Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Laduree love

I  have always wanted to visit the legendary, Laduree and on our last trip to France, that is what we did.
We dined for  lunch there and had a magnificent meal and it was some of the best food that we ate,  while we were away.
Let them eat cake

It felt a bit like stepping back in time, to the Belle Epoque era, {literally 'Beautiful Age' }  and made me think of what it would have been like in the  Edwardian era, where the fashionable people wore elegant dresses and hats.
Everything was really beautiful from the decor,  white starched tablecloths, to the gorgeous delicate china, in the most pretty pastel colours and then the delectable food.

I started off with a mushroom tart and then the dessert was almost too pretty to eat ~ an impressive Raspberry Rose Saint Honore, with choux pastry with raspberry cream YUM!

French bakers are the best ...  the bread and crunchy rolls, were so good.

Be sure to allow plenty of time for lunch as it is an enjoyable experience, eating wonderful food and  sipping champagne as you while away the afternoon.

Have a wonderful week


  1. Dear Carolyn, May you a wonderful week! Easter is coming and I'm in disbelief it is this time of year. Has taken me by surprise.

    Your pics look delicious. I think it would be awesome to dine like this. What a nice experience to have and a delicious memory to have to where you can recall anytime.

    Super fun!
    God bless and shine on,

  2. I cannot wait to try this legendary treat when we go to Paris in June. Your meal sounds like it was delicious! Enjoy the start of your week!


  3. Dear Carolyn,
    that all looks so great and makes me hungry ;O)

    have a lovely week my friend,
    love and hugs

  4. Carolyn, It sounds like a dream going there for lunch. How special did you feel. The food certainly looked good.

  5. I did not know what Laduree was, i had to goggle. I understand that the food and macaron was delicious.

  6. Wowww you did it...Lauduree.....Paris is beautiful....nice for you !!...thanks for share...love Ria...xxx..

  7. Dear Carolyn,
    what a most beautiful experience you have had, dining so lovely, and with the most delicate meals. The cake looks delicioues and so BEAUTIFUL -and the sorroundings elegant and wonderfully French.
    Dear friend, I wish you a happy and joyful easter.

  8. Look fanstastic and very tasty! :) greetings:)

  9. I am sure it was a fabulous experience! Would love to visit Paris sometime:)

  10. Dear Carolyn
    Mmmhhh.... it looks so fine! Great pictures! Thank you also for the nice email.
    I wish you a happy and lovely week.
    Hugs Yvonne

  11. Ciao cara!!!

    Ero a tavola con te!


    Il mio pensiero...per te!!!

    Un abbraccio ed augurio particolare.

    BUONA PASQUA dolce amica...a te e famiglia!...di cuore. NI

  12. Dear Carolyn,

    I love Laudree!!!
    I went there a couple of times and i ate a lot, is all so good!
    I bought a lot of macarons to bring home too!^^
    have a great week!


  13. What a wonderful meal. Good food and great surroundings - you can't beat that.

  14. THERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!! When I was in France, I too would peek into the windows to watch the magic unfold. I would always wait for the doors to swing open, EVERY MORNING at my favorite boulangerie for my morning fix and then AGAIN at 2:00, after sieste time and insure that I got my boule for the evening!!! LOVE IT MY DEAR! Anita

  15. Happy Easter week, Carolyn!
    I wish I could go to that wonderful place in France and eat delicious cakes and sip champagne.
    You must of felt like you were in food heaven! ;-)
    Those cream cakes look like works of art... Yummy!

    I think I could have easily lived in the Edwardian times, drinking fine tea and eating cakes. Such an elegant era!
    Spring blessings,
    Jo. xx

  16. Have a lovely week leading up to Easter, dearest Carolyn! LaDuree is always welcome >^.^<
    Much love xxx

  17. DeLISHous! Oooh, you have my mouth watering. I agree, French pastries are to die for. Have a wonderful week!

  18. Dear Carolyn, Our experiences at Laduree were similar but I must say, I forgot to include the champagne! That would have made it even more special. But I agree with the elegance and style – everything is so tastefully done. I would love to do it again.

    Wishing you a very joyful Easter weekend.



  19. Good morning dearest one! Thank you for visiting yesterday!!! Anita

  20. Sound lovely - still licking my lips!

    Hava a lovely Easter too!


    XOXO Nora & Lola:)

  21. It's such a magical place, isn't it? I loved the ones in Paris and London and now we're so lucky to have one here in NYC :)

    Have a wonderful week, Carolyn! xoxo

  22. ooooooh, it looks scrummy! 'specially dessert.

  23. Oh what fun...that is one of my wishes in life too. May your Easter week be blessed my friend.

  24. Yummy! That dessert looks so very delicious. It must have been such a great trip, I am envious! Have a wonderful day, it was great hearing from you!

  25. I miss France so much! I could live off the bread and pastries. However, I will say that I actually loved the German bread and bakeries as much, if not a little more. There is something about being in France that just makes everything taste divine.

    I can imagine what a wonderful time you had, enjoying the wonders of Paris. It's such a magical place.

    Happy mid-week, Carolyn.


  26. It all looks beautiful Carolyn! Did you visit the shop in Paris? I went there last year with a friend. It's like stepping back in time indeed. Loved it too!

    Wish you and your family a Happy Easter,

    Madelief x

  27. Lovely food! (:

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  28. I so hope one day I may make it to France. That is really my dream :)


  29. Oh! I could do with some cakes right now! I am hungry.
    Lovely pics, Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day Carolyn:)

  30. What fun!
    And so delicious!


  31. I can only imagine how expensive that meal must have been! :) Have you been to Meert in Lille? You MUST pay Meert a visit next time you are in the north of France! The president of France goes there to buy cake, you know! :)


  32. Everyone thinks of macarons and pastries when they hear Ladurée, but you are right--they make good FOOD, too! Once I bought a ham salad sandwich there on the sweetest little roll, then went to sit by the Seine to eat it. It was the best sandwich i think I ever had!!!

  33. Thank you for your good thoughts AND thank you for posting your Laduree Love post! Because I too am in LOVE!!!
    Happy Easter Carolyn!!


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