Thursday, March 3, 2011

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a famous public space of London's West End, a busy meeting place and a tourist attraction.

We were drawn back to the Criterion Restaurant again, having enjoyed our lunch there the last time we visited Piccadilly Circus.
The opulence of the Neo-Byzantine in architecture, it's easy to believe the building is soaked in a fascinating history. For over 100 years, it has been giving dinners a wonderful experience in the spectacular dinning room.

With its gold and marble shimmering alongside the mosaics, and mirrors, the restaurant has an almost celestial air. The ceiling was amazing and the photographs really do not show, how really beautiful it was.

If the walls could talk, they would surely whisper to you their secrets ~

They would tell of when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first imagined the meeting between Dr Watson and the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes, in the Criterion Long Bar.

I can't believe that it is Thursday today and soon will be the weekend.

Have a fun weekend and I look forward to coming to visit you.



  1. So beautiful, I have been there twice, but it feels like I don't remember the details... I need to go again and take it into heart.

  2. Wonderful photos, Carolyn!

    It's hard to believe that last week at this time I was getting ready to set out on my vacation and here I am already home!!

    Time flies too quickly!


  3. Hi Carolyn!I enjoyed your post, what a great place to's gorgous! Jennifer

  4. You seem to really be enjoying yourself. How wonderful and the weather doesn't look too bad.

  5. Dear Carolyn, I´ve just heard about the earthquake at Christ Church, god!! images at t.v. are really terrible... so sorry to know about it so late. Hope everybody from your family is safe and we here in Chile send our prayers to all who are suffering.
    hugs my dear

  6. What a beautiful and elegant restaurant, Carolyn! The architecture is really amazing. Old buildings just have so much more charm than the modern ones.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Nice restaurant, so beautiful decor. Wish you now a nice weekend.

  8. Dear Carolyn, how perfect that you get to share this special place with your special someone.
    *sigh ..there is something about London.

  9. Again great pictures!! lovely day...enjoy ! have

  10. great pics!!!

    xoxo from rome

  11. CAROLYN! That goodness, there is so much history oozing out of London. You must have had a blast there! Britain has influenced so many places. We lived in Boston Massachusetts and it is a FABULOUS city, with old brick buildings that just whisper history and whose architecture speaks ENGLAND. Lovely photos and thank you again for this tour! Anita

  12. That restaurant looks so opulent and stylish - I know you would have loved every minute of being there.

  13. I enjoy everything you share so much.
    Blessings my sweet friend.
    I am so glad you had such a wonderful time.

    Love Jeanne

  14. Dear Carolyn,
    Oh you must have felt special sitting there, with all that has happened there for so many years-such a beautifull place--I have not been to London since my daughter was in my stomac---33 years ago !!I would be so great to visit again.

  15. You know, I love London shoots :)

  16. Amazing pics, darling!
    Thanks for this virtual tour!


  17. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!!

    Marsha and I are back home from our trip and we had such a good time!


  18. Ah, can't wait to return to London - in April! Great pics!

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Carolyn!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  19. Joy x100...wish I was there today. xoxoxo Happy Thursday my friend.

  20. So lovely! Definitely a place I'll have to visit one day.

  21. Another lovely tour, Carolyn.
    Wishing you a fun Friday and a happy weekend xxxxx

  22. What a beautiful trip and memories to share! A wonderful gift!


  23. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i remenber that!!!!!!!!!!!
    good memories!!!
    of course never went to those kind of restaurants!!!! at 22 and no money on my pocket i could just dream!!!
    thanks for liking my hearts! i've posted new ones!
    happy day

    ♥ ♥

  24. Oh I MUST plan another trip there as soon as possible! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip, Carolyn. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  25. Hi Carolyn, Everything about this post is so inviting. How wonderful to have lunch at this special place so full of history and beauty.
    I know you have memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip.

    Thank you also for the birthday wishes. Your words and kindness mean so much. And, thank you for stopping by and your kind words on my finished kitchen. I am pooped and so glad to be done.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet friend.
    Loved visiting your posts this morning.
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  26. It looks elegand and the feeling of history is all around there!

  27. London is both a lovely and busy city.

  28. Such a gorgeous place, I have not been there and would love to go next time I am in England. Hopefully that won't be too long, until then I will live it through you.
    Enjoy your weekend

  29. What an absolutely GORGEOUS place to eat! I'm afraid if I ever ate there, I'd choke because I'd be staring up at the ceiling while chewing the whole time!

    Have a fantastic weekend, my wonderful friend!

  30. What an elegant place to dine Carolyn! Although MOTH would have to be given a quick etiquette lesson before entering, this is definitely not the place I'd trust him to act accordingly!!
    Millie x

  31. I have had the most wonderful trip and I didn't even have to pack!

    It has been so fun to follow along on your adventure Carolyn. Your images are wonderful!

    Have a beauitful weekend!

  32. I think it's really hard to beat the European architecture for it's beauty. The restaurant looks amazing too. I am sure the meal was delicious! The weekend is here! I hope you have a terrific one!

  33. What a complete pleasure. Ambiance and food. Wish I was there!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  34. I just can't have enough of these London posts. They're all so fascinating! Thanks for sharing Carolyn. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

  35. I can't even imagine getting to visit such a wonderful place! Too much fun!
    xx, shell

  36. Amazing photo's. I've yet to eat at the Criterion but it's on my list of restaurants in Piccadilly to eat at. I'm just waitning for some decent weather...


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