Thursday, January 29, 2009

Golden Globes

I love watching the Golden Globes and all the celebrities looking wonderful in their finery. Also to hear the comments from the Fashion Police who give their opinion of who looks good and not so good.
It is always fun to see what the stars wore, strutting down the red carpet.
Here are just a few of the Ladies that I thought looked great.

Angelina Jolie was criticised for not wearing something more glamorous and she said
"I chose my gown because it was comfortable" ( good for her!)

Christina Appelgate looking very glamouous and elegant.

Jennifer Morrison in a very pretty gown.

Drew Barrymore

Penelope Cruz looking very elegant in black


  1. Carolyn, your blog looks gorgeous. I love the colour. How do you get it looking so fancy. I wish I had the technical nounce to do that.

    I'm sure those dresses would look great on me haha.

  2. It's so funny you did this post. . . I was thinking the same thing :). I am not sure what happened to Drew. Such a pretty gal. The big hair with the dark roots certainly didn't help her out. I think she may have been going for a Marilyn Munroe look, but it just didn't work. She should definitely get new hair stylin' advice. ~ Karen

  3. Oh, love Penelope Cruz's black dress. So elegant!

  4. I just love Drew in this! She can do no wrong in my book tho!

  5. Drew and Penelope, my favourites. I don't care for Angelina Jolie anymore. Her tattoos turn me off.

  6. Yes, I do not see the point of having such visible tattoos on your body!

    I think how funny it is when the rose on a young man turns into a cabbage in later years!



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