Sunday, May 17, 2009

So what did I do for my birthday?

Well first of all my dear Mother and Father always call me on my birthday and sing Happy Birthday to me, down the line. This ritual is lovely and I always look forward to it.

One can't have a birthday without cake!
I had made a carrot cake with cream cheese and pineapple frosting, the day before so we had morning tea of coffee and cake. I will have to share the Carrot cake recipe, as it is so good, if you like Carrot cake.

The cards and gifts were from my beautiful family and friends - thank you!

Next we went over in the ferry to one of my favourite Restaurants ~ White, which is in the Hilton on Princes Wharf. The food is always great and we had a fun time and were able to watch all the boats and yachts out on the water.

A glass of Moet to toast the birthday!

I had scoffed my entree down which was the delicious scallops, so sorry I forgot to take a photo. This dish was so yummy with Pan seared Northland scallops with cauliflower cream, roasted baby onions, crispy pancetta and vincotto glaze.

Then for my main, I choose the ~
Pan roasted Hawke's Bay lamb loin on apple and potato pave, braised red cabbage, mushroom persillade, lamb glaze ~ yum!

Victoria and I choose this delectable dessert

Marcel's dessert ~ almost too lovely to eat.

My husband choose the cheese.

I had a fabulous birthday and I think it is lovely that one day of the year you do not have to do cooking or housework.

I hope that you are having a fabulous weekend.



  1. Happy Birthday to you. Hi Carolyn, So glad your birthday was special. The carrot cake looks very yummy.
    The pics from the resturant are great. The food looks like it was fantastic. Love the b'day cards on the mantal.
    My parents used to call and sing Happy Birthday to me every year too. Since they passed away I really miss it. So nice that you enjoy your parents singing too.

    Have a great day and once again Happy Birthday and many more blessed years to follow.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Thank you so much Celestina Marie, always so lovely to hear from you and your sweet words.


  3. Happy Belated Birthday :) It looked like you had a wonderful day, beautiful gifts too. I love carrot cake. Hugs, Catherine x

  4. Carolyn what a lovely day. I wanted to be there for some of that cheese.

    Did I tell you that I gave my beautiful baa baa black sheep to my granddaughter Josephine for her room. It hangs on the wall and is gorgeous.

    You are so darling to give me that when I know I didn't even win it.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  5. Carolyn,

    How lovely your birthday celebration looks! Oh my gosh the boat trip and delicious gourmet food-you must have felt like a queen! I am so glad that you had such a glorious and wonderful birthday celebration:)



  6. What a wonderful day you had! And I hope you have many, many more. Oh, the carot cake - my great weakness, so please, please share the recipe.

    Pat xx

  7. Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for your kind wishes.
    I will have to share my carrot cake recipe.

    Hi Renee,

    I wished you could have been there for the cheese. We have been watching Cheese Slices on TV - Will Studd goes all around the world talking about different cheese.
    It is really interesting.
    Glad Josephine has the little sheep hanging on her wall ~ that is sweet.

    Hi Kim,

    I did have a beautiful day, with the family and yes, I did feel like a Queen for the day.
    I am back to Cinderella now, doing housework and laundry.

    Hi Pat,

    Thank you for your kind wishes and yes I will share the recipe soon.


  8. Dear Carolyn, Happy Happy Birthday! Your meal looks clever looking is that dessert. I love scallops but rarely have them, since I only eat them when dining out. You seem so cherished and pampered by your loved ones, I know you deserve it all. Have a fabulous upcoming year.!

  9. Wonderful birthday celebration! Yummy carrot cake, presents, and a fantastic meal out with friends -- and no cooking, no cleaning, the very best part of all!

    I had a good laugh at your empty scallop plate. That MUST have been delicious! :)

  10. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday. Sounds like a lovely day and the meal...ooohhhhh.. wish I could have been there for that. It sounds and looks scrumptious!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your day!

  11. Happy Birthday Carolyn!

    It looks like you had a fantastic time! I'm sorry I enlarged that menu, because now I want to eat everything in the house LOL


  12. Hi Lavinia,

    thanks for your kind wishes.
    I only ever eat scallops when dinning out as I am the only one in the family that like them.

    Hi Bella,

    The scallop dish was delicious and they looked so good, that I forgot all about taking a photo for the blog! No cooking and cleaning for the day, was great.

    thank you for visiting Caroland I wished you could have been here.

    Hi Rue,

    Many thanks for your kind words.
    Sorry you enlarged the menu, I had a laugh about that.


  13. Hi Carolyn...I hope you had a wonderful birthday!! Looks like you had a beautiful dinner celebration with your family. The food looks yummy!

    My family sings to me to...usually at some ungodly hour in the morning...they forget about the time change!!

    Carrot cake is my fav! Yours looks delicious...

    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Nancy

  14. Delighted to see you were appropriately spoilt dear Carolyn, as you should have been! Loved seeing the L'Occitane pressies, my absolute faves.
    Millie ^_^

    It sounds like it was GRAND!!!

  16. Thanks Nancy,
    It was a lovely birthday celebration with the family.

    Hi Millie,

    Yes, the kids know that I like L'Occitane pressies as they can get to use them in the bathroom.
    I got about 5 soaps and wonder if that is telling me something. hehe.

    Hi Fifi.

    thanks very much and it was grand.


  17. Happy Belated Birthday to you! That looks absolutely fabulous!!! WOW ! What a classy way to celebrate the B-day! (hey, that rhymes, LOL!)

  18. Thank you so much for your kind wishes TattingChic


  19. Happy birthday wishes a little late but I am so glad you had such a fabulous birthday.
    My Mother and Grandmother always sang to me on the phone as well.

    Treasure all your bountiful blessings.
    You are richly blessed.

  20. Many thanks for visiting Jeanne and always lovely to get the phone call and have someone sing happy birthday to you.


  21. Howdy Carolyn,
    I noticed this post so I popped in to see when your birthday is! Your 2011 birthday will be in the Spring USA season. May you have a sweet birthday this year as well.
    God bless,
    d from homehaven


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