Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Mad Hatter and thank you

When Johnny Depp did some research, to play the part of the Hatter, he found that there was a thing called Hatters Disease. Basically, because they used a very toxic substance to glue the hats together which involved a lot of mercury, they ended up being poisoned.
And this poison would manifest in different ways with personality disorders, tourettes-like syndrome and made some even darker and weirder.
There was an orange tint to the actual stuff, hence how the orange hair and face comes about.

If you want to go and check out the interview go to
He talks about changing nappies and the Wiggles DVD ~ don't you love that.

My daughter saw the movie last night and enjoyed it. She said what was special, was the 3 -D effect. ( She loved the cat with his huge eyes.)

I got this sweet gift from the very lovely Christina from ~ ~ go and visit her blog.
A very lovely journal with special envelopes and places to hide things and even a set of cute Teddy bear buttons. Thank you Christina, your gift made my day.

I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend, I am and seem to have been busy, the Landrover was full up, (could not have got any more in ) with moving all daughters Fashion clothes rails and boxes of fabrics and things back home.
I look forward to coming to visit you all soon.



  1. Hi Carolyn!

    When I was getting my teeth cleaned last week they were all talking about the movie and how much they LOVED it!!!

    Well, I just LOVE Johnny so it's a given that'll I'll love the movie whenever I get around to seeing it. We haven't been to the movies in YEARS, we do Netflix but I think this one must been seen in the theater!

    What a beautiful gift you received!!

    Have a wonderful week!!


  2. Love this post!! What great info! I like Alice. It was my first 3D movie. How sweet of Christina to send such a sweet gift! She is a sweetie!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Hi Marsha,

    Thank you for your visit, always great to hear from you.

    Thank you Lisa, and am glad that you liked the movie.
    I am looking forward to going to see it. Yes, Christina is a sweet Lady.


  4. I haven't seen the movie yet ~ I'm sure I'll get an earfull from my students. What a sweet friend ~ aren't they just the best!

    Enjoy your weekend ~

  5. I really want to see it! The costumes alone are worth the price of admission.
    It's awful to think that the hatters were subjected to the mercury same well as the old antique mercury glass we all covet.
    Now thank goodness they use no mercury!


  6. Hi Jo,

    Your new Avatar photo is lovely.
    It must be fun to hear what the students have to say.

    Hi Carole,

    Oh I can't wait to see it and the costumes do look fabulous.
    Many thanks for your visit.


  7. Alice in Wonderland is on my list Carolyn. As well, as Mao's Last Dancer. Nothing like the big screen. What a beautiful gift to receive.

  8. Haha! I love Johnny. He will always be the caribean for me :)

  9. So glad you enjoyed the movie - but with a certain Mr Depp it couldn't fail!!

    Have a great week ahead


  10. Hi Karen,

    I have not been to see it yet, Victoria did last night and enjoyed the movie.
    I hope to go and see it soon.

    Hi Gleenn,

    Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean was a great act and I am with you on that.

    Thank you Nora and Lola, and I have not been to see the movie yet, but looking forward to it.
    Great to have a visit from you


  11. I love you my darling friend
    I hope to see the movie soon

  12. Hi Carolyn
    I haven't been able to get to that movie yet but it is top on my list. Thanks for the link and the tidbits, very interesting.
    Hope you have a great Sunday

  13. Oh, I've read about "Hatter's Disease" which is why Louis Carrol included the name "Mad Hatter" in the book as one of the character's. That is cool that Johnny Depp researched about his role. It really is too bad so many people who made hats had to suffer mercurial poisoning for so long before anyone figured it out!
    The movie looks like one I would really love to go and see! I love much of Tim Burton's work and Johnny Depp is forever awesome! I also love Helena Bonham Carter and I'm sure her role as the Queen of hearts is stupendous as well!

    The gifts your friend gave you are lovely! What a very nice gift!

  14. I'm really looking forward to seeing that movie, Carolyn. I hear the red queen is the hit of the movie.
    (And while I adore Johnny Depp, I am hoping all those rumors about he and Angelina Jolie are not true.)

    Thought the Hatter's disease info fascinating. Never heard that anyplace before.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  15. Hi Carolyn!

    What a lovely blog you have!
    SO many pretty things around here!

    I love to watch Johnny Depp in every role he plays. He always does research.. and yet makes it his own and you can't help but love him in every movie he is in.. even if he's a bizaar character. :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog.. and commenting! I love to meet new friends! I will be back! :)
    ~ Ann Marie

  16. oh I must see this movie... thanks for sharing these, Carolyn, really interesting :)
    have a fabulous day, hugs

  17. Hi Jeanne,

    Great to have you as a friend and thanks for your visit.

    Many thanks Rebecca and it is on my list of movies to see.
    They were interesting little tidbits that he said in the interview.

    Thanks for your visit TattingChic.
    Yes, he does seem to do a lot of research, have read that before, for the parts he plays which really makes his character
    I am lucky to get a sweet gift from Christina.

    Me too, thanks Carrie for your visit.

    Thank you Barbara and I am with your there, hope that it is only a rumour.
    It was interesting info and I suppose a little like the Ladies putting on the makeup with lead in it and poisoning themselves.
    So glad that times have changed for us now.

    Hi Anne Marie,

    It was great to discover your blog too and thanks for visiting mine.
    He is a great actor and fun to watch the movies.


  18. He truly is a movie star, isn't he. I'll take him, orange hair, mad makeup and all, anytime, anywhere. :) And ooooooh, that's a pretty journal! Yay!

  19. oh I have to see that movie soon!!! I can't looks like it will be full of inspiration....wonderful post Carolyn!!! have a wonderful week!!!


  20. Carolyn darling I liked the movie as well especially the 3D effect, you daughter and I think alike. Oh you lucky girl getting so much love in the mail, enjoy it darling and have a wonderful weel.

    Love & Hugs

  21. Hi Susan,

    Many thanks for visiting me today and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

    Thanks Bella, so kind of you to visit.
    I hope that Emma had a very happy birthday.

    Hi Diana,

    I have heard the 3D effect made everything come to life and jump out at you.
    Have a wonderful week


  22. Hi Carolyn,
    I really, really want to see this movie! I will have to follow this link and read about Hatter's.
    What a lovely gift you have received from your dear friend.
    It was so good to hear from you. Thank you for your lovely message.

  23. The movie was good. I thought it would be more colorful but still great. And Johnny as always is amazing in it! You should definitely go see it.

    Ps I had a great weekend. I hope yours was filled with fun times also!


  24. Hi Carolyn,
    That is so interesting, I did not know all that. Kind of horrible, but interesting.
    I love Johnny Depp!
    You got a wonderful little gift, how thoughtful.
    Hope you have a great week!!

  25. p.s.:
    hey, darling, so you see, I have changed the name and url of my blog to please, update it in your lists :) thanks, xxx

  26. Dear Duchess,

    Many thanks for visiting me today and glad that you enjoyed the movie.

    Always great to see you June and thanks for coming by my blog and leaving me a lovely note.

    Hi Twila,

    Glad that you had a great weekend and got to see the movie.
    I had a wonderful weekend too, but I find they always seem to go too quickly.

    Hi Rosemary,

    I was not aware of this information and so good that times have changed for the best!

    Oh thanks Susan, will make a change and update my list.
    I love the new name darling.


  27. Hi Carolyn,

    Wow, how interesting...I did not know about Hatters Disease! Thank you for sharing that. I still haven't seent the movie...sigh!

    Don't you just love Christina... truly one of the nicest gals in all of Blogland! Love the journal and teddy bear!!

  28. Hi Karyn,

    Many thanks for your visit, dear friend.
    Yes, Christina is the sweetest and just love the little journal she made for me.


  29. Hi Carolyn! We hope to get out and see that movie soon! I have read good things about it! Thanks for all of your recent ~sweet~ comments! I always enjoy your visits! ~Mandy (Such a sweet little gift from Christina!)

  30. Hi Mandy,

    Many thanks for visiting me today, always lovely to have you come by and for the kind words you have left.


  31. Hi Carolyn. Lovely journal you have - hope you had a good weekend. I haven't seen the movie but will probably wait to rent it (although I'm sure the big screen is quite an experience!).
    Sharon :-)

  32. Hi Sharon,

    Many thanks for your visit.
    I think to get the 3 D effect would be great to watch the movie at the theater.


  33. Hey!!!! So THAT'S how the expression came about "You have to be mad as a hatter" .... lovely new discovery!!! I love it!!!! Well...not the hatter's disease...just finding out that the writer actually did some research while writing the character!!!! ;)

  34. Hi Charity,

    Yes, that is where the saying came from mad as a hatter.
    Interesting isn't it!


  35. Hi Carolyn,

    I haven't seen the movie yet (sold out all this week locally) but will go when the rush is over. Hopefully next weekend. I just LOVE Johnny Depp. Anything he does is wonderful :)


  36. Hi Karen,

    I think that we all feel that way about Mr Johnny Depp.
    I hope that you get to see it soon.
    My kids have been and loved it and my husband is going to take me soon.


  37. :-)
    Best regards,



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