Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy new week

Life is like a Carousel ~ just remember to enjoy the ride.
Find your inner child ... children are always looking for adventure, fearless and want to try something new.

Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic: it is as if creation rose luminously out of the night, all new and fresh and astonishing. Childhood is over the moment things are no longer astonishing.
When the world gives you a feeling of 'deja vu' when you are used to existence, you become an adult.
~ Eugene Ionesco

Life's little pleasures ~ they are just too precious to miss out on.

Today I have been packing up all the china in the dressers and cabinets -  I have finally finished stripping all the old wallpaper off and next Monday a Gib-stopper is coming around to plaster the walls.  I will now go and paint the pigment sealer on the walls.
This seems to have been a slow process, but can't wait until the lounge is finished and will be able to reveal our new look.

I hope you have had a nice weekend dear friends and now I wish you a happy new week.


  1. Hello!
    Enjoyed your post. Life seems to be full of surprises and I'm hoping I can be more like a child than an old lady.

    Sweet Blessings to you.
    All your hard work will pay off. Hope you'll share some pics of your home after all this work has been done.

    God bless,

  2. Thanks for your visit Deanna and yes for sure I will share some pictures when we finish.


  3. I can't wait to see it Carolyn. It will be lovely.
    I LOVE the simple pleasures in life too my being able to visit your beautiful place here in blogland.
    hugs from here...

  4. Dear Carolyn,
    what a lovely post!
    it is so good, to be like a child sometimes! ;O)
    Looking forward for your lounge... I am sure it will be great when you have finished all your work there and it looks bright and new :O)

    Have a happy new week my friend!
    love and hugs

  5. Looking forward for your lounge.....enjoy a happy week

  6. Oh how important it is to look at the world through child-like eyes Carolyn!!! AND don't you just love renovations and change? I do believe in the little things to bring us GRAND joy. We should never miss out on the small pleasures. Have a super day my friend and thank your for visiting !!! Anita

  7. Sweet post, darling!
    Love the carousel analogy!


  8. Vorrei tornare bambino per salire sulla giostra!! Felice seetimana a te....ciao

  9. You will be so thrilled when your lounge is complete! Have a lovely week, Carolyn :) xoxo

  10. HI Carolyn! Lovely photos of flowers! Hope you have a great week and looking forward to seeing photos of your lounge:)

  11. Yes, to childrenI Just like Jesus said "Unless you become as little children you cannot see the Kingdom of God!" I love hearing that you're "packing up the china!" I do love renovations, and making everything brand new again! Can't wait to see pix of the new space!
    Thanks for your visit, Carolyn...I answered you on F@H.
    keep on packin', sweetie!!

  12. What a great post to start my week!!!

    I can't wait to see your lounge when it's done!! I know you've been working on it for awhile!

    I'm off to play :)


  13. hi caroly,
    this is a very nice photo...the carussel look like "old" ;-)
    many greetings

  14. Hello dear Carolyn,

    It's a long time since I write something to you.....sorry...but you maybe will understand that I'm busy like you also are busy with painting.
    Looking forward for your lounge, it will be beautiful.
    Here it's a project for months. About a few weeks my husband put drywall on the ceiling and then comes the plasterer.
    I wish you succes with all jobs in your house.
    Have a wonderful new week.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  15. Hi Carolyn,

    Sounds like lots of hard work, but it WILL pay off :)

    Such a pretty post, and YES life is like a journey and always full of surprises.

    Enjoy the start to your week.


  16. You are so right, Carolyn. We need surprises to keep us young. Grandchildren help. :) Always a surprise or two when you're with them!
    Can't wait to see how your lounge turns out.
    Have a wonderful week!

  17. Thank goodness for carousel makers and flower lovers and movie makers and dreamers. Long live childhood!

    Oh my, you are so busy and productive. Good luck with the walls! Have a fantastic week! xo

  18. Dear Carolyne - wow, a grea job ahead of you - but such a rewrding one! Can't wait to get our house rnovated - hopefully this summer. Savour the moment b4 it flies away!

  19. Hello dear!

    This post is so full of happy and sweet things, love it!
    I't's good to stay a little child! ;)


  20. Dear Carolyn
    So nice you post!
    I wish you also a happy new week and send you a lot of greetings from Switzerland. Hugs Yvonne

  21. It's what life is about - enjoying the moment and holding on to the magical!!
    Children spark their imagination when they say "Let's play......and what happens next is usually totally magical!
    My granddaughters play with 'make believe friends' I remember doing that too!!!

    Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your hard work dear Carolyn!

  22. Hello Carolyn!!!

    Wishing you a happy week also...I love horse carrousels!!! beautiful photos!!!

  23. Darling quotes.
    You are a busy bee my friend..can't wait to see my friend. xoxo

  24. Sounds like a lot of work but I am sure it will be lovely in the end. There is nothing quite like freshening up our homes in the Spring to really make one feel rejuvenated.

    Looking forward to the big reveal,

  25. Dearest Carolyn,

    You soon will be rewarded for all the hard work and the mess it creates first.
    That Merry-Go-Round is a fun picture and the writing with it too.
    Have a great May and enjoy your home.


  26. This is so beautiful post, dear Carolyn!♥
    I`m sure it will be lovely:)
    ♥ Happy May to you!!! ♥

  27. I can't wait to see your lounge Carolyn! I know it's going to be so beautiful.

  28. Being a child is always helpful. They are so happy even at lifes little pleasures. So happy, always.
    Beautiful post as always, hope you are having a great week Carolyn:)

  29. What a sweet post Carolyn...Wishing you a beautiful new week. Can't wait to see your lounge all done. Happy May my sweet friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  30. Wish you good luck with the redecorating Carolyn. I hope your wall will turn out beautifully!

    Happy new week.

    Madelief x

  31. Hi Carolyn, what a beautiful post and so thoughtful. I know you have been working hard on your lounge and I know it will be gorgeous when complete.
    I have been busy with mine as well and just a few more things to do. Trying to finish these inside projects before it gets too hot.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Thank you for stopping by.

    XOXO Celestina Marie

  32. SO happy to hear you are plastering your walls Carolyn!
    How exciting!! I did mine when I redid our room and am SO pleased. It took along time and was SO worth it!

    Yes to looking at the world through a child's eyes. That is why it is great that you create bears. It keeps you connected to your inner child.

    My mom is feeling a bit better.
    Thank you for your concern.

  33. The image of the carrousel, it is the source that comes recollections even in the adults. We all have risen in them and us defreudaba when it was finishing in distance. An embrace from Galicia - Spain


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