Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Queen Mary 2

As we were coming in on the ferry the other morning we watched in fascintation as the Queen Mary 2 came into Port, helped along by little tug boats.
There is something majestic about these big ocean liners.
It was a beautiful morning and I would like to share these few photos with you.

Do you ever dream about going on a Cruise ship and sailing over the Ocean?
Reminiscence of bygone days, they always seem so elegant and the setting so romantic!

Have a happy Tuesday.



  1. Hi Carolyn~ I love the ~stained glass window~ quote you posted the other day! ~Mandy

  2. Oh Wow, if only Carolyn. That would be absolute heaven... no deadlines, no stress.. no cooking even!

  3. Thanks Mandy ~

    Yes, Karen no cooking, stress, lazing around in the sun and swimming would be my way of spending a week away.


  4. She looks beautiful! I would love to sail away to somewhere wonderful!

  5. It looks like luxury on the sea! Hmmm...relaxation, good food, ocean views...sounds like a plan to me:)

  6. Soooo huge! Yes, that is definitely MY kind of vacation. But my husband keeps moaning about e-coli and legionnaires' disease, so we've never been on a cruise. :( When I was in grade school, I remember taking a field trip to the Queen Mary, which was docked in Long Beach, CA. It was massive!

  7. I have been on several cruises, including a transatlantic one. There's no life like it!

    These pictures make me nostalgic for shipboard life....

  8. I did go cruising .......once...
    Never in a million years did I think I would get sick...but, lo and behold I did? Once you are takes days to settle...even with Dramamine and other drugs...ick... so, for the first few days of my holiday..there I sat with about 20 other poor souls... amidships..nibbling dry crackers and feeling horrible!

    If you go cruising...take your FAT clothes... or a muu muu... you will gain about a pound per day even if you are sick...and even if you exercise... trust me on this one.... lol....I had to buy new clothes at the end of the first week....

  9. Oh Bella, I am with you there as there have been Cruises that have not been up to standard and I think you would need to be choosey!
    About 29 years ago, I visited the Queen Mary docked at Long Beach also.
    We wandered around the beautiful old ship.

    Lavinia and Vee you are so lucky to have been on a cruise.
    Not so good getting sea sick Vee and I laughed with you saying you put on weight and a good idea to wear your fat clothes ie. muu muu!


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