Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One red apple

Today, I will miss celebrating my Fathers birthday ~ 9th of March was his birth date.
I miss my Dad everyday and honour him for being the best Father in the world.

The day is sweet though, for me because my small tree has yielded one little apple.
We brought the tree back in a bucket from my Parents home and transplanted it in our garden.
I will be able to share a quarter each, with my family.
Dad would have been happy.

I wish you all a wonderful day


  1. Sweet Carolyn, I got teary-eyed reading your post. Your father is giving you an apple for his birthday!!


  2. So lovely my friend....may you enjoy the sweet sweet memories of your dear father. xoxox

  3. Hello Carolyn,
    Wishing you the best on this day. How wonderful that your dad's tree has blossomed with the apple. I'm sure that brings some happiness to you today.

    Take good care,

    Sharon :-)

  4. Always special the day when your father's birthday was......i am always thinking of it ......and it is almost 18 years ago.........take love love

  5. Ciao mia dolcisssssssssima e carissima amica!

    Che meraviglia!

    La natura ti ha regalato ed offerto un so assaggio...

    Certo che tuo papà sarebbe stato fiero di vedere questo sicuramente già stà vedendo il miracolo!


    Ti abbraccio con tutto il cuore del MONDO!


  6. Carolyn, what a precious day for you. The apple .. I'm sure he would love it that an apple has appeared today.

    It's also a day to celebrate as Raelene and Philip are grandparents today. Stacey gave birth to a beautiful little boy at 5.30 today Isaac Edward..

    A precious day.

  7. good to have such father!
    first apple-hopefully it will be very tasty:)

  8. Dear Carolyn ~ How special to have that apple on the tree as a special reminder of your lovely Father ~ my love to you Carolyn on this sweet but sad day. xx

  9. Hi Carolyn, how lovely to have an apple from your Dad's tree for his birthday. Wishing you many happy memories, Robyn

  10. I wish you a wonderful day too.
    Tomorrow it's my little son's birthday (he is three).
    Life is a hard road. There is always something nice to fight. Sure your father will always with you, in your heart, I feel that mine is in everything I do.

  11. Oh Carolyn dearest,

    This is such a sweet tribute....I miss my daddy too, and he has been gone for at least 23 years. What a darling little tree, with one sweet fruit. How symbolic that goes on, it is a cycle. I have been thinking of that and it may be a blog post. My dad always celebrated his birthday on March 12, and his name was Joseph. But in Mexico, where he was born, they always celebrate their SAINT'S Day for the birthday and since his is St. Joseph's day, he always believed that was his birthday. Not until he was 78 that he learned it was really in MAY! Whenever I hear the song, CLAIR DE LUNE by Debussey, I weep, for he played it so well on the piano....oh, the things that bring back memories. Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH dearest for visiting me again, you are such a kind friend and I always am lifted up when my friends come to visit again. Enjoy every moment of life...yes, it is so precious. Anita

  12. Wonderful. A lovely post, a lovely tribute.

  13. how cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a GIVE_AWAY)

  14. Dear Carolyn, Sweet blessings to you!

    The single apple is a delightful treat for you to share and eat to enjoy.

    What a nice thing to have happen as you remember your dear father.

  15. Love and hugs and many blessings
    Those who live forver in our hearts are never far away.
    Love you

    Love Jeanne

  16. What a nice little apple tree giving a nice red apple with many beautiful memories.


  17. Carolyn .... ohhh dear, what a difficult day for you. On these days we miss our loved ones the most. How special that your fathers tree gives you an apple.
    I wish you strength
    Warm wishes, Mea

  18. Ohhhhh, Carolyn. What beautiful significance this apple has. An apple for his apple, the one who did not fall far from the tree. Sweet hugs to you on this special day.


  19. Those are the days... Cherish every moment, Carolyn. They come in great figures on this day xxxx

  20. Awh Carolyn I seriously teared up when reading this. How sweet that your father gave you an apple for his birthday. I truly believe that he has. xoxo

  21. such a sad and beautiful post at the same time!
    loved the idea of the tree!
    gorgeous photos!
    take care,

  22. Oh Carolyn,
    A huge hug to you today --- my nose is all tingly a sure sign of tears for me when you mention your dad.
    Your post is wonderful - that gorgeous apple is a wonderful reminder if your Dad -- and it will keep growing. What a perfect idea.
    Keep your chin up today and do something lovely for you. x

  23. Such wonderful memories are priceless dear Carolyn!

    Our thoughts are with you...

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  24. From sadness comes great beauty to help you remember how sweet your life was with them. Simple reminders of a life well lived and loved.
    Hugs for your heart sweets. Happy birthday to your dad. He smiles at you.
    xx, shell

  25. What a sweet way to remember your Dad. Maybe one day the tree will be big enough and wield enough fruit for you to make a delicious pie!

  26. such lovely sentiments Carolyn! im sure your dad was very happy and proud to have a loving daughter like you.

    xo, Persis.

  27. aww such sweet sentiments Carolyn. Im sure ur dad was very proud and happy to have you as his daughter!


  28. That's the cutest apple tree! Enjoy sweet memories of your precious father! And thanks for your always sweet comments!

    Kristin xo

  29. Carolyn, this little apple is a sign from your farther that he is ok. I believe in signs and always look at things trying to see hidden message. It is such a beautiful day - the birthday of your father and how wonderful it is to think of it in this beautiful way.

  30. Oh Carolyn, that is so sweet! And I bet that apple was delicious, too. How lovely you were able to transplant it. You'll always remember him when you admire your tree and the fruit will be all the sweeter for it.

  31. Dear Carolyn, I can totally understand how you feel my moms birthday was March 8, although she is gone we think of her often and still remember her birthday~
    I am so happy you were able to transplant the tree in your fathers memory & see it blossoming.
    xo Theresa

  32. What a lovely tribute to your dear father, Carolyn. How wonderful that the apple tree from his yard yeilded an apple for you this year. Enjoy the special memories that you have of your father on this day.

  33. I'm sorry your dad is no longer with you, but he would definitley have been pleased the tree yielded an apple!

  34. I wish you have an amazing day!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment!<3

  35. Hello Carolyn...
    Oh I am so sorry your Dad isn't here...You have wonderful memories. I can now understand missing a parent everyday.
    I am so happy for your little tree producing it's first apple! What a thrill for you to have a living memory...Your
    Dad is up in heaven wishing he could have a bite of that apple!

    We have been following the devastation in Christ Church. We are very sad for the loss of life and all of the damage the quake caused...hopefully there will be some positive stories out of such sadness.

    Hope you are having a good day my dear friend.
    Hugs, Nancy

  36. Hi Carolyn,
    My heart is with you this day as I know how much you miss your Father. Not a day goes by I do not think of mine too.
    What a wonderful tribute for your Father's birthday in your post.
    I believe the apple is a little message in spirit that your Father is visiting you and he is okay and in a better place.
    What a wonderful pic to have of the apple from your parents garden transplanted in your garden. Perfect for framing.

    Enjoy this special day with wonderful memories.
    Hugs and always best wishes.
    Celestina Marie

  37. Dear Carolyn, such a touching and loving way to remember your father. Wish every piece of that beautiful apple from his tree will give you and your family lots of Love from him.
    hugs my dear

  38. Bet when it matures you're going to have some fabulous Tarte Tatin.... He's be proud......Maryanne xo

  39. Dads & their daughters - your special bond will last forever dear Carolyn.
    Millie x

  40. ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥

    AS (from Finland)

  41. Hi Carolyn,
    What a joy that your apple from your dads tree have thrived and bore fruit at the appropriate moment. What a beautiful and perfect gift!
    Love to you,

  42. Dear Carolyn, our departed daddies are always very near to their little girls. They will never forsake us.

    Pat xx

  43. Daddies are missed soonce they have passed away. Mine has been gone for almost 5 years now and I sure miss him. I love that you have that apple tree. So precious...

    Hope you have a lovely weekend,


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