Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where do we sign up?

Do you think sometimes you work in the wrong place?
I was sent this the other day .... Do you want to come and visit the Google Headquarters?
A lovely place to have forty winks~ this room provides massage chairs.

Food ~ Employees can eat all they want from a vast choice of food and drink.

Leisure ~ pool tables and video games
Private cabin areas where employers can attend to personal affairs.
Health ~ professional masseurs available
Ambiance ~ there are many books in this comfortable library.

Two questions ~
When do they work?
But most importantly - I wonder .... Do they have any vacancies?

It is time for a Celebration ... I have completed 200 posts! so I will get back to you soon with the details of my Giveaway.

I hope that your week is going fabulously!!



  1. Who'd want to go home!! Congratulations, Carolyn, on 200 pots! Here's to another 200!


  2. Thank you Marsha, so kind of you to visit me.


  3. Wow Carolyn, is this place for real? Sign me up while you're at it! I think I'd be on that slide all day!

  4. Wow! That does look like a fabulous place! I had seen the exterior of the building in pictures and the outside is super fab, too! That looks like a very aesthetic place to work!

  5. I agree with Marsha, this looks better than home! Too neat! Congratulations on the 200 mark Carolyn!

  6. Oh wow, I could live there! A bit far from reality in NZ I think. Congratulations on the big 200 Carolyn. Your blog is beautiful.

  7. Oh my gosh that is amazing, have to show this to Mr DJ.

    Congrat's on almost 200, looking forward to sharing the next 200 with you.


  8. that was my first thought !! when does anybody work? and what do they do when they do work? What a boondoggle....

    congrats on the big 200 ... I'm a lot more... I must be a blabbermouth...but, then... I didn't check to see who began their blog first...maybe not... you seem to post more regularly than I.... lol......

  9. Whoopee - time for a celebration for your 200th post Carolyn! Blogland wouldn't be the same without your beautiful generous soul, so kind & caring & with just the right touch of mischief too. Heres to at least 2,000 more!!
    Love from your friend across the ditch Miss Hop-A-Long Millie. xx

  10. Hi June,

    Looks like fun doesn't it!
    Would not even seem like work.

    Hi TattingChic,

    That is neat that you have seen the outside and that it is fab - must be a great place to work.

    Thank you for visiting Lilee.

    Thank you Sares, you would not be in any hurry to go home, of an evening.

    thank you Karen, you are so kind.

    Hi Dustjacket,

    Many thanks for visiting me today, always great to hear from you.

    Hi Vee,

    I would have thought after having having a massage you would want to just relax afterwards. I suppose they must do work at some stage.

    Hi Miss Hop-A-Long Millie,

    So sorry to hear about your leg and I will be thinking of you on Friday when you get the cast.
    I hope that the heat wave has cooled down.


  11. Congratulations on 200 gorgeous posts.

    I love that library, it almost makes me want to return to the corporate world, note I said almost :-)

    Leeann x

  12. I'm sure it's a trick so employees will never leave the office. We have a foozeball and pool tables at work and it really does keep certain people in the office longer than usual... I love the cable car cabin idea though!

    Congrats on your 200th post! I'm looking forward to at least 200 more :)

  13. Hey Carolyn!
    I've missed you so will I was away last week!!!!
    So where do we sign up to work in this wonderful place??? ;) This is too cool...I'd never want to go home. Well, I take that back...there's nothing like HOME!
    I loved catching up on all of your posts that I've missed. Your little Paris bear is precious!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, as nice as you did spending it with your friends last weekend!
    everything vintage

  14. Congratulations Carolyn! 200 posts! Good work. 200 more please!

    Workplaces? Is there any work going on? Will they get bored soon? I'll volunteer to see if I'd get bored. ;)

  15. I've read about this company and thought is sounded fabulous! Great photos! What a different world they live in! I love google!

  16. I'm thinking that is home away from home. But work should be something you love and I'm thinking these people are loving the work that they are doing. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  17. Hi Carolyn!!!

    oh my heavens!!! that is one cool place to about inspiring your Employees!!! Congrats on your 200 posts!!!! what fun and here's to 200 more!!!


  18. Those people at google sure have a great imagination. thanks for sharing this, fun! Blessings!

  19. Hi Leeann,

    I am glad that you said almost because your fabulous French life would be hard to leave.

    Thank you Haute-Shopper ~ having a pool table and fooze ball table at work would be great too.

    Hi Jodie,

    Lovely to see you back again, we have missed you here. Silver Bella looked marvelous and I have enjoyed looking at your photos.

    Hi Barbara,

    Many thanks for visiting and yes, you would wonder if any work gets done here.

    Hi Diane,

    It would not even seem like work, being in such a wonderful place like this. I like Google too and use it a lot.

    Hi Tammy,

    I think if your work place is fun like this, the staff would be happy and enjoy what they are doing.

    Hi Diana,

    Many thanks for your visit and always great to see you.

    thank you Gwen, lovely to have a visit from you.


  20. OMG Carolyn! What an incredible place to work!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your 200th post! And for your sweet words on my last post also, it makes me feel good when people do care. Thank you!

  21. Hi Monica,

    Many thanks for visiting me today.


  22. Hello my dearest friend!!

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...but...but...this place is true???...

    ...or is a miniature???



    COMPLIMENTS A LOT MY DEAR...your blog in a "DIFFERENCE"!!!...this is a dream!


  23. Wow I really need to work there. Not that I have a chance in hell in getting a job there.. unless they want someone to take care of their plants and maybe decorate their X-mas tree:)) You know that excess kind of reminds me of where a friend of mine lost her job last year>>>AIG in Wilton,CT! Yes that AIG division. Sorry just had to say it!
    ps.. Congrats on your 200th...had to end on a happy note!

  24. Dear Ni,

    The place is for real and not a miniature.
    Just think of the fun you could have when you work here.

    Hi Carole,

    Thanks for your visit and someone to look after the plants at the office and do all the decorating would be a neat job.
    Thanks for the happy note.


  25. Congrat's on 200 posts Carolyn! It's time for the Google staff to give you a massage!!


  26. THAT'S what the google people are doing!!!????!!!

  27. thank you very much, Constance.
    Just going to work for a massage, would be a neat thing.

    Hi Charity,

    Looks like this is where they do there work/play.


  28. Congratulations on your 200th post! I enjoy them all and this one is very interesting...seems otherworldly, but very cool. Would love to apply!

    I'm looking forward to the next 200!


  29. Hi dear Carolyn,

    have looked with interest these photos and I say being a fantastic world!

    Kisses from Venice

  30. wow 200 - that is fantastic. Yes it looks like a fun place to work. :) Have a super weekend. x Suzi

  31. No need to call in sick, looks like you could just lounge around there all day!! Looks like a cool place to work.

    Congrats on 200 posts!! I enjoy stopping by, you always have the most interesting posts with such lovely pictures too!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  32. Wow!!! I wish I was a techie now. My husband is . . . I will be sure to forward him this post :)

  33. Congrats on your 200th post! Where do I sign up for working at such a fun looking place?



  34. Good morning Carolyn, so nice to see how google takes care of its family of employees... I loved the seat boat, what a great idea!!!
    Saw your last post where you got an award and I think you so deserve it for your so beautiful bears!!
    Thanks for your visit today and for your lovely comment.
    (sorry,remember I speak spanish)
    Hope you can soon have your own place for your creations and make any mess around you want.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecili

  35. I have got it! For your 200th post celebration we ALL get a position at Google Headquarters. Makes perfect sense! We work all day at MANY types of positions AND post on our blogs... they NEED us for our wonderful input into the minds and needs of a blogger.

    Now~ what to do first once we get there... the slide or the health center!


  36. Thank you very much for your visit Jermaine, always great to hear from you.

    Hi Rosarita,

    Lovely to have a visit from you all the way from Venice, many thanks.

    thank you Suzi and I hope that you have a great weekend too.

    Thank you Carol and yes, this does look like a cool place to work.
    I imagine the staff would be much happier working here in these conditions.

    Hi Karen,

    Many thanks for your visit.
    That is interesting that both you and your husband were in this profession.

    Hi Kim,

    It would be good to sign up and have a fun job like this!

    Hi Maria Cecilia,

    thank you for visiting me today and for your kind comments.
    Your English is very good and I think that it is amazing when people can speak a lot of different
    languages. I learned French back in High School and that was fun, but I am not good at it and would like to learn again.

    Hi Mary,

    What a great idea that would be!
    I think that a massage would be a great start to the day.

    thanks, Slices of Beauty for your visit.


  37. Hi Carolyn,
    Sign me up. I would love to work there. He, he, he. Congratulations on the 200 posts. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.


  38. What a great place to fear is that I would never want to go home :) WOW 200 posts!!! That is wonderful Carolyn, I am looking forward to hundreds more! Besos, Rose

  39. Wow ~ that sure beats school lunches and anything in my classroom! Congrats on reaching 200!


  40. Yeesh, what am I doing NOT working at a cool joint like that? Very cool, thanks for sharing.

  41. thank you Ana, for visiting and I hope that you have a great weekend.

    Hi Rose,

    Yes, it would be hard going home to housework and cooking after having everything laid on here.
    thanks for visiting and your kind words.

    Many thanks Jo, great to have a visit from you.

    Thanks for visiting Peter, it would be a cool place to work.


  42. This looks too nice to be true...
    I wish I could work in such a place...
    I would feel like home there and it must be so pleasing to work there!


  43. Hi Sophie,

    It would be a great place to work and I think if the conditions are fun, work would be fun too.


  44. Please do not show this to my team! We're sadly lacking on the massage tables!
    Congratulations on 200 posts Carolyn, and I couldn't agree more with you as to the reasons why we blog! Amanda xx

  45. Hi Amanda,

    I do not think there would be many work places like this one and no hopefully your team will never see this.



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