Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paulliac, Bordeaux

Paulliac stretches along the banks of the Gironde in Bordeaux and is perhaps the most famous of all the Bordeaux wine producing area.
When we drove into the town of Paulliac, we asked each other, where are all the people?
It seemed deserted and many of the houses and places seemed to be shut up for winter.

You could really tell it was winter time here, with the bare twisted branches of the Plane trees, lined up along the main street.
I loved the moody blue/grey of the sky ~ looked like everything was in monochrome.

We found where most of the people were ... in a busy Restaurant where the noise level was high and there was a great atmosphere here.
We were grateful to come in out of the cold.
Food in the restaurant is served from 12 - noon until 2 pm and then again in the evening from 7pm - 10pm.
Now what shall we order from the blackboard menu?
We both choose the fish soup for starters - interesting and not what we were used to back home, fish soup we have back home is more like a chowder, with chunks of fish and this yellow bowl of soup, was an acquired taste.
From now on the soup of choice for me, was the good old French Onion soup, which I love and could eat every day and was a great way to warm up on a cold day.

The bowl of fish soup

Happy weekend, my friends



  1. Dear Carolyn
    Nice pictures! I wish you also a happy weekend and send you a lot of greetings. Hugs Yvonne

  2. Hi Carolyn, Onion soup is one of my favorite soups too. It's really great to have a soup to warm up when it's cold outside.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the TARIQUET "Premières Grives" wine !
    Greetings from France,


  4. My husband said that friends have told him that eating out in restaurants in Paris is very expensive. He's been on business many times but mostly ate in cafes and never an actual restaurant. Not sure what we will be eating while there since it will be the 4 of us travelling. Here in Kuwait, like in the US, portion sizes are outrageous. I am sure my family will think they are only getting appetizer size portions while dining in France. ha! Have a great day. Tammy

  5. Wow, your photo of the gnarled trees against the sky is so beautiful! It's that perfect picture of wintery France, and I totally agree - it's onion soup all the way for me, too! Super warming!
    Have an incredible weekend!

  6. Dear Carolyn
    I have loved walking around Paulliac together with you
    About your pet Heidi,I know that feeling very well and it´s really sad
    ...Anyway I think There is a Sky for them,I am Sure

  7. Ciao cara amica!

    Vedere e leggere i tuoi post mi fa sentire più vicina a te.

    Anche in questo, leggo il menù e ti immagino nella stanza affollata, con il rumore ed il chiacchiericcio della gente.

    Non ho mai assaggiato la zuppa di mi fido di te! ;o)

    Baci...sono in partenza, le mie ferie.

    Stoccolma! ;o)

    Non vedo l'ora.

    Baci di cuore...a presto mia dolcissima amica! Ciao. NI

  8. Well memories eh? That soup was 'vile' the balance of the meal was ok but by hookey that was tres terrible. Still it was fun as I recall drinking deux pichet en vine. Ah well you cant always get what you want etc ... xxx Love v

  9. French Onion soup is my favorite! I eat it all year long! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us! I love seeing the world through someone's eyes!


  10. Hi dear Carolyn,
    I know what you mean about Europe in the winter and the plane tress looking so bare. I saw such a marked difference going to France in the summer - so green and everyone was out - especially when the sun was.
    The soup I have had and made! Not a favourite of mine either - very fiddly and also a little rich. I am with you on french Onion.

  11. Enjoy a happy


    Well, French onion soup ANYTIME OF THE YEAR would put a cozy feeling in my heart and soul! And of course France...its landscapes and legions and fame never fades. Hello my dear friend!!!!


  13. I love your photos, is so beautiful!
    I wish you wonderful weekend ♥

  14. This wintery atmosphere reminds me of our summer this year! Hot soup and good wine, oh yes please! Hope your sunday is sunny and lovely!

  15. Lovely photos, Carolyn! My thought too, where are all the people! :)

    Yummm, I'm hungry. It's 4:30 p.m. here not quite dinner time yet . . .


  16. It's beautiful even in Winter Carolyn. I love the gorgoeus old builings.
    Your soup looks so yummy I now have a craving.
    hugs from here...

  17. Dearest Carolyn,

    Very nice experience you had in the Bordeaux Region! Even though it was winter time but the warmer it is inside such an authentic restaurant. Indeed, funny to notice all the culinairy differences that come with each region... At least you got to taste it since you were on your own, not on a tour where you never get the most authentic deals anyway.

    Lots of love and have a lovely Sunday!


  18. French Onion Soup is one of my favorites!!!! It's sooooo good I could eat some right now. Grins.

    Carolyn, what a neat place to eat! Lucky you. So glad you shared!

    Have a sweet life.
    God bless,

  19. Surprised the fish soup was a disappointment. One so rarely has a bad dish in France. Good move to have the onion soup. Hard to resist in France.
    Love your stark photos, Carolyn!

  20. I agree, often those little towns seem deserted almost. Lovely shots!

  21. Mmmm! The soup looks tasty!
    Aren't those Paris rubber stamp amazingly gorgeous? I have two sets of them, and plan on buying others when I find them. Everything looks so stylish with a 'Paris' stamp on it!;)
    Hugs, thanks for your friendship, dear Carolyn!
    Monica xo

  22. Hi Carolyn,

    Onion soup is on my favourites too! I used to make it often years ago, but haven't made it lately. Don't know why really. Perhaps I should reintroduce it in the family :-)!

    Happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  23. wow!!!!!!!!!
    love the photos on the trip!!!!
    how exciting!

    take care,

  24. Thank you for taking us along, Carolyn! I need to see this gray day to feel chilly and adore the sounds you heard at the cafe!! Wonderful to visualize!!
    Hugs to you!

  25. Hi Carolyn,
    Oh what a great post!! I hope you had a happy weekend!!

  26. Great photos!
    It's 90 and humid here so I'll wait on soup for a few more weeks but there is little better than a hot bowl of onion soup on a cold and blustery day.


  27. Cute blog!

  28. Paulliac is the wine that my characters are drinking, in my novella, Saint Paul Trois Chateaux: 1948 !! : )

  29. Hi Carolyn,
    There is such a calm to the empty streets. What great pics you share. Onion soup is so yummy and perfect on a cold day.
    Thank you for sharing your cold day in France!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  30. Oh Carolyn!!!! this was such a fun virtual trip with you today!!! I hope to one day own my own vineyard!!! a dream I have had for a few years now!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!!!!

  31. Thank you for your sweet note and wise advice on hydrangeas my friend...I have decided the blue ones would be best but will have to see about my soil!

    Hope you are keeping is your Winter isn't it?



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