Thursday, February 5, 2009

Creme Caramel and Yorkshire puddings.

On Sunday I was cooking roast beef and yorkshire puddings for our dinner.
I was in a baking mood so I thought I would make a dessert. As creme caramel is my DH favourite, decided on treating him to that.

I cooked the caramel until it was dark golden and then poured that into a loaf tin and it had coated the sides of the tin. It had to cool down before I could pour the custard part in to the tin.

I had also prepared the batter for the yorshire puddings in a jug as it needs to stand for a few hours.

Well can you guess what I did? Ninny had poured the yorkshire pudding batter in the cream caramel tin and in the oven it went. After it was cooked, not realizing what I had done, I them place it in the fridge to cool down.

On to the next stage of the dinner, I got the oil hot in the muffin trays to cook the YP's ( they had both looked the same and I thought all was good!
It wasn't until the YP's were not rising that I knew exactly what I had done.
Lucky it was not a fancy dinner party and it was only my dear family and we could have a laugh about it.

I bet you don't do silly things like that!

I liked this little poem in a book I have ~ called

Stepping Stones ~ by Margaret Ingall

No-one likes to make mistakes
Or feel they've been a fool,
But those who never make mistakes
May never learn at all.

So don't get too discouraged or
dwell harshly or too long
On bygone slips or blunders,
Or times you got it wrong.

Just think of them as stepping stones,
You've passed and left behind,
They"ve paved your path to wisdom, so
Move on with peace in mind.



  1. Mmmmmm, two of my favourite things, creme caramel and yorkshire pudding. These look so delicious....

  2. Oh Carolyn I can imagine how you felt haha. But they look absolutely gorgeous and I bet they tasted beautiful. I remember having dinner at your house. Our mum's were always baking or cooking. Me, I can't remember the last time I made anything other than muffins or scones. It's not much fun for one but makes me fatter too haha.

  3. Oh no Karen, they were only pictures of how they should have looked.

    They tasted awful - the texture of the creme caramel was like rubber and the yorkshire pudds were sweet and had not risen, so I had to throw them out.

    Oh well, nevermind. As you said they would only have made us fatter.


  4. Oh Carolyn, I'm glad I am not the only one who does things like this. LOL!! I make lots of mistakes. Lke you said, was a nice laugh for your family.
    A real M&M (memory maker)

    Have a great weekend too.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. Aaaaarggghhh! Whoa boy, I can almost feel the surprise and disappointment you must have felt the moment you realized what had happened. Sounds like quite an effort, too. So sorry, but as you say, you had a good laugh so all was not lost. Photos were mouth-watering, by the way.

    This reminds me of a blurb I read in a magazine. This girl wanted to impress her future mother-in-law with dinner and popped her creation in the oven. At dinner, they all realized the dish was unusually crunchy, and it was at that moment she realized she had forgotten to remove the plastic wrap before sticking it in the oven. Doh!

  6. Glad I am not the only one then that makes mistakes!

    The only thing we could do was have a good laugh.


  7. *lick* I would love to delve into the creme caramel! Looks light, and fluffy, and delicious. :)

  8. Oh that is soooo funny! Well, I bet you didn't think so at the time, but it does make a good story.

    My mom used a can of squash instead of pumpkin to make a pie. Needless to say the pumpkin pie did not taste quite right! She will never live it down, LOL.

    I cheat and slip out to the bakery myself (even for the Christmas cookie exchange - shhh, don'tell)


  9. Oh my-the pictures are making me crave creme brulee! My favorite! Of course, I am also giggling about the mix-up. These are the stories that make family meals so enjoyable:)

  10. We can laugh about it now, and as I said am so glad that it was my understanding family and not guests around for a dinner party.


  11. This is poor you at the time though. I came to this post from the lovely picci at the bottom of today's post. Thanks for a laff.... love the little poem.

  12. Hi Vee,

    Such a mistake to make and neither tasted good.
    Thanks for your visit.



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