Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fairy wishes for you

May all your fairy dreams and wishes come true.
 When I was a little girl I always used to think of the dandelion flower as Fairies, when they would blow about in the wind.

March, marks the end of summer here for us living in New Zealand and already the cooler mornings and evenings are starting.  It is this weekend that our clocks change back and hopefully when the alarm goes off it will be light for a little bit, before winter sets in.
I am enjoying the Autumn days, as the sky is a beautiful blue and clear and it is actually lovely been outdoors now that the weather is a little cooler.

I have been busy staining the fence  and out in the garden, now while the weather is good and have not had much time to sit at the computer. I do look forward to coming to visit you all and see what you are up to.
So true, thank you Raymond Blanc

It's a wonderful world we live in and do hope that all is well in your part of the world.
Have a happy weekend


  1. Hello Carolyn...
    I'm sorry I haven't visited for has been busy here. I hope to update over the weekend.
    Your bears from the previous post are adorable. A lot of work and love went into them.
    It is always hard to say goodbye to warm days...but the change of seasons brings new color and scenery. Enjoy the coming few months...
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Nancy xo

  2. Dearest Carolyn,

    Spring and autumn are in fact my two favorite seasons. Enjoy those days while you can, before it gets really cool... We too are more active outside now. There is so much to do in a garden and around the home.
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Such lovely sentiments Carolyn. Thank you dear for all the gorgeous supportive comments you've left over at The Hedge, I appreciate them so much. Have a lovely weekend in this time of changing Seasons.
    Millie xx

  4. Hi Carolyn, I remember having fun with that little flower as a child. We are having beautiful autumn weather out here too, but I'll be pleased to have an extra hour to sleep in tomorrow and the mornings not be so dark for a short while.
    Have a great week-end, Robyn x

  5. What a beautiful post...have a nice the things you like.....i am off to our shop now......feeling ill...but i must work today......i have had a bad from

  6. I did not know that dandelion grows in New Zeeland. It looks like a fairy flower when it blows into the wind.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend

  7. Dear Carolyn, thankyou for your sweet wishes, I am happy to see you are well, and enjoying the first signs of autumn- Wish you a lovely week-end.

  8. Happy week-end Carolyn !
    Best regards from France,


  9. I love the dandelion flowers. We used to blow them and make a wish.

  10. Good morning beautiful!

    A new day, a HAPPY day, for all of us, for so many reasons. Rejoice as we enter, each day, into new adventures!! LOVE! Anita

  11. Such nice the first sentence! I love dandelion flower, it's so special =)

  12. Oh, memories, when I was a little girl I used to blow on dandelions too to make a wish! Next time I see one, I will do it, we all need to bring out the child in us!

    Good for you! We need to spend more time outside, enjoying the sun, listening to the birds sing!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  13. Hi Carolyn! Delighted you are having nice weather! Always lovely to spend time in the garden before winter sets in:) Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Hi,Carolyn
    Ohh, we have opposite season! I did not think of that! Yes,dandelion is pretty flower. How exciting to see dandelion seeds starting travel in the air.

    Here in Japan spring is arriving! Enjoy early autumn and have a beautiful weekend!

    Tomoko from Japan.

  15. Fairy wishes back to you sweet Carolyne! Hope your weekend is lovely and cozy!

  16. Hello dear!!!

    How are you???

    I read that you were involved in the garden, you're getting cold ... we have instead is hot!

    Kisses a lot! ;o) NI

  17. Hi Carolyn!

    Wow, just so hard to imagine your summer is coming to an end when ours has not even started. (Though, it is feeling a bit like summer already.) We have had unusually warm weather. Not going to complain, not so much a winter person anymore. I like a few days of winter, but not 4-5 months of it.

    I've been digging up dandelions for almost two weeks now.:( I try to keep a bit of control over them by digging them up so that HOA does not spray my yard. I do NOT like chemicals!!! It almost seems like a futile attempt, they appear faster than I can dig, I think.:) I've been intending to go on the Internet and check out how to use them in salads. I hear they are supposed to be very good for you. I could probably live on them, I have so many.:)

    Anyways, I hope you are having a great weekend!


  18. What a beautiful post!
    Autumn and spring are in fact my two favorite seasons.
    Wonderful week!

  19. I love the thought of dandelions are fairies. Such amazing globes of dreams and hopes, they are.

    Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend! :)

  20. I love knowing that you and I are friends although we live in different hemispheres. I hope that you enjoy your beautiful Fall weather and that you enjoy getting the garden put to bed for another year.
    I love the new bears that you have made Carolyn. Just darling! I love your bears!!!!!!
    sending much love your way...

  21. Your summer ends and ours is just about beginning. Its starting to get very hot and humid here now.
    Fabulous pics, and that message is great. Hope you enjoy your winter and if possible send a little coolness here!
    Have a lovely Sunday Carolyn:)

  22. Greetings Carolyn,

    So haPPY that you loVe dandelions and fairies!
    I will play with them tomorrow :)
    Your bears are adorable!
    Fairy wishes for you and a beautiful NZ autumn!
    haPPY Sunday

  23. It's a wonderful mild and mellow season ....... Perfect for painting fences. I love those
    words by Raymond Blanc ... He's thinking like a Frenchman.
    Have a beautiful week my friend xx

  24. and our dandelions are just now coming into bloom,

  25. Hi Carolyn,
    Happy Spring!!! I love that's so true! and adore your dandelion--I actually chose one for the angel video because I love them so much. I hope you've had a happy weekend!!!

  26. Wow , nice piece of msg ......Thank you have a nice week ahead ...

  27. Dear Carolyn
    So beautiful your post! Your pictures are very nice. My favorite seasons are also spring and autumn. Enjou the time!
    I wish you a happy week and send you a lot of greetings.
    Loves and hugs Yvonne

  28. Dandelions have always been magical for me too!

    Autumn is here now it's April, and away at the weekend some trees were beginning to show those lovely shades.

    Wishing you a lovely week before Easter Carolyn!

  29. Hi Carolyn,

    I love that you thought of dandelion flowers as fairies! It just conjures up images of little fairies flying all around and making wishes come true. I have little fairies around my garden and find it hard to resist anything fairy. Our Spring just started here and we're having some rain and some sunny days. Very unpredictable where it poured rain yesterday then the sun came out and then it poured... this went on all day! Can't wait for our summer here. But your winter is a great time to nest inside and enjoy a cup a hot tea. That is, after your cool autumn days.

    Sharon :-)

  30. What a beautiful post...
    I was so excited to see you also find enchantment in these odd, little flowers! I use to run around and "catch" as many of these magical flowers as I possibly could as a child and I would make wish, after wish, after wish... as i blew away their puffy little "stars" (as I'd call them). It didn't matter to me that my wishes did not appear at that moment (hahahahaha)...I felt that God was collecting them for me and that one day HE would scatter them back to me. :)
    I cannot leave here without a smile on my face EVERY TIME I visit you, Carolyn. You are such a special person.
    Next time I see a dandelion, I will make a wish for YOU!
    Have a beautiful week, my friend. xo

  31. I love your postings.
    I love you
    April the Angel of months.
    Love and hugs

  32. Dandelion's remind me of my childhood too. So many happy memories and dreams are associated with them. :)

    Hope you're having a great week! xoxo

  33. Do you mind the onset of fall Carolyn? I always loved fall in Michigan. It's absolutely my favorite season.
    (Adorable bears in your previous post!)
    Have a wonderful Easter week!

  34. I love that thought about dandelions, so pretty to think of them as fairies. :)
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post and thank you for stopping by with birthday wishes for my april fool's baby. ;)
    Much love.

  35. Oh,my God!!!
    Que maravilhoso post...e as imagens que referem à Pácoa tão lindos e cute.

    Beijos,feliz Páscoa para você!!!Carolyn


  36. I also loved dandelions as a little girl! On my visit to Norway, I found them scattered everywhere! I was sooooo happy! hahahahha! I have so many pictures of dandelions that I took! :)


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