Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sightseeing around London

Continuing on with some more photos taken while we were in London and still around Sloane Square.
I loved walking around the streets and seeing the magnificent old brick buildings.
So sad that the new construction today, does not have the same appeal.

When I was a small girl, I had a money box like the old red pillar box.

Wishing you all a wonderful happy and peaceful weekend


  1. Lovely, lovely! I feel exactly the same way as you about old architecture versus the sterile nature of modern buildings. If I were an architect.....

    Have a fantastic weekend, Carolyn!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Carolyn!!

    I am enjoying the photos of your vacation!!


  3. I love being able to see some of the sights of a place I probably won't ever see! I love the buildings..and the vehicles, too! Beautiful photos! I would have to be careful to watch where I was going! I would have my camera out all the time! ♥

  4. Carolyn your photos are lovely. It is wonderful to be able r revisit them after you are home. It makes you feel as though you are her somehow.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Suzi xx

  5. Hello Carolyn,

    So nice to continue with your trip abroad. Your pictures are fabulous. This set reminds me of when I used to read about Princess Diana and her pals hanging out on Sloan St. I wonder if that is the same as in your picture? I think they called them the Sloan St Rangers. Now we have Prince William about to be married. Time goes by so fast!

    Have a great weekend,
    Sharon :-)

  6. Hello Sharon,

    Yes, this is the area where Princess Diana used to hang out and yes, indeed they were known as Sloane Rangers.
    It is also where Kate Middleton is said to be living.
    Thanks for your visit.


  7. Thank you so much for viviting Kotipuro :)
    I hope you have lovely weekwnd ♥

  8. London is a beautiful city, fine buildings on your photos.
    Have a nice weekend

  9. Happy weekend

  10. I live 200 miles from London but have to visit regularly to see my children and there families. I just love my trips, London has such a buzz but it is so nice to come home to the sea.

  11. Yes dear Carolyn, not much fun with new buildings- compared with the ones from that aera shown here- I too totally love those castle-like old buildings.
    Happy week-end to you my friend.

  12. Wonderful pics- you're such a great photographer, dear Carolyn!

    Have a lovely weekend,


    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  13. You are absolutely right about old buildings. New is not even close to their magnificence.

    Have a lovely Saturday!

  14. Sweet one,

    I have a darling and most talented student whose last day with us was yesterday. Her family is moving to London where she will attend a bilingual school of French and English. I told her to embrace EVERYTHING she could from this most enchanting new world that YOU capture so beautifully. How are you? May your days be sunny and bright my dear, Anita

  15. Lovely pictures again! Those old buildings are so charming. Thank you for your comment in my granny's house again.
    Have a nice weekend!

  16. Fun pics!
    I need to go back to London asap!


  17. Oh I just love London! Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photos with us, Carolyn! Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie :) xoxo

  18. Doesn't London have the most gorgeous hats? It's the one thing I always look for when I visit. We just don't wear hats here and I can only think of one shop dedicated to hats in my whole area.
    It's been fun seeing it through your eyes, Carolyn!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

  19. Fabulous
    Love all you share
    Love Jeanne

  20. Greetings from Finland :D
    We are waiting for summer here (..still have about 15cm snow..)

    Lovely pictures!!

  21. What a lovely photo's of London, what a beautiful place to be Carolyn.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  22. Hi Carolyn, I love the photos of your travels. I too would be admiring the architecture and the old-worldyness of it all. They inspire quilts at times.... thank you for sharing. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  23. I love old buildings. Indeed, they are so much more beautiful than new construction.
    Love seeing all these photos sweets!
    Happy weekend!
    xx, shell

  24. Hi Carolyn,
    Your pics are magnificent and makes me want to go there and walk around among those gorgeous detailed buildings. What a grand time you had there. Thank you for sharing your vacation. It is so inspiring to see and dream for maybe one day we can plan a trip.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I hope you are enjoying a nice weekend.
    Happy Fall to you!
    XOXO Celestina Marie

  25. I don't know if I told you or not Carolyn, but my daughter was in London about three weeks ago and she went to Sloane Square and so enjoyed the architecture here.
    You are so right about new construction not being close to what used to be built. And to me it's such a shame. And people think we are progressing??? I think America has got to be leading in the ugly building catagory! LOL!
    sending hugs

  26. Hi Carolyn, I just love the old English architecture. Those brick buildings are so charming. I will never understand why some people like to live in modern, cool and soulless buildings.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Hugs to you,

  27. Always nice to see pictures from this beautiful city :) Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!!

    Kristin xo

  28. Love these pics of London so very regal!

  29. Carolyn, are you planning to visit London to catch a glimpse of the Royal Wedding come April 29?? :)

  30. hello!
    this touring and seeing the sights would have been such fun!
    neat pics

    thx for sharing!
    have a wonderful life,

  31. London! I am going this summer for a course in Central Saint Martins!!!


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