Monday, September 26, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Daylight saving commenced this weekend in New Zealand and it is usually the start to embrace the warmer days. After getting through winter everything looks more appealing as if it has woken from a long slumber.
The Restaurants and cafes are getting busy, more people are out and about and it won't be long before it is time to start swimming in the sea again.

The fragrance from the freesias in my kitchen are divine ~ they always make me smile
It takes one lovely sunny day to get everyone flocking to the garden center and on Saturday that is what we did. I love wandering around looking at all the wonderful plants and we came home and spent the afternoon planting what we bought.
Sunday, however could not have been more different... it rained, but I did not mind as it was good to quench the new plants in the garden.

Hopefully we will be able to eat strawberries, when they are ripe, that is if the birds do not find them
I love the colour of the blossom on the lemon tree
A dwarf nectarine and peach tree, I planted in pots and isn't the blossom so pretty and pink

I hope your week is filled with happiness


  1. How lovely! Springtime is magical.

  2. Ahhhh, the signs of spring . .
    beautiful photos, Carolyn, and I like your new background!


  3. i am so envious!!!!

    Beautiful flowers to enjoy. May you have a super week.
    God bless,

  4. Hello Dear - I think the flowers look great - very romantic

  5. Hello Carolyn,
    You are starting Spring and we are starting winter.Of course I live in the southern states , where it is warm on and off all winter.You have such lovely phots .The flowers are so beautiful. I am back to blogging.I hope I can maintain this time.
    See you in blogland Hon,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  6. Spring at last and isn't it wonderful!

    your deck is looking very "house & garden" and love your dwarf fruit trees - perfect.

    I have a sweet bowl of freesias on the table beside my chair and the perfume is divine!


  7. You have wonderful flowers, dear Carolyn! I love the pots you have planted the strawberries in and hope you'll be able to harvest them.
    Have a great week!

  8. Dearest Carolyn,

    What a lovely post; that makes me so happy to see blossoms once again this year! Enjoy them and keep us posted on how things develop on your end of the world.
    Have a lovely week dear friend!


  9. It's always a little strange for me to realize that you live in a totally different season than me Caroline. The computer makes you seem so much closer than you are. I hope that your beautiful Spring brings you many gifts. I love your gorgeous freezia and the lemon tree blooms are such a pretty color.
    I can see strawberries in your future :)

  10. Dear Carolyn,

    How wonderful the good weather is arriving here in your beautiful country!! Here in Barcelona the days are becoming a bit colder, autumn is here and the leaves start falling...
    I can smell the lovely fragances in your beautiful pictures, those fresias are so pretty!!

    Have a wonderful day!!


  11. Hi Carolyn!Beautiful pictures.I love planting up as well to welcome the new season.Have a great week!

  12. LOOK AT THIS! I so wish I had the opportunity to travel as far out where you live dearest, to experience the earth's incredible cycle of life that seems to be non-stop, if you are able to travel with the season. What gorgeous colors; you must be thrilled to see and feel the warmth of spring! THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS COMING BY and meeting Koralee was a big thrill indeed! MANY HUGS SWEET ONE, Anita

  13. Have a great spring darling...lovely plants !!...enjoy have fun !! from

  14. Ciao cara!!!

    Voi siete in primavera...noi abbiamo appena iniziato l'autunno...

    Che meraviglia, soprattutto quei vasi con le fragoline...

    Qui ci attende l'inverno che già fa capolino.

    Baci e di cuore e buonissima settimana. Kisses...NI

  15. Ooh...what a beautiful pictures !!!
    I hope you lovely week ♥

  16. Thank you for spring again.
    Here we are in our autumn.
    Much love and many blessings
    Love you

  17. It´s a little strange to hear you spoken about the spring, hihi, our planet is a very big place, is´nt it?
    Beautiful flowers you have.

  18. Dear Carolyn
    So lovely your post! I love springtime. Currently we have a lot of beautiful automn days. We have a lot of sunshine with pleasant temperatures.
    Have a nice week, dear Carolyn!
    Hugs Yvonne

  19. you are begining spring and here yellow leaves are falling from the trees...:)Life is not fair:)

  20. When your garden goes against spring, it is autumn here. Lovely flowers, so nice photos.

  21. Next to fall, which is in my little part of the world, spring is my fave season. Enjoy!

  22. Oww!I love so much springtime!
    And here we are in Autumn...U_U
    Beautiful photos, flowers are so pretty!

  23. Hi Carolyn,

    You are so fortunate to have spring! In Holland it's autumn. Love your flowers.

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  24. Everyone else is gearing up for Fall while you are heading into Spring and I am just hoping for any kinda cooler weather around here. Will be a while yet before our temps don't break 100 during the day. We get Fall, Winter and Spring usually within a 3 month period. I'm looking forward to more plants coming to our nurseries as the weather gets better. Have a great week. Tammy

  25. Oh, I enjoyed to watch your beautiful spring time photos!!
    Enjoy, my dear friend this magical time!♥
    Hugs, Marge

  26. What lovely flowers. Here is Southern California, the summer is ending, and the Fall season and cooler weather is upon us. It's so different to hear how everyone around the world has a different climate. So different, yet so wonderful. That's what makes the world so beautiful. Your nectarine and peach tree blossoms are so pretty. Have a lovely week.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  27. Hi Carolyn...
    Oh my! I just love Victoria and Marcel's apartment. What a lovely space for them...the kitchen is especially nice! Wow, 20 years old already! I remember the pics when he was just a teenager...time goes by so quickly. Happy belated Birthday to him!!
    Your flowers are lovely Carolyn. I can smell the freesias from here. Your patio will be in glorious bloom soon. Enjoy your spring!

    Hugs to you,

  28. Wow, how beautiful! We're getting into Autumn here in Portland... but those flowers look amazing and I'm ever so envious...

  29. Now that we are in Autumn here in upstate New York, I love it best. But then comes Spring, and I say "Oh I love this best"! So isn't it wonderful to have the cycle of seasons to rev us up, as in Springtime, or to cozy us down, as in Autumn! Your pictures are beautiful, Carolyn. I'll be in touch backstage...

  30. As we a slowing down with the season you are just starting. Enjoy your Spring dear friend.
    I do love my Fall though......


  31. Dear Carolyn,

    it is so lovely to see that Spring is coming - and alos it is so strange, because here Autumn is coming and the colours of indian Summer are now to see everywhere :O)

    Wishing you a wonderful Spring and sending Love and hugs my friend!


  32. what lovely spring photos, here it's autumn, which is lovely too...

  33. Gorgeous flowers! I hope you're enjoying the arrival of spring, while most of us here are dreading the winter ;-)

  34. "Fall is in the air!" here. I'm moving there for the winter! I can almost smell those freesia's. I love your little dwarf fruit trees with that pretty view on your deck and to be in strawberry season...I'm so jealous! Enjoy your lovely spring and have a wonderful week!

    Warm hugs ~ Jenn

  35. Hello Carolyn! What a lovely spring there. It is autumn here in Finland, it´s raining all the time and days are getting darker and darker :)
    Happy week to you <3
    Hugs, Markka

  36. Your photos are so real I can almost smell them. Merci,

  37. I wish you the most beautiful, spring season, dear Carolyn-love the starwberry pots :)

  38. I always love reading about your springs, Carolyn. The flowers are lovely and newly sprouting their glorious blooms. I can almost smell the freesias.
    Do you have lilacs? It was one of my favorites.

  39. Ah nothing beats the first signs of Spring, does it. Enjoy the blooming, Carolyn! I'll be dreaming about it :) xoxo

  40. Hello Lovely Carolyn,
    It is wonderful to see you entering Spring , to imagine the scent of your lovely Frisia flowers! Here on the other side of the pond I am feeling overjoyed to imagine the cooler weather FINALLY approaching!
    THIS is the most fascinating things about blogging! To see what you are experiencing in real time!!

    Wanted to mention that I like your Scottish bear and buddy very much!!


  41. Such beautiful flowers, Carolyn. The view from your deck is so awe inspiring. How lucky you are to be surrounded by such beauty, every day. Happy spring has about sprung for you, while we are gearing up for the autumn! Such a fabulous world we live in!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week...Maureen

  42. Happy Spring while I say hello to the Autumm
    Freesias are beautiful

  43. Hello, dear Carolyn, lovely that your weather is warming up and you have more light now. I'm off to the garden center myself this afternoon, but to get shrubs and perennials that are now on sale for the end of season.
    Your deck is just amazing. That little glimpse got me sighing! Have a great weekend. xo – g

  44. Hi Carolyn,
    Sounds like your new season is off to a beautiful start.
    Your new plantings look so pretty.
    Enjoying your pics too. How fun to visit the garden centers for Spring. We enjoy this too and know we are visiting for Fall mums and pumpkins.

    We hit 100 degrees today, but the weatherman said it is going to cool down tomorrow. We are ready for Autumn days.

    Have a great weekend my friend and Happy Spring.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  45. Oh, wish I was in your part of the world... Here in New York, we are headed into autumn which leads to WINTER!! Not looking forward to that :p

  46. Hi!
    So the spring is in the air where you live, here we are soon having winter so right now it is atum, so lovely whit all the flowers.
    Hug Anna

  47. Lovely pics - but it feels so strange to me when you talk about spring and I´m just beginning to embrace fall! :-)

  48. You'll be getting warmer and I'll be getting colder. *smile* Our seasons are so different. ~Mandy


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