Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The drought has broken!

Well after months of glorious sunny weather, we now have rain.
Last night the sound of the rain falling on the roof, was like music to my ears.
You do not know how happy my family are! ~ Instead of a quick shower we will be able to take a long bath again. Also the plants in the garden that are still alive, will be able to thrive again.

Now I will be able to have a skip in my step again, like this Avedon's umbrella Lady ~ isn't she tres chic.

I hope that you are all having a lovely week


  1. We're just starting our long summer drought here in Andalucia - no rain for us now till autumn!

    I know how you feel about the return of rain though! So welcome!

    Have a great week,


  2. So happy for you! We don't miss the water till the well runs dry!

  3. Hi Carolyn,

    I would like to thank you for your kindess and wonderful words on my blog. It has truly touched my heart. Constance is such a sweet person. Like no one I know.

    Love the blog. The photo is very chic. So happy your drought is over.
    Rain on the roof is a wonderful music.
    Take care and thank you.

  4. I'm so glad you're having rain! I'd gladly send you ours! It's still snowing here too!

    The Avedon umbrella lady is a fab photo!!

    Have a beautiful day! I'm taking Sophie to a new vet today to get her checked out!


  5. I'm so happy for you all Carolyn! That is just wonderful news.

    Thank you for coming for a sweet visit. I always enjoy hearing from you. Sorry I don't get by here more often. You are a great friend and I really appreciate you.

    Have a blessed day. ~Melissa :)

  6. Dear Carolyn,
    God bless and may you enjoy the rain! Happy Wednesday to you.

    I like it when we have a gentle rain.

    Glad your drought has broken.

  7. I wish it breaks as well in my town. It keeps one raining till this very minute. I usually love light rainy days. But I've had enough of it! Please give me back my sunshine!

    Btw, sorry for rambling like this :p Have a lovely week. We're good through the mid-week already!

  8. It's raining here so much as be honest I'm so tired of it.

    Lovely images!

    Many thanks for the birthday message dear Carolyn! Means a lot...

    Cheers: Evi

  9. Thanks for your visit, Nora and Lola
    Enjoy your long summer and yes, it really does feel good to be having rain again.

    You are so right Lynda, about the well running dry, and that is what it was like here.

    Hi Debra,

    It was lovely to find your beautiful blog via Constance.
    I agree, she is a very sweet person and so caring and kind.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and I hope that everything will go well for you.

    Oh Marsha, you have snow there still! The weather is all over the place, isn't it!
    You must be enjoying having Sophie (she is lovely) and I hope that she gets a good report from the vet.

    Thank you Stefanie.

    Lovely to have a visit from you Melissa ~ thank you.

    Thank you Deanna, for visiting me today and I hope that you have a lovely Wednesday too.

    Hi Fe,

    I hope that you have your sunshine back. Yes, it is Thursday here already! where did the rest of the week go?

    Hi Miss Eve,

    I hope that you are still enjoying your birthday time.
    They are lovely images, aren't they.


  10. I am glad you got some much needed rain:).



  11. I'm so happy for you, Carolyn! How lovely your garden will now thrive and your yard will look green!

    I've always loved to sleep with rain falling on the roof!

    Big hug

  12. So glad you were blessed with the rain! God is so good!

  13. Oh I love rain...we get so much of it here but I don't care one bit...I love buying umbrellas and rain boots. Hugs for a puddle jumping kind of day. xoxo

  14. Ohh Carolyn,
    I LOVE that umbrella and want one!!!!
    WE have had rain rain too and I am wanting it to go away but I know it is needed. I mustn't quibble. I am so spoilt with the sunshine and forget about those who need it most.
    May your tanks fill to the brim

  15. Thanks Kim for your visit and it was great to receive the rain.

    Hi Barbara,

    Isn't that the best, going to sleep with the sound of rain falling on the roof. Thanks for visiting me today.

    Thank you Beth, I appreciate your visit.

    Many thanks Koralee, and what a lovely thought, puddle jumping day!
    I like that! I too love buying gumboots and umbrellas ~ you can get such pretty ones.


  16. My italian teacher tell me when it rain: rain rain go away come again another day.

    p.s. there are wonderful pic in your blog and your work with bear is so great

  17. Great news Carolyn & a wonderful reason for much Waiheke rejoicing!
    Millie ^_^

  18. very good new and some very cute pics! it's raining here too after a week and a half of realllllyyyyyyy hot weather so for the moment I don't mind :-D

    enjoy the showers and thanks you so so so much for your sweet words as always over on Bardot in Blue on my graduation post...I always love hearing for you and finding the time to stop over and read up on Draffin Bears!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  19. Glad to hear you are getting some rain!
    That last photo is absolutely adorable!
    ~TattingChic ♥

    Come find me on facebook if you are there...I am "TattingChic there, too ;)

  20. Many thanks Suzi for your visit and yes, when you rely on rain from the sky to fill your tanks you really get to appreciate it so much.

    Thank you for visiting me Merceria Barbagli and I look forward to coming to say hello to you.

    Thank you Millie, dear friend and yes, much rejoicing.

    Many thanks Bardot and you must be feeling so pleased now that you have graduated ~ well done... and a big Congratulations!.

    Hi TattingChic,

    Many thanks for visiting me today.
    As yet I have not ventured onto Facebook.
    The last photo is really cute!


  21. Oh, I love rain in the Summer! It inspires me so much!It sounds like you are very happy :-). The first picture with a little hat and matching umbrella took my breath away!:-)
    Thank you for your wonderful comment under my Chanel clogs post. Well, I am happy to say that your input in combination with strawberry cheescake worked miracles!:-) Now I can not even imagine how on Earth I could consider spending so much on a pair of shoes. :-)))

  22. Thrilled for you and your rainy weather! We often have the same problem here in sunny Cali. Enjoy your long leisurely baths and restoring your gardens.


  23. Dearest Carolyn,

    How lovely pictures!!
    I`m so glad for you, it sounds so good a long bath!
    Victorian tea party was beautiful post!

    I wish you very happy and relaxing weekend, my friend!!:))

  24. How nice that you finally have rain. Our summer is just beginning here, we have had a few hot days, but rain in-between.

    Have a lovely day, I love all of your photos today, especially the one with the girl skipping over the puddle with her umbrella. Karen

  25. Hallelujah! It's drizzling here today. I'm off to go sing in the rain and do a fancy kick-step for you!

  26. Oh sweet Carolyn!
    That's really funny - you have been waiting for the rain to be able to take a fine bath - and in Austria it is raining since weeks nearly every day (it was a wonderful April, but a "lousy May". In some parts of Lower Austria we had high water, and that's why yesterday a woman died; she was drowned in a creek...) But it is healthy for me to read, how precious rain can be! Enjoy it! I wish you a wonderful autumn, dear!
    Big hugs, Traude
    PS: Did you see that I have dedicated a photo to you in my previous post? :o)

  27. I am sooooooooo thankful for the rain over here, as well!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!! It has been sooooooo hooooooooooot!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!! I am so thankful for the rain, as well!!!!! Good for you, and good for me, too!!!! rain! rain! GLORIOUS rain!!!!! ♥


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