Sunday, June 5, 2011

A touch of pink

There is not a lot of colour around my garden this time of the year, so was happy to see this hyacinth looking pretty in pink.
If you click on the photograph, you can see a spider hiding out, in one of the flowers.
DD brought home these tasty treats that we had with our afternoon cup of tea.
I had the strawberry eclair and can say... it was delicious.

It is Queens birthday weekend, here in New Zealand, so Monday is a holiday.
My DH shares the same birthday of the 6th of June, Happy Birthday my dear!
I have baked a carrot cake for the birthday and will go and ice it now.

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend


  1. Happy Birthdy to your hubby! Ah, he shares a royal birthday!

    Beautiful photos, Carolyn.

    Have a wonderful week!!


  2. Happy Birthday to your hubby, dear Carolyn! I wish him a wonderful day and all the best.
    The hyacinth is beautiful and I love the smell. Your daughter has spoiled you with those yummy looking treats. They all look so delicious. Maybe I would have gone for the one with curd and the fruits or the one with the layers of chocolate.
    Have a great afternoon!
    Hugs to you,

  3. These are just beautiful, Carolyn. I can't get enough of my flowers.:) I think I could sit outside in a chair and watch them grow (I am practically doing just that.)

    Yummy, carrot cake sounds so good.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  4. Dearest Carolyn,

    Funny to see how spiders make flowers into their 'home'. Great photos and delicious treats you enjoyed for tea. Well, you both have something to celebrate and I wish your DH a very happy birthday!
    Lots of love from the other end of the world,


  5. Today we have pink flowers both you and me. And monday is a holiday here as well, is our national day. So delicious cookies, i like that kind of sweets.
    Hawe a nice day

  6. Beautiful flowers! Have a nice holiday on Monday. We have an ordinary working day although it's going to be very warm and sunny Monday :)

  7. Dear Carolyn,
    happy birthday to your husbond,
    and a happy sunday to you,-your hyacinth-is so lovely-

  8. A very happy Birthday to yr hubby, dear Carolyn! And have a lovely long weekend too!


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  9. Happy birthday to your hubby !!...and owww i can't choose it all looks very delicious !!......happy sunday

  10. Sweet Carolyn!!! Now this is the icing on the cake, all this LOVELY PINK and icy treats to go with your tea...and then QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY? How utterly enchanting and fun. I wish we had a queen's day here in the U.S.!!! Enjoy all the glories of your season my friend; I surely am enjoying mine. We were out in the garden yesterday and it was a delight to get everything trimmed and ready for display to enjoy. Our neighbors are sprucing things up and our neighborhood has never looked so good!!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  11. Happy birthday to you hubby dear Carolyn.
    Beautiful the touch of pink, one of my favorite colors and what a delicious treats.
    Have a wonderful sunday.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  12. Marvelous sunday with nice rose folwers and sweet cakes...
    Regards from France,


  13. I love pink! And your nailpolish from chanel too!

  14. Dear Carolyn,

    I hope you had a lovely weekend! The treats look delicious.

    Happy new week!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  15. Pink it`s my favorite color ;)
    Delicious pictures !
    Have a lovely week
    Riitta ♥

  16. I came back to see if I could leave a comment and it WORKS!! Please wish DH a happy birthday and your photos are great! Did you use your Canon?

    Happy Sunday!


  17. wow! those sweets look delicious!
    enjoy your holiday!
    happy week!

  18. what a lovely hyacinth and a lovely place for a wee spider to hide (well lovely for the spider, it could be less lovely for anyone who's scared of spiders!)

  19. Thanks for posting my birthday dear and thanks for all your friends kind thoughts. The new blog layout looks great.
    xx V

  20. I have to say, that spider is kinda cute peeking out.

    And GAH! Seeing those pastries and not being able to eat them is torture!

    Happy birthday to your wonderful husband!

  21. Hi Carolyn, always love pink, such a cheerful colour. All your treats look wonderful, such comfort food is always good. Enjoy your long week-end, the carrot cake and birthday celebrations with your hubby. Hugs Robyn x

  22. Sweet beauty in these pink flowers.
    So lovely!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby. My sister's birthday is the 6th of June as well. Great day!

    Love your new header!!!!
    It's very nice. One of these days I hope to update my header.

    Is your weather starting to get colder? We had a hot day today...95 degrees with humidity.

    Carolyn, May you have a great week and God bless,

  23. Hi Carolyn
    What a beautiful post.. Now I am getting hungry. I can't take my eyes of that strawberry eclair..yummmm... Happy Birthday to your husband.. Thank you so much for your visit this evening. I am so happy you enjoyed Bebe in France and my silly little poem.

  24. Life is so beatiful on your pictures! I would love to try this strawberry eclair :)

  25. Hi Carolyn, happy belated Birthday to your hubby! (it should already be my Birthday overthere..he he..
    7th June)
    Thank you for taking the time to visit me!

  26. Hope that Martin had a fabulous birthday :-)

    Leeann x

  27. What a great little hidey hole for a spider - Love those sweet treats - now if I could choose it would have to be the one with strawberries or maybe....
    Happy Birthday to your DH xx

  28. Happy bday to your hubby, sweetie! I hope that you both have a wonderful day off enjoying every second! :) xoxo

  29. What a delightful blog you have. I hope your husband had a grand day. I'd like just a taste of that strawberry eclair too!

    I think we wear the same shade of nail polish! HA

  30. Happy birtday for husband and Queen..lovely color at the flower :) wish you à lovely day/ Marie

  31. Oh...I love this post, pink and sweets! You are so sweet and I'm over joyed we met through the Paris tour!!! Thanks to our friend Anita. Love your blog!

  32. Great photos, and beautiful flowers!

  33. Hi Carolyn,
    Happy Birthday to your DH. Your carrot cake sounds so good. Best wishes to him on this Royal Day!
    Your hyacinth look so pretty in pink and I do see the little spider peeking out.
    The tea desserts look delicious. Your daughter has very good taste!! No pun intended. LOL

    Lovely to see you today and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Have a wonderful day celebrating your hubby's birthday.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  34. Forgot to say, I love your header and blog background. Very Pretty!
    XO Celestina Marie

  35. Dear Carolyn
    Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    I love your pink photographies.
    I love your "pink" strawberry eclair so much!!! Mmmmhhh.... so fine!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs Yvonne

  36. Happy long weekend and I am wishing good wishes to you and your husband.........Love you

  37. Happy Birthday to your husband. That strawberry eclair would have been my choice too. Now you are really tempting me speaking of a carrot cake.

    Hope that your husband's birthday was lovely.


  38. Hi Carolyn, I have missed your blog posts, I'm so glad to be back and visiting again. Thank you for leaving me such sweet comments. Hyacinths are beautiful and your picture shows all the detail, one of my favorite flowers. Those sweet treats look amazing and soooooo yummy! I would have picked the strawberry eclair as well :o)
    Happy Birthday to your husband!!! Have a super week carolyn! hugs, Jennifer

  39. Happy B-day to your hubby!!!!
    I loooove pink, is definitely mi fav color, so how can't i appreciate this post!
    I have this Chanel nailpolish too!

  40. beautiful!


  41. Oh yummy! I don't know that I could have eaten just one, I would have wanted a taste of each one! Pretty flowers too, I love it when things are in bloom. Have a beautiful day!

  42. Just dropping by to say hi Carolyn. Also wanted to say, job well done with your new camera!


  43. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new look! Happy Birthday to the Queen! Whatever that food is I want some...........xo Maryanne

  44. Those pastries look devine. I would have had to try them all!

  45. what a pretty pink post, just beautiful and I love the pastries!! oh my! happy birthday to your Mr. Draffin Bears! xx

  46. Hi Carolyn...
    Lovely photos of your flowers...
    Ooooo, look at those treats! They look yummy! The strawberry eclair looks wonderful. I tried making eclairs years ago...not too difficult, but really time consuming!

    Happy Birthday to your husband!
    Love the new look for your blog...pretty!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Nancy

  47. those baked goodies look delish! happy b'day to your hubby. have a lovely day today you two!

  48. Carolyn, you know how to tempt me! Those cakes look so delicious!!! Beautiful flowers also, I can't take enough photos outside now. I'm so glad Summer finally arrived. But you have a great winter with long cozy nights to look forward too. I'm so glad every season has its charm. Have a lovely day!!

    Kristin xo

  49. Hmmm, carrot cake sounds lovely - am sure you've had a nice celebration. So pretty your flower photos! Hugs for a happy week!

  50. Hmmmm, carrot cake sound perfect! I bet you've had a lovely celebration. Hugs for a happy week!

  51. Love these pretty pink things! The flowers are beautiful and the pastry looks so delicious! Happy birthday to your hubby :)

  52. Happy Birthday to the King of Waiheke! Long may he reign over his people.
    Millie x


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