Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Dear Mother

I got a phone call on Friday from my Sister, saying that my Mother had fallen and broken her hip.
We drove down to see her yesterday and was lovely to be at her bedside and give support
to her and my Dad. She is hopefully having the operation today.
Bless you Mum and I hope that everything will go well for you.

I have the sweetest Mother and it is so hard when they are getting older and have an obstacle like this to face.

Let me grow lovely growing old~
So many fine things do.
Laces and ivory and gold
And silks need not be new.
And there is healing in old trees
Old streets a glamour hold,
Why may not I, as well as these,
Grow lovely, growing old?

Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Hugs Carolyn


  1. What lovely photos of these beautiful flowers! What an even lovelier poem.

  2. P.S. I meant to include that I was sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she will be on the mend soon!

  3. Oh Carolyn, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's mishap. It can be quite worrisome when older people take a tumble....I hope she is able to have the operation soon and that all goes well. What a wonderful daughter you are to care so much and the roses you posted are lovely. That is a touching poem, and so true. So many things improve with the patina of age, don't they. A person who ages gracefully and with dignity is a beautiful sight to behold...there is something almost reverential about them. They carry the history of the last century upon their visage, don't they. A connection with them is a connection to the vanished past....sometimes gives me goosebumps. I used to love to hold my grandmother's hand...she was in her 90s when she passed away...You know, I can still feel the touch of her hands to this day.

  4. So sorry to hear about your mom Carolyn. We females seem especially prone to fragile bones as we age. I hope her surgery is quick and successful. Wishing your Mum a speedy recovery.

    Karen xoxoxo

  5. Hi Carolyn,
    I wanted to send all my best wishes to your Mum for a successful operation and recovery. I agree entirely with you that it is so hard to see your amazingly strong Mum, gradually get frailer. My Mum is 78 now and just the most wonderful woman ever. I always remember her being able to do anything. Now, when she holds my arm when we are walking doing the shopping etc., I give a little gulp inside as it is so hard to accept them getting frailer and more vulnerable. I think the roles certainly do reverse at some stage and the child becomes the protector. Give her a big hug from me.
    Boot Button Bears.

  6. Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate all my beautiful friends and how caring and kind you are!

    We have just heard that the operation is now not going to be today.
    I suppose a lot of more urgent cases have come up, so we hope that she gets attended to asap.
    It happened on Friday morning and it is now Sunday 5.36 pm.


  7. sorry to hear about your Mom Carolyn... hopefully she will be up and around again soon....

  8. Dearest mum,

    I hope grandma is alright, wish I could make it there to see her. My best wishes are with everyone and you. Lets hope she has a quick and safe recovery and hope for the best.

    Love v xx

  9. Thank you all very much for your really kind words.

    My Mother went into have the surgery yesterday afternoon and seems to have
    pulled through well.
    We are so happy and relieved that she
    can now recuperate and get on with her life.

    Carolyn xx

  10. Hi Carolyn...Oh, I am so sorry to hear of your mom's fall. I am glad to hear she has come out of surgery and is doing well. I wish your Mom a speedy recovery. Wishing your Dad all the best as well. It is hard to watch them get older...but it sounds like you are blessed with wonderful parents and so that does help make it easier.
    I love your lovely.

    Take care.
    Hugs, Nancy


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