Thursday, October 14, 2010

Touches of Turquoise

My Mother in law when she was a little girl ~ she kindly gave us this lovely photo in the beautiful frame and looks great in the stairway.

There is a palette that defines the beauty of the ocean and that is the colour of turquoise ~ isn't it such a pretty colour.
My daughter brought me this sweet Collectors Dress-up Doll, back from Paris and looks lovely on my Inspiration board.
The back cover of Rachel Ashwells book ~ Shabby Chic Interiors
Cote Provence is having her very first giveaway. She has made these fabulous earrings that she is going to give away to some lucky winner. Go visit her beautiful blog, meet her and all that she has to share.

Have just heard the news about the Chilean miners, that there are only five miners left still to be rescued. Such wonderful news and brings tears of joy, to see them safely back with their friends and families.

I hope your week is great so far ~


  1. Hi Carolyn,
    What a wonderful picture of your MIL when she was a child. I love the touch of turquoise. It is one of my favorite colors and especially is pretty with pink.
    Your dress up doll from Paris is darling. What a dear gift from your daughter.
    Thank you for sharing the giveaway too. The earrings are gorgeous.

    I am watching the rescue right now and the last miner is being taking up. We have watched, cried and been so thankful that they are all safe and back with their families and friends.

    Love to you dear friend.
    Celestina Marie

  2. The photo is so adorable. How lovely to have it hanging it in your home.
    Thanks for the info about the giveaway...giveaways are great arent they?

  3. What a lovely vintage photo of your mother in law. That is so sweet. Thank you for getting the word out! you are so thoughtful and wonderful. Merci!


  4. What a lovely post, Carolyn! Your MIL's photo as a little girl is wonderful!!

    As I write this all 33 have been rescued. I too have watched the rescue throughout the day and have gotten teary-eyed as I see them reunited with their loved ones.

    Have a wonderful week!


  5. Dear Carolyn,
    Turquoise is a beautiful color. Absolutely beautiful.

    The vintage picture in frame would be a lovely touch for one's home.

    I can't imagine being trapped in a mine for so long. It is mind boggling.

    God bless,

  6. Adore all the touches of Turquoise your share, such a soothing color it tis. Carolyn, your Mother in Law is a doll! Thanks for sharing fabu earrings at Cote Provence! They are unique and beautiful!

    Happy Week~~

  7. Hi Carolyn,
    Your Mother-in-Law was such a beautiful child. Precious photo. Love the blue dress up doll too.

  8. You know I love all the touches of Turquoise my friend...those earrings are to die for!

    I do love hearing the happy news about those miners!

    hugs to you.

  9. Lovely post - adore the Parisienne paper doll! Turqoise is one of my favourite colours and I agree with Celestina teams up beautifully with pink.
    Oh the miners are all out safely now - thankyou God.

    Thank you for the heads-up on Cote Provence fab giveaway!!!
    TGIF - have a relaxing weekend!!

  10. little touches of turquoise are a great way to prettify a living space! i loved your inspiration board!

  11. I love what i see.......beautiful post !!....happy day Ria...

  12. What a treasure the photo of your MIL is,Carolyn! And it's framed so beautifully.
    Will go on over to Cote Provence in a sec to look at the giveaway....

    Yes, we're all thrilled the miners got out safely. The world has been following everything so's been an amazing event to watch.

  13. Your heart is big.

    And this post is lovely. Thanks Carolyn.


  14. Adore turquoise too!

    Hope you're having a fabulousss week!


    XOXO LOLA & Nora:)

  15. lovely turquoise post and the old photo is just wonderful of your MIL
    I will go check out your link now! xx's

  16. I love turquoise! I had turquoise as an accent to burgundy & champagne for my wedding. It was just gorgeous!

    And it's so wonderful that the miners were all rescued xoxo

  17. Turquesa is a lovely color,I like it very much and I use wear it in my complements Necklaces ,brazalets,foulards...
    It's a very flattering color
    I love your dress up doll, I have some of them too

  18. Hi Carolyn,
    Love the little touches of turquoise, especially in your MIL's photo of her as a child... sooo sweet! :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  19. Hi Caroly, what a lovely photo. And a little touch of turquoise is always so pretty. Love the Picasso quotes and photos in your previous post. I sure do need to do some inorganic cleaning up around here. :/ Hope you are having a great day. :) Tammy

  20. Dear friend,

    Thank you for sharing these very lovely pictures! The photo of your mother-in- law is so beautiful!

    I`m so glad for Chilean miners!! Wonderful news!!! When I heard that they will be rescue, I yelled YES!!!:D

    Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog!!!

    I answer to your question in my previous post. Yes, roses were from my garden:)

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  21. Carolyn, what a sweet photo og your mother in law, I love those tones of turquice,and water ,too-
    and thanks for the giveaway adress, they truly looks diwine.
    happy thursday,-

  22. Hi Carolyn...
    Thank-you so much for your visit. I really love this post...turquoise is such an unusual color but oh so pretty. Love the little doll from your sweet!

    Thank-you for showing the giveaway...very lovely earrings.

    Yes, I watched the miners come up one by one...what an amazing feat! So glad they and the rescuers are all safe. A wonderful story.

    Take care. Hope you have a wonderful weekend...
    Hugs, Nancy

  23. Love me some turquoise! Those earrings are gorgeous too! I watched the whole rescue unfold on TV and it was amazing, such a wonderful miracle!

  24. the miners freedom was a gift to the world. yay!

    the turquoise is beautiful too!!!!

  25. Oh I do agree with you, turquoise is just the best...such a soothing color. I love the portrait of your mother in law. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Carolyn.


  26. Bonjour Carolyn~ such a lovely photo of your Mother-in-law and the little touch of turquoise is soft and delicate. I'm wondering where the name comes from because it sounds so pretty? last year in Port Douglas my sister & I both bought a new swimwear costume ~ hers in pink, mine in lovely turquoise.
    Have a lovely week-end.

  27. Hi honey
    Sorry I have been missing over here at your site. I always love it when I do get to drop by.
    These pictures are lovely and I know you are enjoying the beautiful one of your mother in law.
    I was so happy to read that someone finally came up with a way to get those poor miners out. How they managed so long living like they did was of course a miracle from God
    Lovely giveaway glad you shared it with us. These are beautiful.
    I am having a small giveaway but nothing so nice as these. If your hungry come sign in for mine. lol
    Love ya

  28. I love turquoise! So gorgeous! And I'm so happy you featured the Cote Provence earrings, she is so talented and sweet! XX!

  29. So beautiful. Love the jewelry...too.

  30. hi! :)

    so nice that you have been to my blog! :)
    So beautiful the picture was :) A really cute girl :)

    I'm hoping you're doing great and have a lovly autumn. :)

    Anja-Elin :)

  31. Ah, turquoise is such a beautiful shade - I love those earrings!

  32. blue sea can either be Turquoise is away on a Hank of threads that are their flashes in waves of dreams, I love the Sea Sea and the scent of perhaps dreams and set in the Queen of the seas or the nicknamed, that box zeus your breast shells Turquoise is beautiful not so small beauty goes unnoticed and real that is grandiose admire, losing in the lejania. Thank God that miners in chile are safe after a calvary besitos maria events

  33. Hi Carolyn!
    Lovely post! Every photo was a little surprise, thanks for sharing it! (love Rachel btw!)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  34. Hello beautiful ♥

    I love turquoise.

    I remember I had a turquoise winter jacket when I was little, and I just looked so beautiful every time I put it on! Every body old me so, too! I loved it!

    Come to think of it...I should own more turquoise-colored stuff! I'll keep my eye open for turquoise things from now on....

    How are you today? We are looking at a super typhoon headed our way right now....sighs....

  35. love that shabby chic interior!

    xoxo BB

  36. I have to catch up a little bit :-). Your mother in law was a very cute girl, Carolyn! I have a thing for all the shades of aqua and turquoise and like wearing those colors. How sweet of your daughter to bring you that lovely paper doll from Paris.
    HUGS to you,


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