Friday, January 8, 2010

Recipe for a good and happy life.

The hydrangeas we picked on the side of the road, going for a walk this morning and I wished I could say that the roses were from my garden, but they were store bought.

Is there a recipe for a good and happy life?
Here are some ingredients suggested by Robert Louis Stevenson:

To be honest:
to be kind
to earn a little
and to spend a little less;
to make, upon the whole,
a family happier for his presence;
to renounce when that shall be necessary,
and not be embittered;
to keep a few friends.

There is more, but that sounds like a promising start, doesn't it.

My daughter designed my new blog header, which I really love.
I feel like a dinosaur when it comes to using photoshop and things like that ~ she is so quick and can do things like this with such ease. Thank you V !

I hope the first week for the year is going well.
We have been having a lovely relaxing time, going on some walks, cleaning and organizing the house ( did I tell you I am a hoarder and need to throw out so much more.)

I just want to wish all my dear friends a very happy weekend.



  1. Your new header is lovely, Carolyn! Your daughter did an awesome job!

    Your hydrangeas are making me yearn for springtime!

    What a lovely recipe for a good and happy life. I must take heed to line four, LOL


  2. Those flowers are beautiful... it is so cold here it is nice to see something so fresh and alive.

  3. I'm glad to hear we share the hoarding characteristic. I really have to de-clutter and give more away. I have been using more of what I have though - so that's a start. I noticed the header right away - great job V.

  4. Beautiful advice! Now if only I could apply all of it.:)

    I love your new header! It's fits your blog perfectly. Your daughter did a great job on designing it.

    Hope you are having a wonderful New Year thus far.


  5. Oh great job on the Header V.

    I really like the recipe, we need to put that on the fridge.

    Beautiful weekend to you,

  6. Thanks Marsha, for your visit.
    Daughter did do a lovely job on my new header.
    I also need to take heed with line 4.
    Going on a budget, is what I need to do, as I seem to spend too much.

    Thanks Together we save, for your visit. Glad that you can enjoy our Summer flowers and I will be able to enjoy your Summer when you have it there.

    Many thanks, Dolores ~ you are a girl after my own heart.
    When the rail in our wardrobe collapsed with the weight of the clothes, that was an indication that I had to get rid of some of them, which I am going to do.

    Thank you Sixpence and I hope that you are having a wonderful New Year.
    I look forward to coming to visit you.

    Thank you dear Dustjacket and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend, my friend.
    They are great words of advice.


  7. Carolyn, great new header and wise words to inspire us! yay!

  8. I just love your new header :)

    What beautiful flowers.

    The recipe for a happy life is just wonderful :) Thank you for sharing.


  9. Wow girl, I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG HEADER!!! It's so elegant and have such a talented daughter :)

    Just wanted to pop in and say good-bye...I'll miss you while I'm on vacation. I'll have a lot of reading to do and I'll catch up when I get back. Until then, be safe and enjoy your week Carolyn~
    everything vintage

  10. Wow girl, I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG HEADER!!! It's so elegant and have such a talented daughter :)

    Just wanted to pop in and say good-bye...I'll miss you while I'm on vacation. I'll have a lot of reading to do and I'll catch up when I get back. Until then, be safe and enjoy your week Carolyn~
    everything vintage

  11. Have a super weekend Carolyn! We have sub-zero temperatures here with snow and ice! Quite a novelty these days!

    Love the beary-header!

  12. Your header is lovely. I don't like playing with photoshop and all that other stuff. Just seems to take time. I love hydrangeas -- they are always beautiful no matter what color they are. I have so much stuff that I need to get rid of. Just put the Christmas tree and decorations away yesterday; need to do major cleaning but it just seems so overwhelming -- and what to do with all the stuff. I wish I could just twinkle my nose and all would be in order. :) Have a great day! Blessings, Tammy

  13. Gorgeous flowers Carolyn! The recipe for happiness is such a boost this morning as I get busy with my day.
    And from one hoader to another...happy tossing!

    I LOVE your header!

  14. Carolyn amor, I LOVE the new look of your blog...your daughter is brilliant :) says I who can't figure out how to add any neat gadgets and things to my blog lol

    oh and I will stand up with you and say...I am a hoarder too...and to tell you how bad it first thought when I read your comment was...I wish we lived near by, I would love some of her stuff lol hmmm I need to go through things and start getting rid of things too and re-organizing my home...but you know these days, the sad thing is that I get tired just thinking about it...that and with my arm hurt..I can't really do anything...I wonder how long that excuse will work :) Have a great day dear friend! Besos, Rose

    ps I am glad you liked the card :) I smile everytime I see my lil rocking horse, wait till I show you its new home :)

  15. what a beautiful-beautiful post, darling. love the new header, too, so cute! :))
    have a lovely weekend, hugs

  16. Hi Carolyn, your new blog header design is a perfect and beautiful one, and yes, new generations use computers in a way we can´t catch up with them (sorry, don´t find the right words in english).
    Your picture with the wonderful roses and hydrangeas is a very cozy one, so sweet and a nice display too.
    Wishing you and family have a blessed and happy 2010.
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  17. What a pretty header! Pretty flowers too. I am missing all the flowers in our parts right about now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Thank you so much for visiting Janean and yes, such good advice to live by.

    Many thanks Doreen, for your visit, and I look forward to coming back to visit all my blog friends soon.
    Have been busy doing family things, this weekend.

    Jodie, wishing you the very best on your vacation ~ will come and visit you and hope I catch you before you leave. Bon Voyage, sweet friend and I will be thinking of you on your cruise, lucky lucky!

    Thanks for your visit Heather and will come and say hi to you soon.

    Hi Lynda,

    I have been watching, on the news, the extreme weather over in your parts.
    Do stay warm and only venture out if you really need to. I hope it warms up soon.

    Hi Tammy,

    You are doing better than me, I still have the Christmas tree and decorations to put away ~ have been leaving them as we have a few people coming over to visit.
    I am glad someone else does not do the photoshop thing!

    Thanks so much June for your visit.
    Happy to hear that I am not the only hoarder, and there are others.
    Enjoy your busy day, and that is a good way to be.

    Thanks Rose, and if we lived near we could help each other with our hoard. Glad you liked the rocking horse and I love the gorgeous card you sent me, thank you.

    Many thanks Susan, and I hope that you are having a lovely weekend too.

    Thank you so much Maria Cecilia and wishing you and your family the most wonderful year.
    I look forward to coming over to visit you.

    Many thanks Sares and I am hoping that you are having a great weekend


  19. Love the new header, Carolyn. Your daugher is very talented!

    I like the reicpe for a good life; it is difficult to do line 7, but I have had to do it a couple times. Principles. They do so get in the way.

  20. Love your header! And wonderful advice on leading a happy life... so true. I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend! Good luck cleaning your house... I'm awful at that, since I'm a hoarder as well...

  21. Your blog looks absolutely beautiful! I love the new header!

    Looking at those flowers makes me jealous...

  22. Hi Barbara,

    Many thanks for your visit.
    I am looking forward to coming over to visit you.
    We have had friends come over for lunch, so this is the first time today I have been able to get to the computer.

    thanks Haute-Shopper and I am glad that I am not the only hoarder around.

    Many thanks Enlightened by Angels, for your visit.


  23. Hi Carolyn!

    You are the sweetest...THANKS for your lovely comment *hug*

    The recipe sounds great!

    The roses are gorgeous..! I´m longing for spring/summer now. This winter have been very cold. Normally we don´t have snow and temperatures as low as we have had this winter. It´s beautiful though...but I still wish spring would come sooooon :)


  24. Carolyn,

    Your daughter did a marvelous job with the new banner-it's lovely! The hydrangeas and roses are so pretty, they make me long for spring:). It is in the low 30's here this morning which is a bit colder than we are used to but it gives me time to sit with a cup of tea, classical music, and visit my blogland friends.



  25. Hi Mia,

    Many thanks for your visit.
    Sorry the weather is so cold over there, and I hope that Spring will not be too far away, for you.

    Hi Kim,

    That sounds delightful listening to classical music, sipping tea and visiting blog land friends.
    I hope Spring comes soon for you.


  26. Carolyn -

    I LOVE your new blog header! Absolutely adorable! I hope the new year is treating you well. What I wouldn't give for some of your weather! Wishing you joy and blessings! Denise

  27. Thank you Denise and yes, the New Year is going very well thank you.
    I hope that you are staying warm and that your new year is treating you well.


  28. The header is wonderful and I also love the flowers.


  29. Many thanks Renee, for your visit.


  30. Happy New Year Carolyn. Victoria is very clever. I am so technophobic. wish I had the skills to do up my blog but I can't imagine it will ever happen haha. I wish you and your family the very best year ahead my friend. PS I showed Raelene your blog and a photo of you.. She says you look no older than at high school!

  31. Thank you so much Carolyn for visiting my Blog :) Your bears are so enchanting!


  32. Hope you had a great start on your new year!!!


  33. Carolyn,
    I absolutely adore your banner! I love every single thing about it!!!!
    That dreamy pink background with the fine details on it and your bears!!! I Love how she added them to the pink!!!! Or is it coral, shell pink.. oh it is called "beautiful"!

    Thank you for the inspiration on living our days.


  34. Gorgeous post, darling! Love it!


  35. Hi Carolyn
    It all looks wonderful! I know what you mean about the computer, especially with all the problems I have been having lately! Ugh
    I used to make bears back in the early 80s, it was before they became so popular. I made hump back jointed from old wool and some fur. I had them dressed in clothing with big hats and vintage stuff. My last set of bears went to a little gal that was giving away her baby-she was giving the little girl up for adoption and wanted to send something with the baby. So I made two bears identical, I made the dresses out of a Baptismal gown - she sent one with the baby and kept one. I don't know what ever happened to her or the baby...I often think of that, bless her sweet heart.
    Have a great week

  36. Thanks for your visit Karen, have been thinking about you and your family. I really hope that your Mum is doing ok ~ how awful that she broke her leg.
    Yes, the young ones can seem to navigate around the computer with ease.

    Many thanks Lulu, for your kind words and visiting my blog.
    I love the new crown Avatar.

    Thank you very much Miri and I look forward to coming to visit you.
    Always great to discover a new blog.

    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your visit and I hope that your new year is starting off well.
    Thanks so much for your kind words about my new header ~ it is actually that beautiful pink that was the colour of a lot of old china.

    thank you Carrie, so kind.

    Hi Rebecca,

    Sorry that you are having troubles with your computer, they are no good if they are not working.
    It can be so frustrating, as I have known.
    How lovely that you used to make bears and what a lovely thing making the bears for the Mother adopting her baby and dressed in the identical gowns.


  37. Love all you share.
    Thanks for your kind words and visits.
    Love Jeanne♥

  38. That is a beautiful new header! You have a very talented daughter. :-)

    And hydrangeas are far and away my favorite flower.

    Just lovely!


  39. Dear Carolyn,
    YES indeed! V. did a smashing job on your banner!! Looks fab.
    And am going to copy your Robert L. Stevenson quote now. It's a great list of thoughts.
    Thank you for always leaving such a positive aura!


  40. What a wonderful life recipe Carolyn!

    Your blog and header are so beautiful. Great job! :)

  41. Your new look is lovely. How wonderful to have a daughter that can do that. I always have to pay someone for any changes. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Have a great time removing the tree. It's time. Blessings, Martha

  42. Thank you Jeanne for your visit and kind words. Blessings.

    Many thanks Anne, always lovely to have you come and visit.
    Hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers as they look just as good when they are dried too, in baskets and arrangements.

    I can say the same about you Constance. I loved the beautiful list of words that you have on your blog, made me feel very happy.
    I always love to go and visit you.
    Thank you.

    Thanks Melissa and I just want to say I love your guest room you showed us ~ looks very inviting and comfortable.


  43. Hi Carolyn,
    Your daughter is very talented - that is a wonderful new header! Loving your flowers, purchased or picked, they are just so cheery to have around. And what's this about you being a hoarder of sorts?! I imagine you as such an elegant lady living amidst such loveliness! But then, it's very easy to collect more than we intend. I should know, the paper is overtaking my kitchen table! Have a wonderful week!
    Sharon :-)

  44. Dear Carolyn,
    What beautiful flowers (I love hydrangeas)and what a gorgeous new header - your daughter is so talented!And the recipe is so inspirational and one we should never forget!

    Thank you so much for yr visit- hope the weather's still OK for you! It's raining cats & dogs here!!

    I do hope you're having a great week -you are a dear friend & treasure!

    xxLola & Nora:)

  45. Hello Carolyn,
    Your new banner is awesome, your daughter did an outstanding job on it...LOL Would you believe my daughter does all that for me too.Arn't we lucky to have such wonderfu daughters. The hydrangeas are beautiful so are the roses,store bought or not. The recipe for life is so true.Love it,
    With that I want to wish you the best this new year has to offer and May god bless,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  46. That is an awesome recipe Carolyn!!
    I love hydrangeas! Can't wait til mine bloom this Spring.

  47. Lovely new look for the New Year! Nice to have photoshop talent in the family :) I look to my hubby for help, lol.

    I can't believe you found those flowers along the side of the road! You don't want to see my road right now ~ ah, Canadian living.

    ~ Karen

  48. Hello dear Carolyn, your new blog header is very beautiful!!!
    Thank you for your nice comments.....I always happy:)))
    Have a nice week
    With love Fleurette

  49. Carolyn, unfortunately you are not the lucky winner of the tote... but please visit my blog!!;))

  50. Carolyn,
    I am a hoarder too. I think many of us in Blogland are! we just don't all admit it.
    Hope you're enjoying the Spring weather...or is it Summer??

    Carole the new header!

  51. HELLO MY DEAREST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Also your blog has a beautiful dress...a really nice...LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)


  52. What an inspiring cite dear Carolyn!...and yes it sounds promising! I think we have to focus on one day at the time and enjoy that as much as possible...that's how we start building a happy life, I think :-)

    Love your new header, your daughter is great! Congrats!

    Have a great week and enjoy the start of the new year, cheers: Evi

  53. thanks for your visit Martha.
    Yes, I paid someone to do my website and it is a lot of money.
    I just had an idea of what I wanted and V put it all together.

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for your kind comments.
    I just can't get rid of things as one day I know that I will need what I am holding on to.
    I am going to sort through some more of my clothes and supplies, maybe the Red cross or Hospice shop can have some more, to help them.

    Thanks Lola and Nora, for your visit. Lovely that you have time to come over and visit me.
    I hope that the rain will be over for you.

    Hi Marie Antoinette,

    So lovely to hear from you and yes, we are lucky to have wonderful daughters.
    Wishing you the very best for this year.

    Hi Rosemary,

    I think that is one of the nicest Seasons, waiting for Spring and all the flowers, that appear and bloom.

    Hi Karen,

    I can just imagine your place with all the snow, must be a beautiful sight. Thanks for your visit.
    Stay warm.

    Thank you for your visit Fleurette and your kind words.

    Hi Monica,

    I would love to come over and visit your blog ~ thank you.
    I love your new Avatar.

    Thank you Carole and yes, so easy to hoard when you have some lovely treasures and do not want to get rid of them.
    We have Summer over here, had a few wonderful days and a few windy, which cools the sea down.

    Dear Ni,

    Many thanks for your visit and kind words, always great to hear from you.


  54. Oh I love your new header and I adore your recipe for a happy and hugs for a great week.

  55. A beautiful and charming recipe. Blessings!

  56. Thank you Miss Eve and I hope that the start to your year is going well.

    Many thanks Koralee for your visit and always leaving a kind note.

    Thanks Gwendolyn and many blessings to you.


  57. I didn't realize it was still the first week of the new year! Hmmm! I felt like it was well into the year already! hahahahaha!!!!!!

    I can just imagine if I could walk down our road over here and pick flowers as beautiful as those....I'd be in Heaven!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!

    Great new blog header!!!! Congratulations!!!! :)


  58. Hi Carolyn~ Enjoyed catching up on your blog. Hope all is well with you! Enjoying the peace and quiet here. ~Mandy

  59. Thank you Charity,

    When I wrote the post it was the first week, a few days have passed by.
    thank you for your visit.

    Hi Mandy,

    Glad that you are enjoying the peace and quiet.
    All it going well here, thanks.


  60. Dear Carolyn,
    That is a beautiful new header.
    You have a very talented daughter.

    Wish you a lovely day!!


  61. Oh my Carolyn...a beautiful new header! Love it! Way to go Victoria!!

    Your flowers are so lovely...I am ready for a little spring. Our weather has been rather lovely this past week...quite spring-like...but with a little too much snow still on the ground.

    Hope you are enjoying your week!
    Hugs, Nancy

  62. Dear One,
    Your header is great! Your daughter has done a sweet job.

    This recipe for a good and happy life helps to getting off to a really good start!

    I'm a hoarder as well and am having to figure out what to do with all the great stuff I hoard!!!

    Hope all is going well with your health. (I think mother nature is hard on some of us at times...I'm thinking after all these years, I'm doing better in the female dept.)

    Have a fantastic year and God Bless,

  63. Many thanks Piitis, for your visit and kind words, it is always lovely to hear from you.

    thank you Nancy and it is great to see your new Avatar.
    I hope that Spring will be coming soon.

    Great to hear from you Deanna, thank you very much.
    Yes, it is hard getting rid of our good stuff, just in case we might need it one day.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better. So am I, have not had another of those experiences, which is great.


  64. Carolyn-I guess we are in the stage of life where our children begin to teach us!--love your new header! I am enjoying the "nesting" of winter, but can't wait for my own hydrangeas. Take care friend :)

  65. Yes, that's a really good receipe!!! Thanks for sharing!
    And your daughter made a wonderful job and designed a very pretty new header for you!
    Hugs to you, dearest Carolyn! Traude

  66. Carolyn ~

    Hello! I love your new header (and have you always had that fabulous script on your side bars? I adore that as well)!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

    :) T

    p.s. those flowers are beautiful!

  67. Happy weekend to you as well! =)


  68. Where are you Carolyn? I miss your updates. Hope you are relaxing in the sun enjoying some time out cause we aren't in Wellington. It is freezing cold, raining horizontal and I could be tempted to put the heater on!!! I think I left summer down south. Luv to you all

  69. Thank you very much Susan for your visit.
    Winter is great for nesting and staying indoors ~ I hope that your hydrangeas will flower soon.

    thank you Fifi.

    Thank you dear Traude, always great to hear from you.

    Many thanks Tracey, for your visit and the sidebars have always been there, just the header is new.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Thank you Miri and a happy weekend to you.

    Hi Karen,

    Sorry I have not been around much - we have been busy with friends today, and I went to the City yesterday. We just watched the news and the weather looks so windy and not nice there. I hope that you are staying warm and that Summer will come soon, for you.


  70. Such lovely thoughts to start the year off well Carolyn. This year I am determined to live by that wonderful saying 'Love your children for what they are, not for what you want them to be.' I love your new look - Victoria has done a fab job!
    Millie ^_^

  71. Thanks Millie, lovely to see you back.
    Good luck with the heels!



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