. Many thanks for the visits to my little place.
Also for the kindness with the words you left me, when I had to  go and see the Dentist. I appreciated each and every one - all was good and now I will go back in a couple of weeks to have the crown put in place.

Best wishes to one and all, for a wonderful weekend


  1. Hi Carolyn, It's good to hear that your dentist visit wasn't so bad.
    I love that tin and the beautiful cream colored pouch.
    Have a great weekend :-)!
    Hugs to you,

  2. HI CAROLYN!!!!
    So happy your dental visit was pleasant.....I have a love/hate relationship with the dentist...our daughter is our I love her....but hate going!!!LOL
    Hope you have a great flowers in the house...smells so good!!

  3. Lovely spring flowers, we are in the middle of the summer.
    Happy weekend to you Carolyn

  4. I agree with Baudelaire!!!
    Have a good week end you too!!!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend dear Carolyn.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  6. I got some learning,I am not familiar with the name of the flower until I read it on your blog.An additional insights for me.

  7. Hi carolyn! hope you are well:) Lovely photos... flowers always give me great joy:) Hope you are having a
    good weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  8. Your photos are lovely and I could smell the flowers from here.
    I do hope your tooth is settling down.

  9. Hello sweet Carolyn,

    So glad your trip to the visit went well!!

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend! Our deck in our backyard is done and I LOVE it so now I will enjoy it so much more but not next week as it's supposed to be in the 100's YUCK!!!



    Are you better my dear? Thank God you seem to be in good spirits and do come to visit when you get a chance!

    I know how you feel about fragrance or any other beautiful thing; we want others to experience the same moment that we are able to experience. I have lavender scent wafting through my home currently, for I have a bunch of lavender flowers that just seem to keep giving off their scent.

    ENJOY THE DAY! Anita

  11. Dear Carolyn,
    I`m still waiting for my crown to arrive.... hope it will not be too long ! I`m glad that your visit was not too bad, and that you are now in a wait possition like me :-)
    So wonderful that you already have spring flowers, I thought it would only be in a month or so ?
    Hugs ,Dorthe

  12. Have a wonderful weekend love love

  13. I love the scent of hyacinths too Carolyn. I don't think that there are too many flowers out there that can fill a room with it's sweet smell like they can.

    I have a funny story about them. One time when I was working at the plant nursery several years ago, we got a shipment of hyacinth bulbs and I was sorting them and putting them into their bins when I started to itch incessantly. I didn't know that they were poisonous and would cause such discomfort. Now I am always sure to put my gloves on before touching them.
    I am happy to hear that the trip to the dentist went okay.
    hugs from here...

  14. Dearest Carolyn,

    The good thing was that Francesca bear did give you some joy, to divert your thoughts from the dentist. Enjoy your hyacinths, they are heavenly, one of the most fragrant of bulb flowers.
    Happy weekend to you.

  15. Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for the sweet comment.

    Oh it's too bad we don't have smell-a-vision in order to get the scent of those beautiful flowers.

    Glad to hear that the dentist went well and that you'll be "crowned" soon. :)

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

  16. Beautiful flowers Carolyn...
    I am happy to hear you are almost finished with the dentist..
    Thank you so much for coming over to visit me and leaving such a kind note.. I always enjoy your visits.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday...

  17. Dear Carolyn
    Your spring flowers are so sweet. We are in the middle of the summer but it is cold.
    Thank you very much for your nice comment on my blog.
    I wish you a happy weekend and a good start in the new week.
    Love and Hugs Yvonne

  18. Hi Carolyn, I'm so glad that everything went well at the dentist. It's time for me to go, too. Bleh! Love your little inspirations...they do make life so much sweeter, don't they? Have a delightful day!

  19. Its great to know that your appointment with the dentist went well! I can smell those Hyacinths here in Mumbai!!
    Wish you a happy sunday Carolyn:)


    Ahhhhh.....I do believe your cool breeze has reached us here! THANK YOU! We experienced the relief yesterday and today is another promising day of beautiful blue skies, white puffy clouds and bearable temps! WOW what a hot one we had last week!

    THANK YOU for visiting my sea post. Don't you just love beluga whales???

    Have a super day my friend. Anita

  21. ❤✿•.¸•.¸¸
    Adorei os arranjos e as fotos.
    ♡ Boa semana!

  22. I hope your tooth is feeling better today. One more visit to our dentist for me to get my last crown done.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  23. Hello my dearest Carolyn, it's good to hear that there are already springflowers blooming in NZ. (Are they just blooming in the house or outdoors, too?) You show us pretty nostalgic photos! I'm happy that everything went well at the dentist. Please cross your fingers (tomorrow is MY "dentist's-day"...)
    Very warm summer-hugs from Austria,

  24. Carolyn,
    Your Hyacinths are so pretty. I want to thank you for always coming over and leaving such nice comments. I smile when I see yours, as they are so heartwarming. Have a nice weekend, my sweet friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  25. Such beautiful flowers and glad to hear your appointment went well! xoxo

  26. Lovely pics, darling!
    Hope you are having a fab weekend!


  27. Carolyn, Love your flowers. These used to be one of my mother's favorites and she grew them so well. Not me, I guess it is too hot here.
    Pretty pics and I can imagine how lovely the scent.
    Hope you enjoy a wonderful week ahead. How is the lounge coming along?
    Sending Big Texas hugs,
    Celestina Marie

  28. Dear Carolyn,
    I hope you have had a great weekend! i am far behind with my comments and emails, will come back to you later ;O)

    Have a happy new week,
    love and hugs

  29. Hi dear,

    THAKS for your nice passage...! ;)

    You're so friendly!

    Hahe a great week! darling! Kisses and hugs! ;) NI

  30. I´m glad visiting you
    Love and happy week

  31. Thanks for your visits and kind words always. Glad all turned out well at the dentist........and lovely flowers.
    Thanks for your postings.
    They always bring a smile.
    Love Jeanne

  32. Hi Carolyn,

    Love spring flowers, are so pretty and have a so good smell!
    Enjoy them! :)

  33. Pleased your dental visit went fairly well, Carolyn. It's one of my least favorite things to do. (And I think everyone's.)
    We had a lovely long holiday weekend and my daughter came to visit, which made it perfect!
    Have a wonderful week!

  34. Beautiful flowers! Hope you had a great weekend.

  35. wonderful flowers, i love those--glad you are better :)

  36. Dear Carolyn,
    Hope you had a terrific week-end!
    Our temps cooled a bit after a heat wave. So ready for cooler weather. Flowers always in the house!!! Love them.
    I always enjoy your visits.
    God bless,

  37. We have to be brave...even enough to go to the dentist. Haahahaha. See you soon.

  38. Hello Carolyn,
    I have been so out of touch, I did not know you had to go to the dreaded dentist. I'm so sorry you had to go though that.I will pray for your next visit coming up.
    On a lighter note.I sure did love this post.The tin is to fab.My daughter and I are always looking for tins.I wish I could grow hyicints.They just don't do well here.
    May God Bless ,
    Marie Antionette

  39. Very pretty! Happy Spring, or almost Spring! It was lovely to hear from you!

  40. What a charming photos, Carolyn! Truly? Spring flowers already? We are at the height of summer. I love it so much!

    Thank you again for stopping by.


    – g


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