Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A few photos, taken on our weekend away.

I loved this old bicycle with the French bread and flowers, outside the shop.
Years ago I had an old bicycle like this, that an old Lady had given me, that she no longer used and brought it out from her shed, one day when we were visiting her.
My lovely old bike was maroon and I named her Gertrude (Gertie for short) I really wished I had kept her, as she would now be an antique.
Imagine the hours of fun that children would have riding this beauty.

We had breakfast down at an outdoor cafe overlooking the water. It was such a lovely day and the sun was warm and the sky blue.

This is the Coromandel coast, near a little seaside town called Tairua.
There were a few surfers out having fun, in the waves.

These magnificent native trees to New Zealand, stand tall and proud. The Kauri tree is among the worlds mightiest trees, growing to more than 50 metres tall with trunk girths up to 16 metres.
An old house we lived in had this beautiful wood throughout, on the floors. A rich golden colour that gave the house such a warm and inviting look.

This morning I went and did a very silly thing while out on my walk.
I tripped on the pavement, fell down and ended up grazing my knees and cutting my fingers.
We were about exactly half way around the block and my husband wanted to go and get the car while I sat and waited. I said I would be alright and I limped home with blood dripping from my knees and fingers. It is very painful hobbling around, and especially walking up stairs and trying to type on the keyboard with bandaids on my left hand is a little hard to do.
Oh well, I will have to be a little more careful.

Just want to wish all my dear friends, a very beautiful week.


  1. Oh, Carolyn, I hope you're feeling better for your little trip, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist :)

    You are going to be sore tomorrow! Soak in a nice bubble bath!

    Such lovely photos and I really like that bicycle! There are many things I have given away through the years that I wish I now had . . . I just hope someone else is treasuring them!

    Have a wonderful week!!


  2. Oh Carolyn, do take care of yourself. I hope your boo boos heal quickly.
    The photos were lovely. I love all the vibrant colours. The old bike photo was great and as for the old rocking horse, I have one downstairs in the basement - although not as nice as that one.

  3. Lovely! I especially like the photo of that bike in the top photo with the flowers in the basket! It's so artistically done! Very nice.
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Hi: Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for sharing it with us. You are always so nice. I appreciate you. Blessings, Martha

  5. Hi Carolyn!

    Wonderful photos, that bicycle pic is so charming! Makes me want to get an old bicycle to set by my front door, too. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Oh nooooo Carolyn!!!! Please take care!!! Hope you will be OK soon- what silly things we do sometimes (I'm in the clan, look at what happened to my foot last month :((!!)
    Your photos are lovely, especially that bicycle and rocking horse!
    Hugs my friend,

  7. Wonderful pics & so pleased you had such a great time - but hope too your cuts heal up really quickly!

    Wishing you a great week!


  8. How beautiful and lovely indeed
    Love you

  9. Oh Carolyn, it happens so quickly ah. Seem to go down with a thud. I hope you have some lovely soothing balm to put on your bruises tomorrow and can soak in a relaxing salt bath. Take care my friend. They're never big wounds but grazes hurt so much. Luv and hugs coming your way. K J

  10. Oh you poor thing! It doesn't matter how young or old you are, skinned knees just plain hurt!!! I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon! I am glad you got a lovely weekend's so refreshing to have just a couple of days to get away, isn't it?!! Wonderful photos and I especially LOVE the old bicycle!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  11. Dear Carolyn, I'm sorry to hear about your accident! Hopefully you feel better soon!
    The bicycle looks really lovely and what a wonderful place to have breakfast. I'd love to have some palm trees at our boardwalks as well. Unfortunately they wouldn't make it through the wintertime.

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...from the photos it looks like a beautiful place.

  13. Ciao mia cara!!!

    Ma che meraviglia!

    Soprattutto le prime foto...ADORO i cavalli a dondolo!!!

    E la bicicletta con la valigia?

    STREPITOSE e belle come TE!


    KISSES a lot and hugs!;o) NI

  14. I first have to tell you how sorry I am for your fall Carolyn. That is awful and I hope that you are healing up.
    Your weekend must have been grand. I read your previous post about it and it sounds so lovely. I love this bike in your first photo. Isn't that little case strapped to the back delightful?
    I also wanted to say just how beautiful I found your hussif. What a treasure.


  15. Hi Carolyn...I do hope you will heal quickly. Your knees and the cement do not need to meet again anytime soon!
    The bike is a beauty...and the horse is really lovely. Beautiful photos of your walk...

    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy xo

  16. Oh dear! So sorry to hear about your fall. I would have burst into tears i'm sure!
    Hope you are soon mended.

    Love n hugs, Lynda

  17. Hi Marsha,

    Thank you for your visit and yes, after my little trip, I am feeling a little better -will leave the walks for a few days, as it is still painful.
    I am the same wished I had kept a lot of things, that were given away.

    Hi Dolores,

    How wonderful that you have an old rocking horse, that will be great for the Grand-kids.

    Hi TattingChic,

    Yes, I loved the old bike and almost felt like I was in France as we saw a lot of old bikes like that there.

    Blessings to you Martha and many thanks for your visit.

    Many thanks Anne, yes, one at the front door would be lovely.
    Hope that your week is going well.

    Thank you Monica, for your visit and yes, we do silly things sometimes. I hope that your foot is all better now.

    Many thanks Lola and Nora, and wishing you a great week.

    Thank you Jeanne, for you visit.

    Hi Karen,

    Yes, I think we do need to take more care the older we get. A nice hot bath would be lovely, but we still are having a water shortage, so it will have to be a shower until the rain comes.

    Hi Tracey,

    Yes, always great to have a little break away and glad that you had a lovely girls weekend away.
    The bike was delightful.

    Hi Julia,

    Many thanks for your visit, always lovely to hear from you.
    It was a lovely place to have breakfast, overlooking the water.

    Thank you Andrea, and yes, Tauranga which is in the Bay of Plenty is really beautiful. Lots of wonderful beaches, and is best known for its kiwifruit.

    Hi Ni,

    I can see I am going to have to learn Italian, dear friend.
    Thanks for your visit.

    Hi June,

    Lovely to have a visit from you, thank you for your kind words you left. Yes, the little suitcase on the back of the bike is delightful.

    Hi Nancy,

    Many thanks for visiting me today and yes, knees coming into contact with concrete is not a good thing.
    Glad that you liked the photos I shared and I hope that you are having a good week.


  18. Many thanks Lynda, I did feel awfully embarrassed and glad that my husband was with me.


  19. Oh honey so hope you are not too sore.

    Your pictures are so gorgeous, I love the bike shot and the lovely blue rocking horses.

    Take care,

  20. ps
    Like hearing about your inherited bike and seeing the photo you took of this one!

  21. Dear Carolyn,
    First, it is truly beautiful to see photos of were you are. I'm glad YOU are a brave girl! That you walked home an wrote this post! Do you remember when we were little? Always falling? But!!!! As an adult, it is a different story. It is more intense!

    I wish your body heals itself.... and P R O N T O!!!


  22. Oh me! How very beautiful! Thank you for taking us with you!! I may need a virtual vacation as I never go out of town ;)
    Hugs, Lisa

  23. Carolyn, these are such nice photos you've shared with us! I bet you had a great time. I love the bicycle!

  24. Hi Carolyn,

    Looks like a perfectly wonderful weekend getaway! Thanks for following Haleigh and I in Paris and for all of your very kind and good wishes.


  25. Oh I'm sure you had a wonderful time...and that first image is so charmingly it!

    Cheers: Evi

  26. Gorgeous photos, darling!

    Sorry about your fall :(


  27. Oh no. I just hate it when that happens. I always wish I could play back that moment and redo it. Making sure to watch where I'm walking and picking up my big feet!
    Love the old bike and the name you had for yours, Gertie is a great name!

  28. Thank you for sharing...these images are amazing. Hugs!

  29. Outch, dearest Carolyn! I send healing-kisses to your poor knees and fingers! And I hope this accident doesn't reduce the pleasure you have had on your weekend away! The photos you took are so wonderful! Oh, and I had an old bike like this, too. At last I donated it to a young man who had not enough money to buy a bycicle... Well, that's life, we cannot keep everything ;o)
    Warm hugs to you and keep care! Yours Traude

  30. Hi Dustjacket,

    Thank you for your visit, always great to hear from you.
    Yes, I like rocking horses too.

    Thank you Constance, for the kind note you left me and your friendship.

    Oh Lisa, I hope that you get a vacation, you so deserve time away.

    thanks Beth, and the bicycle was cute and would look lovely sitting on a porch.

    Hi Jermaine,

    You must be so proud of Haleigh and I hope that you all have a wonderful time in Paris, I know you will!

    Thank you Miss Eve, it did feel like maybe I was in France for a little moment.

    Thank you Couture Carrie.

    Hi Sares,

    Yes, such a stupid thing to do and I am glad that the wounds are healing up.
    Thank for your visit.

    Thank you Koralee and glad you liked the photos I shared.

    Thank you Traude, for your visit and kind words. My little fall happened on Tuesday, so after my weekend away, luckily.

    Thanks Stefanie, for visiting me today.


  31. Hi Carolyn, Oh my gosh, I hope you are feeling better.
    It is really easy to trip like that. I always have to watch my step on our sidewalks here, some of the cement have uneven areas making it easy to fall. Did you wake up sore the next day? Hope not too bad!

    Your pics are lovely and surely show the gorgeous day. Love the palm trees. Looks like places here in Texas.
    The bike is awesome and I love when they are used for a decoration.

    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments. Take good care and well wishes for quick healing.
    Big hugs, Celestina Marie

  32. hi hunny!!!
    oh, your poor knees and fingers! hope that you are all better now! :)
    i'm actually on the lookout for an old bicycle like that, too. maybe i'll run across one at a yard sale this season!
    the new zealand scenery is breathtaking, carolyn! i wish that i could visit one day.
    love to you,

  33. Many thanks Celestina Marie, for your visit, kind words and well wishes.
    I appreciate your friendship.

    Hi Christina,

    I hope that one day you will come and visit NZ ~ the scenery is really beautiful.
    Good luck with finding an old bike, they are really lovely.


  34. It looks like you did a lot of travelling. :-) The pictures are simply amazing!The bike on the first picture took my breath away.:-))))Thank you so very much for sharing this beautiful post with me.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment under my "Atelier" post. I put so much effort into creating it and it warms my heart to know read about your impression of it. Every word is a treasure to me. Hope to have you as my guest one day. :-)

  35. Hi Caroyln,
    What beautiful pictures...looks like a wonderful place for a getaway...Oh! And I'm so sorry to hear about your little accident:-( I do hope your knees and fingers are doing better. Wishing you all my best. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  36. You and my daughter both - scrapped knees! I do hope you feel better soon.

    The bike shot reminds me of a bicycle I borrow from my cousin while visiting in Cambridge, UK. Imagine a 6 foot man on a small woman's bike riding on the wrong side of the road! It was an adventure to say the very least ;).. great fun.

  37. Hi Anya,

    Many thanks for your visit, always wonderful to hear from you.
    Your Millinery Atelier is fabulous and you must be so proud of your gorgeous shop and workspace.
    Best wishes, dear friend.

    thank you Ana, for visiting me today and your kind words.
    Thankfully my knees and fingers are healing up well.
    I was able to go out walking again today.

    Hi Peter,

    Oh sorry about your daughter scrapping her legs too, it does hurt so much ~ ouchy!
    It was a wonderful picture, you riding the bike in the UK.
    Doesn't the wrong side of the road take a while to get used to!


  38. Carolyn-I am so glad you didn't break a bone! The bike reminds me of the one in the Wizard of Oz :. I have never heard of the tree, but the beach is gorgeous! Hope you took a good long soak so you won't be sore--take care and have a good weekend!

  39. Many thanks Susan, for your visit and kind words.
    I hope that your weekend is wonderful.


  40. That's so cute. To name your bicycle. Gertrude sounds really vintage, doesn't it? Hihihihi.

  41. Looks like a wonderful mini vacation! Beautiful photos. And that tree is magnificent!

    Ohhh, I'm sorry to hear about your accident. That sounds painful. A little while ago, I was racing my kid and foolishly tripped and went sprawling on the ground. My injuries were not as extensive as yours, though. However, later that day, I broke a bottle of vinegar and OUCH, vinegar sure stings on an open cut. Hope you're healing well!

  42. Thank you Fe, for your visit and yes, Gertrude is such an old name and suited my bike well. I will have to look through some photos and see if I have one of her.

    Many thanks Bella and sorry you hurt yourself, and oh yes, vinegar, salt or lemon juice in a cut is ouchy too.
    The kauri trees are magnificent and grow so straight and tall, up in the sky.


  43. Hello Carolyn
    How nice to stumble across your lovely blog.
    I was nicely surprised to find a fellow New Zealander!
    Where is that yummy shop with the vintage bycycle outside - I feel a need to visit there!?
    Please come and visit me, my blog is very new, 5 weeks and I'm overdue to post! I'm determined to become more organised on that issue.
    Thank you for sharing.

  44. Hi Roses, lace and Brocante,

    Lovely of you to visit and to meet another NZ'er too.
    The lovely shop was in Devonport Road in Tauranga, where we had gone for the weekend.
    I look forward to coming over to say hello to you.


  45. OH my goodness, Carolyn! I hope you have pretty little pink and purple band-aids to wrap your little fingers in.... :( :(

    But the scraped know, that's not so bad... everytime you look at them now, you can remember when you were eight! :)

  46. Hi Charity,

    Oh yes, the scrapped knees and stubbed toes when you were a little girl, but should not happen at my age.
    I am going to have to be more careful.
    thanks for your visit.



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