Thursday, July 23, 2009

White Wednesday

I just want to wish you a happy Wednesday and will share a few photos, from around the house.
I love this time of the year because my beautiful camellia bushes are flowering.
I have two bushes, that are in a shady part of the garden and they keep giving me these lovely flowers to admire.
This is the first flower of the season, so just had to pick it and place it in a vase on the mantle.

The beautiful Swiss lace, that is my wedding dress.
White tulips in a vase. I treated myself when out grocery shopping today.

Little white bear ~ Admiral William Dampier.

Pick the day. Enjoy it ~ to the hilt.
The day as it comes. People as they come...
The past, I think has helped me appreciate the present ~ and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.
~ Audrey Hepburn.

Hoping that your Wednesday is wonderful.


  1. Love all your pretty whites, don't you just love treating yourself to some pretty fresh flowers? I certainly do, and I do it often. ;)
    Have a super evening!!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for a peek into your lovely home!! I really like that little pillow with the heart!! What does it say?

    And Admiral William Dampier is just too cute!!


  3. thank you for visiting Teresa.
    Treating yourself to flowers can really give a Girl a boost and make the house look lovely.

    Hi Marsha,

    You are welcome and thank you for stopping buy.
    The little pillow says~
    All thy threads with magic art ~
    have wound themselves around my heart. Thank you also, for the kind words re. Admiral William Dampier.

    Thank you Lisa for visiting.


  4. That camellia would have to be the most perfect one I have seen!!

    Admiral William Dampier is a bit of a heart stealer.

    Thank you so much for dropping by "The Attic" and for taking time to comment, come again.

    Thank you xx DJ

  5. Absolutely beautiful photos! There is something about fresh flowers that gives us the feeling that all things are possible.

    I'm in love with the pillow - so sweet and lovely. Your home is also beautiful!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I haven't had much time lately to spend on the computer, but will be by when I have time to play on the computer.


  6. thank you so much DJ for taking the time to visit my blog and to leave a comment.
    The camellia is beautiful and it just keeps flowering and flowering.

    Was lovely to have you visit,
    Sixpence and a blue moon. ( I like the name.)
    Thank you for your sweet comments and I look forward to visiting your blog again.


  7. Our camellias are just starting to burst forth with all their riotous colour too Carolyn. I don't have a pretty white one like yours, so must hunt one out for planting. Admiral Dampier is one fine fellow!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Hi Millie,

    Don't they make a lovely show and they seem to do so well in our Waiheke clay like, horrible soil.
    A lot of plants turn up their toes, and I think sometimes I must have a brown thumb.
    Thank you for your kind comments on Admiral Dampier.


  9. Lovely to come across a kindred spirit.
    Have a great day.

  10. thank you so much Sooznooz for visiting.


  11. Dear Carolyn,
    This was a sweet post today.
    Your pictures are so nice and I love your wedding dress...beautiful!

    God Bless and thank you for the prayers,

  12. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and for the Audrey Hepburn quote. I've never heard it before!

  13. Your white post is very pretty, love the tulips!

    Leeann x

  14. what a beautiful flower a Camellia is....I've never even seen a real one.....

  15. Hi Carolyn!!
    Wonderful photos!!!

    Have a lovely day!!


  16. I'm so glad you popped by my blog because now I know about yours!! Gorgeous photos... that first image is sensational and makes me envy your flowers growing outside! Somehow city living and balcony gardening doesn't yield quite the same results!
    I'll be back and nice to meet you Little Bear Studio!!!
    Toma, aka The Antiques Diva(TM)

  17. Hello Carolyn!!!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...a wonderful photos!!

    ...and..your Teddy, very and a lot NICEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    Thanks for your kind comment in my blog...thank you so much!!!

    KISSES, my dear!!!NI

  18. I love all your whites Carolyn, especially the little furry one! Mr. Admiral is too cute and looks like he's ready to sail!

    Your gardenias are gorgeous...I can almost smell them from here, aaahhhh!

    (love the quote!)
    everything vintage

  19. Camellia's are my very favorite flower. I have a few in my yard as does my dad. His blooms are so much bigger than mine so I tend to "borrow" his....hehe. They can fill your home with the sweetest summer scent ever! Enjoy~

  20. That camellia is so lovely! Thanks you for sharing the pretty picture! :)

  21. Hi Carolyn :)

    What beautiful things you have! I especially love the clock on your mantel :)

    Oh and yes, we had a lot of "are we there yet"... from me! LOL


  22. the camillias are lovely! how lucky to have two bushes in the garden

  23. Hi Deanna,

    Thank you for visiting me today and always lovely to hear from you.

    Hi Sares,

    It is a lovely quote and was happy to share it with you.

    Leeann, white tulips are pretty and I think any white flower is lovely and pure looking.

    Hi Vee,

    The camellia is a beautiful flower.
    It was Coco Chanel's favorite flower.

    Thank you Fifi.

    Hi Piitis and I hope that you have a great day too.

    Hi Toma,

    I was happy to have discovered your lovely Antiques Diva site and I look forward to coming back again.
    Loved seeing Lake Como, thank you.

    Hi Ni,

    Always great to hear from you and hearing your lovely comments.
    Many thanks.

    Hi Jodie,

    Glad you like my Mr Admiral and all my whites, thank you so much.

    Susie, it was neat to discover your beautiful blog and I look forward to coming back again and seeing what great things you have to share.

    You are welcome TattingChic and thank you for visit today.

    Hi Rue,

    Yes, I love my old clock and it still ticks away after all those years. Only needed to have it cleaned and a little repair.
    I can imagine the ... are we there yet?? as that is how our kids used to be!

    Thanks for visiting ~ this is Glamorous. Your blog is beautiful


  24. oh, I am obsessed with white! love the post :)

  25. Thank you Susan.
    I agree white is beautiful.


  26. Hi there,
    I love all of the white!!!

  27. Me again ... thank you for staying at the "Attic", couldn't tell yesterday, thanks to blogger problems :)

    Thanks again for your comments.

    xxx DJ

  28. How beautiful! I love the clock in the one picture-it's very pretty! The quote by Audrey is also very nice-thanks for sharing:).



  29. Hi Carolyn,
    Please visit my blog and pick up your award. I have gifted you with the Karma Award.
    Take care, Dolores

  30. Hi Rosemary,

    I love the pureness of white.
    thanks for visiting.

    thank you DJ, it was lovely to discover your beautiful blog and I look forward to coming back.

    Hi Kim,

    always lovely to have you come by ~
    thank you.
    I love my clock and it is so neat that something, so old still ticks on and keeps pretty good time.


  31. thank you so much Dolores, off to visit your blog soon.


  32. Carolyn Camelias are one of my favorite flowers. My grandmother had all types and colors! Let me know if you give the cornbread a try!

  33. Oh girl I love your sailor bear is that not too cute...beautiful whites today my friends...May you have a wonderful weekend and I'll talk to you when I get back....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  34. Your whites are just lovely. Oh how I love the little bear. The lace on your wedding dress is just gorgeous.

  35. Those are REAL camellias???!!! Oh they look so perfect!!!! How splendid!!!! :)))

  36. Hi Susan,

    Will give your recipe a try and let you know. Thank you for the recipe.
    Lovely that your Grandmother had some camellias.

    thank you Gloria for visiting and I hope that you have a great time away and I look forward to talking when you get back.

    Thank you so much June for your very kind words.
    I loved seeing your beautiful whites you shared in your last post.


  37. Hi Charity,

    It is a camellia I had just picked and really it is beautiful and does look like an artifical flower.

    I had tagged you by the way, ~ for
    My heart, if you want to play along.


  38. Admiral William Dampier is absolutely adorable! I have to say that I want to cuddle with him. I love bears! Such lovely photos my New Zealand friend! Hoping you have a wonderful and relaxing Weekend! Take care & xoxo, Sher

  39. Thank you very much Sherri for your very kind words.
    It is lovely to have you as a new blog friend ~ many thanks and I hope that your weekend is happy too.


  40. Carolyn,
    I enjoyed visiting you lovely blog! and adore your Teddy bears! It made me think of something I had long ago forgotten- I choreographed a dance piece called Hospitale Rossini, it was a satire about the tug of war between the american insurance companies and the doctors in which the insurers were trying to kick out the patients from the ER! When suddenly the insurer himself was struck down with a heart attack falling on stage,the doctors and nurse dancers worked to resuscitate him. Et viola, during this part from within the costume of the Insurer dancer ,a beautiful cranberry colored teddy bear appeared-it was held up and cuddled by all- indicating the essence of our humanness is in our fragility, our ability to care, to love- it transcends all people -on both side of the tug of healthcare war in the USA-this is a huge debate right now !!may Obama win this war ! Thank you for making Teddy Bears, a super comfort symbol! Just to think of it puts a smile on my face!

  41. Lovely photos! Admiral William Dampier has got to be the cutest bear I've seen!! He's Wonderful!!

    The Camellia flower is beautiful! It looks perfect.

    Have a great weekend Carolyn!!

  42. Hi Carolyn,
    White flowers always create an air of serenity and elegance, don't they? Your photos are beautiful.
    I enjoyed the Audrey Hepburn quote (I wasn't familiar with it, but they're definitely words of wisdom).

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the thoughtful comments. I hope our paths cross again soon.

    Warmest regards,

  43. Hi Dancing doc,

    Loved reading what you wrote and I am glad that I put a smile on your face.
    What a beautiful story about you choreographing the Dance piece called ~ Hospitale Rossini.
    I agree with you, the essence of our humanness is in our fragility, our ability to care and love.
    You put a smile on my face too, for your lovely comment. Thank you.

    Carol, thank you so much for your very kind comments ~ it is always lovely to hear from you.

    Hi Bill,

    thank you for dropping by my blog and yes, white flowers are always so elegant and pure.


  44. Hello Carolyn,
    What a nice White Wednesday post! A pretty white Camilla you share and your white bear looks handsome in his Admiral's attire!

    Happy weekend!


  45. Oh, Carolyn! What wonderful photos! I adore that pillow - beautiful calligraphy is my downfall. And the lovely flowers... Thanks so much!

  46. Thank you very much Constance for visiting and your kind words.

    Hi Sharon,

    I have noticed your beautiful calligraphy on some of your posts.
    Lovely to have you drop by.


  47. Hi Carolyn, What a wonderful post. I love your camillias in white. I have a red bush and just planted a pink in my new garden. It has been a bit hot, so I am hoping they survive.
    The tulips are gorgeous. So nice to treat yourself occasionally. You deserve it.
    LOVE the lace of your wedding dress. My gosh that is gorgeous. And the sweet bear is a delight from your talented hands.

    Love the Hepburn quote. So very true!
    Have a wondeful weekend sweet friend and see you again soon.
    Thanks for stopping by, always great to see you.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  48. thanks for your comment and you have such a lovely blog oh and i need that cute teddy bear!

  49. Thank you so much Celestina Marie for visiting and always leaving such a lovely comment.
    I love the beautiful creations you have showed in your post.

    Hi Suzannah,

    Lovely to have you visit my blog ~ thank you for your kind words.


  50. Hi Carolyn!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

    I really love the clock and the bear, hehehehehe!

    I feel bless to have one of your bears. He is proudly sitting on the highest place of my studio, like would a captain would on the bridge of his boat!


  51. Your camellia is so lovely. Reminds me of that movie "Now Voyager"....the camellia flower figured prominently in that film.

    The tulips and all the other white things are so dreamy lovely too. Thank you for this visual enchantment!

  52. Hi Sophie,

    So neat to hear from you and that was lovely to hear that my bear is proudly sitting in your studio.
    thanks for your visit.

    Hi Lavinia,

    I have not seen the movie, Now Voyager and will have to see if I can see it.
    You are welcome and I loved showing you my white things around the house.



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