Thursday, February 4, 2010

May have to do a rain dance!

I love Summertime, but it is so long since we have had any rain and we need a heavy downpour.
We rely on the rain to fill our water tanks and in the past few months, we have needed to order two tanker loads of water.
To those of you who have a young family, you know the time they like to spend in the shower. Don't get me wrong I love it when everyone is clean and smelling nice.
I might have to place a timer in the bathroom, so they can keep the showers short and sweet.
The plants in the garden are looking sad, { sigh } and watering from the can does not seem to be as good as the rain falling from the sky.
May have to get out and do a rain dance.

Rodney Smith photos.

I hope that you are having a wonderful week and where ever you may be,...... in the snow, or sun, may you stay warm or cool and your days happy.


  1. Wonderful photos, Carolyn!

    I'd gladly send you our rain!!

    Hope it rains for you real soon!


  2. Hi Marsha,

    They are beautiful photos aren't they.
    Thanks for your visit and I would like to have some of your rain.


  3. Hi Carolyn!
    Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
    I'm really glad that you did and now that I have signed up to follow you, I will be back often.

    Your pictures are great. And,
    we have had enough rain and cold here in the so-called coastal south of NC.


  4. I hope you get some rain soon. We had some nice showers the past few days but it was sunny today. I need to work on my crafts but I would rather be outside or on the go! Enjoy your week! ♥

  5. Carolyn, if that's what you need, then I hope you get it!!! Although it might be nice to have rain instead of more snow!!!
    Margaret B

  6. Hi Sissie,

    Many thanks for coming over to visit me and it was great to discover your blog. Sorry you are having cold and rain there, where you are.

    Hi Diane,

    I would rather be outdoors enjoying the weather too. Crafts and indoor jobs can wait.

    Hi Margaret,

    Many thanks for your visit and I hope that the snow is not too bad.
    Must be so pretty, but cold.


  7. Dear Carolyn,
    Think the picture of the people with the umbrellas is neat!
    February Blessings,

  8. Hi, dear Carolyn, I keep my fingers crossed that you get some rain soon. It's always a shame to see the flowers withering and the grass getting yellow due to a lack of rain.

  9. I love your photos today - isn't he a genius!?
    I have a plan with the rain dance, usually if I wash the car or if I water the garden it inevitably rains! Perhaps it will work for you.
    x Have a lovely rest of your week.

  10. Thank you Deanna, and blessings to you, for February.

    Dear Julia,

    So lovely of you to visit and thanks for your kind words.

    thank you so much Suzi ~ normally we only have to buy a load of water and then it rains ... but not this time.
    Yes, he is a genius and love his work so much. Enjoy the rest of the week - my goodness it is Friday tomorrow!


  11. Rain is something we don't lack for here in the Pacific Northwest! I do love a good rain after a long dry spell in the summer. I hope you get your rain soon, keep dancing and it will come!

  12. Oh Carolyn...I wish you could have rain too! You are so right...the trees and flowers really need the natural rain from the sky. Hopefully, it will come soon.

    The pictures are always find the neatest photos.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  13. Oh I love rainy days...there is something so sentimental in the sound of raindrops...

    Adore the photos Carolyn!

    Hope you having a great week, much love: Evi

  14. I love rain! We don't often get it here and unfortunately, when we do, everything just becomes a big mess. We've had gray skies the whole week, a little shower here and there. If we had to rely on the rain for anything here, we'd never be clean and sweet smelling. My kids know I don't like to waste water, so they do their best to keep it short and sweet. Hope your rain dance works. Blessings, Tammy

  15. I love these photos Carolyn - they really make me smile. Can just see you doing your rain dance. Perhaps I could send you a few of our weather fairies your way. They love rain!

  16. Hello Carolyn,

    Realy wonderful rain photos from
    "Rodney Smith"
    I love to de Spring and Summertime. I do with you a rain dance, OK?

    Have a lovely day,


  17. Hi Carolyn:

    Pardon my being slow at popping by had my hands full with exhibit opening and granddaughter's sixteenth b-day party, to which I painted 15 panels of Paris night scenes (the things we do for love (sugh)).
    ...So sorry to hear about the water shortage. Your post has made me realize how important it is to be appreciative... Sending many thoughts of rain your way... Are they falling yet??

    btw: Haven't been around in a while -- ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK -- VERY NICE!! and the images with this post too, just beautiful.


  18. Carolyn,
    Great photos. I hope you get the rain you need. If I could I would send you some of our snow... it would be melted by the time it got there.

  19. Oh Carolyn I know how it is to be dependant so much on the rain and snowfall. We are having a below normal snowfall for this season and need to have the snow pack to fill our resevoirs. I do hope you get a lot of rain soon.
    I love these images in this post. I love the last one with the umbrellas so much. I hope you getr to use yours real soon.

  20. Thanks for your visit Sares and yes, I hope we can have a little of your Pacific Northwest rain.

    Many thanks Nancy and I look forward to seeing your new decorated studio.

    Thank you Miss Eve, having a good week here and I hope that you are having a great one too. Even better now that the weekend has started!

    Hi Tammy,

    Lovely to have you come by my blog and always great to hear from you ~
    thank you.

    Thanks Amanda, a few of your fairies would be great ~ it is just so hot and looked almost as if it was going to rain with some grey clouds about, but it has passed over.

    Many thanks Josephine, you are so kind to do a rain dance for me.
    Have a great day.

    Hi Rosalind,

    You have been busy of late with your Exhibition and I hope that it went well. That sounds amazing your Granddaughter's 16th birthday party, with the Paris scenes.
    Thanks for your visit.

    Many thanks Audrey.

    Blessings to you Gwendolyn and I love your new Avatar, your pretty pink roses are gorgeous.

    Thank you June, we are so dependent
    on water and something we can't live without ( having once run out and that was not good.)
    We have now got a reserve tank that will last us for a week.
    That is interesting that the snow fall fills your resevoirs.


  21. Oh...I wish I could send you some of ours...rain rain rain everyday..that is so typical of our area..and you know what? I love the rain. Everything is always so green and lush around here. Love the images you have up today! xxo

  22. Hi Carolyn,
    OH, I can't wait for summer again! To be able to wear light summer clothes and not be chilled. Miss Gracie and I are fighting over the space heater in the morning - she's a heater hog. She happily rolls in front of it back and forth. At night, she sleeps in front of it while I"m on the computer. Right now we are having rain but I love it when I'm home. I hope you get some too!
    Sharon :-)

  23. Oh, I'm so sorry you're hurting for rain where you are...we're having downpours most every day where I am, so I'd surely bottle it up and send it to you if I could.

    Will send prayers for the wet stuff!


  24. I am sending you cool Canadian breezes sweet friend.

    Is it any wonder at all at your daughters talents when you look at your own on this blog. What an eye you have.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  25. I hope you get your much needed rain soon! I know how rough that can be in the summer growing season:).



  26. Carolyn,
    Wonderful photos, I've never seen them before. Thanks for visiting my blog, your my first blog friend from New Zealand. What a lovely place to live. I'll love to visit one day. Your bears are wonderful, I don't know how you doll/bear makers do it. Looks so involved. I'll be back soon. Lisa

  27. Hi Koralee,

    Thanks for your visit and kind message you left.
    It is just over Summer we do not get much rain, or this year seems to be bad.
    I love the rain too, so wonderful for the garden.

    Thank you Sharon and I laughed when you and Miss Gracie fight over who is going to sit near the heater.
    I love being in bed at night at listening to the rain on the roof.

    Many thanks Anne, would be great to have some of your downpours.
    I would go out and dance in the rain!

    thank you dear Renee, for sending some of your cool Canadian breezes, down here.

    Hi Kim,

    Some of my plants are suffering in under the heat, and the rain is so much better than watering from a can. Thanks for your visit.

    Hi Lisa,

    Many thanks for visiting my blog.
    Interesting that I am your first, from NZ. I hope that you can visit here someday.
    I look forward to going back to visit you again.


  28. Hey Carolyn,
    It's raining here is Sunny California. I will send some your way!!!
    Glad you like my flea market finds.

  29. I know how frustrating the lack of rain can be. Hopefully soon!!!

  30. Hi Rosemary,

    Your flea market finds were fabulous.
    Would be great to have some of your rain.

    Thank you Carole, yes, hopefully soon and I have my fingers crossed.


  31. Hey, cool pictures you have there!

  32. Thanks Fe, for your visit.


  33. lovely photos, darling!
    oh, theoretically I know how it feels like to be HOT, HOT, HOT, but I totally forgot... we still have snow and I have had enough! :)
    have a sweet day, dearest.

  34. thanks so much dear Susan.
    I hope that the snow will go away soon so you will be able to have Summer.
    Have a great day


  35. You are always so sweet for always wishing everybody a wonderful week, and always thanking us all for our friendship like you always do... :)

    Lovely photos! And I do hope you get your rain! :)

  36. Carolyn amor, I would join you in that rain dance..cept I wouldn't want to step on your toes :) But instead I will do one here for you that will send some rain your way :) You always share the loveliest pictures :)Besos, Rose

  37. Thank you Charity and looking forward to coming across to visit you.
    Always lovely to hear from you.

    Many thanks Rose, that is so sweet of you and thanks for doing a rain dance for me and hopefully we will have a shower soon.



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