Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Queens Birthday weekend

I hope that you had a lovely weekend.

Thought I would post a few photos, taken over the weekend
With having a three day weekend, Queens Birthday weekend I had a wonderful break.
We were invited around to friends for a long leisurely lunch and this was the beautiful table we sat around, with lots of candles and iceberg roses in little vases.
It was such a nice way to spend a wet and miserable day, with a big fire going and having delicious food and enjoying the friendship.
Our friends house is all white, bright and fresh and I am sorry the photos did not come out well as they were taken on my iphone.

A meal cooked by someone else, always seems to be so much nicer and such a treat.
Sonia cooked a wonderful hearty meal and we had a lot of laughs around the table.
This is the view from the dinning room and as you can see the weather outside, was not good, and it was great to be indoors.
Now we are back home again and it was my DH's birthday on the 6th of June. Happy Birthday dear!
So we celebrated with a little drink and I cooked roast beef and yorkshire puddings and for dessert I made his favourite dessert cream caramel. This was delicious and they were all wishing there was another helping.

Sares birthday is coming soon and she is throwing an Online Costume Party.
She would like you all to join in the celebrations and come along and have fun.
If you are interested, go and visit her site
Will be fun seeing all the glamorous party frocks and may see you there.

Hope you all have a fabulous week.


  1. What a wonderful time you had, Carolyn, good food, fine wine and the best of friends, what could be better!

    I remember Sares costume party last year, it was so much fun!! Can't wait to see what you're wearing!!


  2. Hi Carolyn, it sounds like you had a great time on both weekends. The birthday meal for your hubby sounds delicious! I've never eaten yorkshire pudding yet but I love roast beef and cream caramel.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Marsha,

    Many thanks for visiting me today.
    Yes, we did have a lovely time and it is always a treat to have a meal with friends.
    Yes, I think that is where I met you last year at Sares birthday.

    Hi Julia,

    thank you for your visit, always great to hear from you.
    If you would like the recipe for yorkshire puddings, I will have to share it here on my blog. They are very yummy and go so well with roast beef.


  4. Dear Carolyn,
    What a great get together to celebrate a very important birthday
    for a very important hubby.

    The dessert looks awesome and I just bet it melts in your mouth!

    Have a sweet week and God Bless you,

  5. Sounds like a lovely time! Happy Birthday to your DH!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  6. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!


  7. Thank you very much Deanna, for your visit and kind words.

    Many thanks TattingChic for the birthday wishes.

    yes, it was thanks Nora and Lola and I appreciate your visit today.


  8. Hello my dearest frined!!!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...ma che meravigliose tavolate!

    Passare giornate in comapagni di amici è sempre una cosa bellissima.

    Quel dolce...che BUONO!

    Ne ho rubato un pezzetto... :o)

    BUONISSSSSIMO e bellissimo come te! :o)

    KISSES a lot and hus my dearest friend!


  9. What beautiful views!
    Always is nice a lunch with some friends.
    Thank you very much for your visits

  10. Looked like a wonderful time indoors, despite the weather outside!

  11. Hi Carolyn,
    Sounds like you had a fun three days break for the Queen's Birthday. And, Happy Birthday to your hubby too. The dessert looks so good.
    Gorgeous table and home at your friends home for lunch. The perfect way to spend a cloudy day. The view from their dining room is gorgeous. How wonderful to see that everyday.
    Looks like Sara is planning a fun party for her birthday. I am filled up with happenings for this month but I will be at your party and look forward to it.

    Thank you for stopping by and have a great week.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  12. A nice toasty fire is a sheer delight on a blustery day! I am glad you enjoyed your 3 day weekend with friends. Thank you ever so much for posting on my Costume Party Carolyn. I VERY much appreciate it and I can't wait to see you at the party!

  13. wow, beautiful view and such a yummy dessert! :)
    looks like so much fun.
    thank you for your continuous support & love on my blog, dearest Carolyn!
    I am back and it feels so great :)

  14. What fun and that dessert looks wonderful!


  15. WOW! Happy birthday's everywhere ... may your hubby have a beautiful celebration ... the dinner looks sooo inviting & enjoyable! Nothing like being with good friends to celebrate.

    Snuggly weather ...

    Have a beau-TEA-ful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  16. So wonderful to spend good times with friends. I think you should share your lovely dessert- it looks delicious Carolyn!

  17. oh what fun!!! the weekend looks wonderful Carolyn!!!! and I will have to check out that costume party!!! but what should I wear...lol...

    Have a wonderful night!!!


  18. A perfect weekend, despite the weather! Mmmm, that dessert looks so soft and buttery and delicious! And your friend's home looks very warm and cozy. You are right, food is more delicious when someone else prepares it. :)

  19. Mmmmm! I love all!! Creme caramel, one of my favorites!;))


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