Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Hearts and dreaming of Paris.

Oh Valentines Day is coming.

Are you doing anything special? .... A romantic candlelit dinner, maybe a picnic in the park or even fish and chips on the beach.

Let me tell you about our one and only time we took fish and chips to eat at the beach.
It was a wonderful warm evening the sky and the sea looked beautiful and we were enjoying sitting on a blanket on the sand, when unfortunately a dog came running by and flicked sand over our meal ~ was not nice and lucky, we had just about finished.

Dozens of long stemmed roses are lovely but sometimes it is just the little things like taking a walk, or watching an old movie, can be just as wonderful.

Hope you have a great Valentines Day


  1. Carolyn I hope you have a wonderful Valentine day with your sweetie...All the best to you my friend...Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    What a sweet post! I love hearts and dreaming of Paris...le sigh!

    I just want to spend a quiet evening with my man. Like you said, it's the little things that are wonderful!

    Happy Valentines' Day Sweet Friend!

  3. Hi Carolyn, mmhh, well, we could go to the beach but then we would have to shovel a lot of snow away before we could sit down on a blanket, lol. I guess we better go for an indoors candlelight dinner over here :-).
    Have a wonderful and romantic Valentine's Day with your sweetheart, dear Carolyn!!!

  4. hi Carolyn,
    how right you are about Valentines Day-- the roses ( and this is a florist speaking) are a little over rated.
    how much nicer are the simpler things or just plain time.
    Flowers are better given when unexpected in my mind.
    I agree with you about fish and chips on the beach. I love the idea but in practise it doesn't always work.
    have a lovely day whatever you decide to do. xx

  5. Carolyn amor, what beautiful valentine hearts :) I am like you, I sometimes love the simple things with Chris on birthdays and holidays...sometimes just walking on the pier and watching the sunset is just perfect...although the cotton candy (huge & pink)and funnel cake makes it even more so :) Besos, Rose

    ps...amor, I meant to ask you, do you have Michaels craft stores there? maybe it is a silly quest. but I wasn't sure and what were those lil silver balls you showed on cookies and cupcakes called again, I still can't find them so maybe if I have a name, I will have better luck :) Besos

  6. Yes Carolyn, I appreciate a gorgeous bunch of flowers or a little cadeau from my DH, but even a simple card or time spent together! I love making things even more special at St. Valentine's, but believe that when you love it should be St. Valentine's each and every day!!
    Monica xo.

  7. Carolyn,
    I love all your beautiful pictures of the hearts, so romantic. I love pink, don't know why, but put it with a heart or in flowers, and I am in love!!! Your romantic fish and chips sounds lovely!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    Margaret B

  8. Dang dog!

    Here if we tried to take a picnic to the beach... seagulls would descend upon us... kind of like the movie The Birds by Hitchcock.

  9. Much love and many blessings
    Happy Valentines Day
    Love you

  10. I think we will relax and probably eat some heart-shaped cookies :)
    have a sweet day, darling Carolyn, xoxo

  11. Hello Carolyn, unfortunately it is snowing here so we will not be going to the beach. I have been invited to a launch in Paris on Friday but am unable to work due to work committments - Mr FF has a lot of work on at present. Normally we go out but this year I am planning a romantic dinner for two at home which will be fun. Just hope it warms up a bit otherwise it could be a baby doll and fur boots :-)

    Leeann x

  12. What beautiful photos, Carolyn!

    A dozen long stemmed roses costs over $100.00 here, so no roses for me, LOL



  13. What a beautiful and romantic beach luncheon! I can just see the dog running by and getting sand all over your lunch. I hope you have another lovely day planned for this Valentine's Day!! Hugs!

  14. That would fall in the category of 'things we can laugh about now'! We don't do anything special for this holiday...but I am treated special all year long! ♥

  15. people and dogs.... the two main things to avoid when having an enjoyable picnic anywhere it seems.... oh, and... also mosquitoes...

    It's always Valentine's Day around here... yesterday we had wine and cheese mid afternoon... just because ... then Greg went to rent some romantic comedy movies...our fav any day of the year.

    We buy each other flowers on the spur of the moment ...or .... chocolates. We have a special chocolate factory right here in town... and they are the best .. known world wide... Bernard Callebaut ... we splurge on those too a few times a year... just because.....

    The so called 'special' days come and go and we pretty much seem to ignore them because there is nothing we would do differently than any other day.... I know I'm a lucky gal.....

  16. Very pretty hearts. My husband has been to Paris many times but I haven't gotten there yet. One of these days. When you started the story, I thought you were gonna say a seagull came and tried to take your chips away. Those gulls can be quite pesky! We don't do much around here for Valentine's Day. I hope to make some heart sugar cookies this weekend. Hope you are having a fantastic day. :) Tammy

  17. It's nice to think outside the box. Not everything has to be candy and roses. Your picnik sounds like a great idea.

  18. Beautiful hearts!
    But what are the odds another dog will come along and do the same thing? I say give it another go sometime. :-)

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Carolyn thank you so much for the sweet words of condolence that you left my way - truly they warmed my sad heart.

    your blog is wonderful- love the sweet bears.

  20. Thank you Gloria and wishing you and your Valentine a happy weekend.

    Hi Karyn,

    Happy Valentines to you, dear friend and enjoy a quiet evening with your Man.

    Thank you Julia, for your visit and sweet words.
    A candlelight dinner sounds very romantic and lovely, enjoy your Valentines Day.

    Hi Suzi,

    I can't believe the exorbitant cost of roses and flowers for this day and I would rather have flowers, when they are a better price.
    You have a great weekend too.

    Hi Rose,

    Yes, I agree it is the simple things in life that can be much more fun.
    No we do not have Michaels craft stores here.
    Rose, the little silver balls are called cachous and I just buy them at the grocery store - let me know if you can't get them and I will post some over to you.

    Hi Monica,

    Every day should be special, I know and just a card or kind thought or deed can be lovely.

    thank you Margaret and wishing you a happy Valentines Day.
    I love the colour pink, hearts and flowers too, makes me feel happy.

    Oh Heather, we have seagulls here too, but they do not really seem to worry us.

    Happy Valentines day to you Jeanne.

    You have a sweet day to Susan, my dear friend and enjoy your heart shaped cookies ~ yumm!.

    Hi Leeann,

    Sounds very romantic, dinner for two at home will be great and not having to venture out in the cold.
    Have a lovely time and stay warm in your fur boots.

    Hi Marsha,

    I am the same ~ too expensive.
    The first year I loved getting roses on V Day, but now I prefer to have them when they are a fraction of the cost.

    Thank you Carol and you have a lovely V's Day too.

    Hi Diane,

    We can laugh about the picnic now, but at the time it put a damper on things and was very annoying.
    Every day is special here and I am a lucky Girl too.

    Hi Vee,

    I enjoy a good romantic comedy, where you can have a good laugh.
    The chocolate factory in your town, sounds wonderful.

    Hi Tammy,

    Your heart shaped sugar cookies will be lovely.
    I hope that you will get to see Paris soon.
    Have a great day.

    Thanks Gwendolyn ~ picnics over here are a good thing, but do realize that a lot of you having snow and winter weather, would not be possible. Have a great V's day.


  21. i'm sure a romantic such as yourself will have a beautiful Valentine's day! may your day be filled with love and pretty heart decorations!
    xoxo alison

  22. Love your hearts...I know I will be eating lots of chocolate. I so wish I was eating chocolate in Paris though. Happy Valentines to you. xoxo

  23. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for your visit and sweet words.
    We will give the picnic on the beach another try, as you say it would be highly unlikely for that to happen again.
    Have a beautiful day.

    Thanks Paperbird, for your visit.
    May you find comfort, at this sad time.

    Thank you Mademoiselle Frou- Frou and wishing you a wonderful day too.

    Hi Koralee,

    Eating chocolates in Paris, would be wonderful and like you, I will have to eat chocolate at home.
    Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


  24. MOTH & I take it in turns to do a special dinner each year at home. It's my turn this year, so I must get my skates on & start the Prep. Have lovely, romantic day on Sunday with your Darling dear Carolyn.
    Millie ^_^

  25. I love fish & chips. But to eat it on the beach...isn't that like eating steak at a rodeo? ;)

    Awww, Caroline, these are such beautiful Valentine's pictures. I'd never heard that story of the original Valentine before. Incredibly romantic. They should make that into a movie. Hmmm, they probably already did.

    Happy anniversary to you lovebirds!

  26. Give your imagination wings and you can fly anywhere to celebrate
    Valentine Day! Carolyn, I hope you have a fabulous day.

    Pat xx

  27. I´m dreaming France, too....;)

    It is allways possible to happen something like that, when you are having picnic on the beach.

    My friend, I hope, that you have happiness Valentine Day!!:))

    BIG HUGS!!

  28. Carolyn darling, wishing you a lovely weekend and a love filled Valentine’s Day.

    Love & Hugs

  29. Happy Valentines Day to you too.
    Hope this one is without mishaps....but then now you can sit back and laugh about it.
    xo....Carole plans so far but I'd better get planning!

  30. Happy Valentine's Day to you too:). We might be spending much of our Valentine's Day inside. It actually began snowing a little while ago!



  31. Dear Millie,

    Thanks for your visit and wishing you and Moth a fabulous and romantic Valentines Day and enjoy your special dinner together.

    Thanks Bella, for your visit, great to hear from you and see a new delightful piece of Artwork from you dear friend. Have a happy weekend.

    Thank you very much Pat and wishing you a great weekend too.

    Hi Marge,

    Yes, great to dream of France!
    Hoping that you have a wonderful Valentines Day, my friend ~ with your loved ones.

    Thank you dear Duchess and wishing you the very happiest weekend.

    Thanks Carole ~ happy Valentines Day to you and your Man and enjoy your weekend.

    Oh Kim, how lovely that you have snow ~ sounds very cozy.
    Stay warm and have a lovely Valentines Day.


  32. Carolyn, I love the ♥ they are all so sweet! You sound like a woman of simple and also very elegant tastes who appreciates the truly important things in togetherness! That is a sweet Valentine's story. I'm sure it made for quite a memory.
    ~TattingChic ♥

  33. Thank you for visiting me today, TattingChic and I appreciate your kind words.



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