Saturday, October 23, 2010

The olden days.

Look at all the old cars, and you probably would not be able to sit in the middle of the road now, to have a photo taken.
My brother, sister and I... I am the small one with the grubby face and look at all those buttons!

Do you remember going for bike rides, building huts, and playing outdoors until your Mother called you or the sky was dark and you knew you had to go indoors.
My childhood was a wonderful part of my life. When we were older, we would ride our bikes out into the Country with a picnic lunch and spend the day exploring and having fun with friends.
Life was a much slower pace and was probably safer, back then.

A while back Kate Moss allowed her little four year old daughter to have hair extensions.
Even just having your hair brushed as a little girl, was a big thing especially if you had tangles.
I can only imagine the upkeep in having it looking nice.
I would say let a little girl, be a little girl as they do grow up so quickly.


Children need to be children ~ what are your thoughts on this?

Thank you for your visits and kind notes you leave.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ~ we have a long weekend here in NZ... it is Labour Weekend and we have a holiday on Monday. The weather is glorious so I am looking forward to spending some time in the garden and relaxing.



  1. Precious post, Carolyn. I love the colors of this pictures. And I sooo agree, children must be children.
    Have a happy weekend! xxxx

  2. Thank you Saskia for your visit and I hope that you have a happy weekend.


  3. I remember those bike rides out to the Watsons with our bunson burner and a tin of baked beans haha. And the hut we had down Swingbridge we spent hours decorating it. Those where priceless days Carolyn. Now most kids can't entertain themselves without a computer or a x box. Mind you it's not as safe as it was back then. Enjoy the long weekend my frien.

  4. Totally agree children should be children - adulthood comes soon enough!

    Have a lovely long weekend!

    XOXO Lola & Nora:)

  5. child is walking barefoot in the silence, 'stand in the way and look back, a child who tube filled with beautiful beautiful images to remember him but sometimes sno was well and everything is dark gray around a synonym for sadness of losing everything and not win anything in my home I have a fairy garden like I usually enjoy and admire its beauty every day thanks for your visits kisses maria

  6. Precious indeed and yes children should be children
    Love you

  7. Oh, Carolyn, I just LOVE the photos of you and your siblings! Ah, what wonderful days those were, days where life was simple, you could leave your doors unlocked and windows open, I never even heard of a house alarm in my youth, you could walk to school by yourself with no worries, playing outside with no worries.

    I totally agree with you! Another one is Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri, the child wearing high heels!! I remember when shaving my legs and getting my first pair of high heels in my teens was such an exciting occasion!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!!


  8. Carolyn, yes happier days and happier times...when children could be children and play. Now a days they have schedules and appointments and they have to be the perfect hockey player.....etc, etc........don't get me started. When I was small we played in the "bush", knew all about frogs and snakes, went to the library on Saturdays and had ice cream for a treat.......
    These days little girls look like super models crossed with street walkers and they all are talking and texting while they drive....

    We need to get back to simpler times and be able to enjoy each others company.
    Technology does have it's benefits but sometimes we let too many distractions take over our lives.
    Your photos bring back memories of the days when we knew all our neighbours and play was fun!!
    You look adorable, and yes, what was with all the buttons? Ha ha, so cute!
    Margaret B

  9. CIao mia carissima e dolcissima amica!!!

    E' vero!

    Adesso con i tempi che corrono...non si riuscirebbe più a fare foto così mezzo alla strada...sono d'accordo con te!


    Una dolcissima bambina da coccolare!!! ;o)

    Ti abbraccio di cuore!

    Come sempre ti mando un sacco di baci!...kisses a lot my dearest friend!

    Have a wonderful week-end! NI

  10. Nice and Precious post darling.......and indeed....children should be children....lovely Ria...

  11. This is a lovely post Carolyn - yes I remember the days - we used to be off in the street for hours and no one worried. It is a different world these days.
    Sad that celebreties and people alike all like to think of their little ones as little adults. Not the case.
    Today my daughter turned 15 - she is a young woman stuck inbetween that awkward age of being a woman or a girl. Somedays she is very much my little girl xxx

  12. Carolyn! Those photos are treasures! Oh wow, beautiful! And you were an absolute doll, grubby face and all. :) I love sepia toned photos. I love the antique feel. I wonder if my children will look at their childhood photos today and think they look "antique".

    I agree with you. Children should be encouraged to play rather than primp.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  13. Sounds like you had such a wonderful childhood! I think it's crazy how some children are raised these days. I see kids with painted nails and make-up who aren't even teens yet. Hope you're having a lovely long weekend!

  14. A simply gorgeously nostalgic post and like you I have similar memories as I grew up in small town NZ where the countryside was one street away!

    I'm with you - a child is a child not a wannabe teenager....
    that is so sad for a darling little 4yr old.
    And a perfect image to make your point Carolyn - well done!

  15. Me again! I was a bit stirred up and I'm sorry I forgot to wish you a wonderful relaxing weekend in the beautiful weather - at long last!!!
    I will be in my garden tomorrow - we're having friends for dinner tonight so I'm slaving over a hot stove today!!!!

  16. Thank you all so much for visiting and I think we all agree "let children be children" and the nail polish and false hair, can wait until they are of an age.
    Yes, Karen I do remember the little burner to heat up the baked beans for our picnic.


  17. They were the good old days!


  18. children do need to be children.

    i myself have held on to the child in me with both hands!!!


  19. I firmly believe that children should be allowed to play and enjoy being kids for as long as they can! Run...jump...laugh and have fun...and even get dirty! lol The childhood years are gone fast enough! ♥ Enjoy your holiday weekend! ♥

  20. Ok I sooooo agree...especially being an elementry school teacher...they really need time to be just children!

    Hugs...your images are adorable.

  21. In total agreement with you Carolyn. During the school holidays Mum would shoo us outside early & we wouldn't reappear 'til it was almost dark. Down at the creek fishing for taddies, riding our bikes for hours, swimming at the town pool all day. And we never got into a spot of bother.
    Millie ^_^

  22. Such simple,wonderful, carefree
    days to enjoy as children
    should,no worries...
    you were so cute Carolyn!
    a little girl just playing
    happily,smiling away...
    wishing you a peaceful
    long w'end:))

  23. Hair extensions on a 4 year old is not okay! Although neither is having a drug-addled mother, come to think of it! I miss the innocent days, we totally used to literally play in the street! XX!

  24. I just love these photos, Carolyn! A truly beautiful post and I definitely agree with you that children should be allowed to be children. They're forced to grow up too fast these days.

    Hope you have a wonderful extended weekend! xoxo

  25. Love the blog. Couldn't agree more... Kiddies... are... kiddies, not miniature adults! Love the photos! Stunning.

  26. A wonderful post Carolyn:- the photos are so very reminiscent of earlier years and your grubby face so....cute. My parents used to take us 4 sisters on picnics into the nearby hills where Mum would place an old check rug on the grass & we would sit around eating pasty slice with home-made tomato sauce, then us girls went looking for wild-flowers in the scrub
    whilst our dear hard-working Mum & Dad took a snooze. Happy times.

  27. Hi Carolyn,
    What a darling post and I love the pics of sweet cutie pie you with your brother and sister.

    Yes I do remember going on our bike rides and doing the very same things you speak of. We played outside till the street lights came on or we were called home. Sure would not dream of sending the kids out like that today. Times have changed now, but not letting kids be children and enjoying those years that fly by so quickly.
    I believe like you, let the little ones, be little.

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Labour weekend and holiday on Monday. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments. Yes, it was so great to go on a little getaway, but wonderful to be home now.
    I so enjoyed your creative post.
    Have a great week ahead.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  28. Lovely post, Carolyn. I agree, let children be children. They do grow up so much faster than we did, so we should at least control those things we can control. Hair extensions, and things pertaining to artificially beautifying a child is a no-no in my book. I don't even allow my 9 year old daughter to wear nail polish!
    Love the photos of you and your siblings, back in the day! Fabulous. You look adorable!
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. You looked so cute ... love the pictures.
    I agree, children need to be children. I remember those days ... we were free and outside riding our bikes and playing. The world is a different place right now... it's not as safe as it used to be.

    Hope you are having a lovely day. Great post!


  30. Wow, I couldn't agree more!!
    The good old days were great!!
    Kids were able to be kids. Now they are little adults.
    Happy week!!

  31. I agree with you! I do miss my childhood and the slow life. You were such an adorable little girl.


  32. Carolyn-What wonderful pictures and memories. There is happiness in that little "grubby" face :)One of my pet peeves is dressing little girls like teenagers! I want them in smocked dresses and Peter Pan collars as long as possible. My grandmother you to say, "don't hurry. You have the rest of your life to be old" :) I love your picture of Grace Kelly too. To me, she was the essence of class and grace! Hope all is well with you. It has been BUSY around here!

  33. Hello dear Carolyn, I will first thank you so much for your sweet comments, I all those sweet words make me so good, it's nice to have so many dear blog friends.
    What a wonderful old pictures of beautiful childhood memories. I experience it as if you, in my opinion there was not a hectic life, there was much more peace and security and most importantly ..... you could be child.

    Warm wishes, Mea

  34. You were an adorable, beautiful little girl and it looks like your entire family was such a happy place! It reminded of my daughter Anastasia when she was 2 or 3. I remember my unconventional idea of being a good mother: we would have fod fights, splash in fresh rain puddles,bake apple pies and make a mess out of entire kitchen.... Once I bought a lot of old jewelry on Ebay and placed it in the ground under the old oak tree in our back yard. Then I drew the map to the "Treasures of old Captain Hook", put it in the bottle and made sure my daughter came across the bottle with the map. We spent entir day following the map which, of course, led us to the old oak tree in our back yard. :-) Anastasia found the treasure and I wish I could describe the pallet of emotions on her face!:-) She is 15 now and still tells me that this is one of her favorite memories...So, yes, children must be children!

  35. Oh Carolyn, you are so right! They grow up way too will be fast enough when they are teens let alone hurrying it up when they are so young.

    I had a childhood much like was lovely.

    I hope you had a wonderful long and relaxing weekend!

  36. O.M.G. these are precious darling! amazing photos thank you for sharing these special memories with us :-)

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  37. children do need to be children, you're so right, there's time enough to be adults when they're grown...

  38. Hi Carolyn,

    I agree with you. We should not make our kids look like or treat them as grown ups. Let them do their things. Go out on adventures & play!!

    You look like a bit of a tomboy on the photo's! Very sweet!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  39. hey... just a cotton pickin' minute! that's not so "olden". I recognize cars like that!

    hahha... but... you're absolutely right. Kids never even get to be kids anymore do they?'s right up there with what I call child porn... putting kids in beauty contests. How ridiculous!

    I don't even have kids and can see things from a different perspective I suppose....and people often tell me I can't possibly know what having kids is all about...but, my theory is...I don't have to jump off a cliff to know it'll hurt when I hit bottom .... I do know for a fact I wouldn't be doing what most of 'em are. It just wouldn't happen. My kids would have more of a Sergeant Major for a Mom... and wouldn't be involved in a myriad of programs miles from home either. I'd refuse to be a chauffeur...

    All the neighbours are forever racing in and out... nobody stays home for even 10 minutes after racing into the driveway.... always driving one to soccer..the other to ballet (or more usual nowadays..."modern dance") ...then its cubs and brownies...then it's karate, then it's music lessons...then it's ..oh, and let's not forget the darn hockey...and parents yelling at their poor kids from the bleachers...and yelling even louder at other parents and the referees.... how is that good for any kid? I don't care what they all think they know..... it just isn't right to my way of thinking....

    what's wrong with letting kids just be kids? .... while at the same time teaching them some morals, values and reality? I still firmly believe that kids can play outside too.... somebody just needs to spend some time teaching them about reality. We knew about drugs and perverts at a very young age.... our Dad made sure of it. He believed if we knew the dangers and were aware of what could happen...we would be able to react. We never were totally alone outside either...when we were younger, our Moms were outside with us... when we got older, like 12 ... we hung out in groups and "gangs" of kids from the same street .... we all played together and never in a million years would we allow a stranger to get near us...we could run like the wind and yell pretty loud when we had to. We had a lot of fun and somehow still managed to integrate socially later in life even if we had no skills or no structured "activities" like everybody seems to feel children need these days.

  40. That is a precious photograph of you Carolyn! About children. It saddens me that kids don't go out and "play" any more in big cities. The go on preplanned play dates. Here is the problem. When children "go out and play", it is a way they learn to become independent and responsible. It is a healthy way to pull away from your parents, and for your parents to learn to let you go. Playing is a way for imagination to grow.

    Who knows, perhaps every one thinks the past was better?

    Happy Labor Day!!
    Enjoy your week ahead!


  41. Hi Carolyn!!!! I love the old days...I love the photos especially....they have a certain something that just feels warm...and loving!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!!!

  42. oh Carolyn, what a lovely post! thanks so much for sharing your personal memories. cuties :))

  43. The Childhood is a wonderful part of our life...I love remmembering it!


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