Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello New Year

Celebrated a big significant birthday

Happy New Year my friends and hope that your new year is off to a great start and that it will be a wonderful year for us all. 
Will share a few photos and memories that made 2017 special for me. My dear husband took me on the Orient Express and we ended up in the amazing City of Venice. Will have to share some more of my photos soon

We have enjoyed having family and friends around and it is always a lovely time of the year, when you can relax and enjoy some summertime weather. Barbecues and walks along the beach are always a wonderful way to spend the holidays.
My new year got off to a great start, as yesterday my dear daughter helped me with a job that needed attention, sorting out my overstocked wardrobe and we now have a big pile of clothes to go to the Red Cross Thrift shop.

Last Wednesday though, I had to visit the Medical center after a little accident.
I was sitting at my desk looking at the computer when for some unknown reason, the LED light bulb above me malfunctioned and the burning hot plastic dripped down on my arm. At first I thought maybe a wasp or bee had stung me, as it hurt a lot. My family wondered what on earth was wrong with me as I raced down the stairs screaming and pulling the plastic off that had melted onto my arm and causing third degree burns.  Thankfully it is coming right and have had to get the dressings changed everyday. We will be getting the electrician in to have a look at the wiring to the light, as I am sure it should not have done something like that.
A little Sailor bear I made
Will leave you with some pretty pink peonies 
Thanks very much for your continued friendship and support.
May 2018 bring you everything you hope for, love, peace, good health, happiness and prosperity for you and your loved ones also
Best wishes for luck in everyone's New Year 
Lots of love and hugs


  1. The peonies are a pretty color and what a horrid accident you had with the melting plastic and the LED, I had never heard of that happening before. I hope you heal quickly. How fun to travel to Venice on the Orient Express, I took it years ago from Switzerland to Istanbul.

  2. The ride in the Orient Express must have been a lovely experience. I look forward to seeing some pictures of that trip.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. What a strange thing to happen. Hopefully the burns will heal soon.
    Happy New Year, dear Carolyn! I hope the year will be wonderful and exciting for you.
    xo Julia

  3. Happy New Year to you, my dearest friend!
    Did not start really nice for you, and I hope, you will heal soon!
    Take care,
    sending much Love and hugs, Claudia xoxo

  4. Beautiful peonies...hope your arm wil revover soon....Happy new year!!!....Thanks for last blogyear ...love Ria x ❤️

  5. Dear Carolyn, looking back on the past year brings back happy memories. The visit to Venice must have been very special. We went there on our way to Italy when we used to drive down and stop along the way. We still talk about it with our grown up children. They clearly remember this amazing place. Thank you for your Christmas card. I keep the cards from friends and family out on display until the 6th January and then put them in a keepsake box. I'm sorry to hear about your accident and I hope the skin heals quickly. Your welcome blog post is lovely. Once more wishing you and your family a new year full of blessings.

  6. Happy New Year my lovely friend. Heal well from your burn.
    May every blessing be with you and yours in 2018 and always.
    Much love

  7. Happy New Year to you, dear friend.- and also hope your Christmas was all you dreamed of, with the kids and family , together . We had our daughter, the kids, and her x-husband here, for 5 days, and had a wonderful Christmas holly day . So awful with the burning on your arm,- I`m glad it is healing fine. Wishing you all the best for 2018 , Carolyn- Hugs from Dorthe

  8. What a horrible accident! Glad the burn's healing now.

    Happy New Year from Edinburgh

  9. Dearest Carolyn,
    Oh my that was a sad thing with the hot melted plastic dripping onto your arm. Glad it is working out and healing.
    Yes, we all need a good start and managing big tasks is a must.
    We will have to tackle some remodeling soon and this time we have to ask others as my Pieter with his very weak heart is no longer allowed to take such things on.
    I left the home clean and all laundry done before we went to Florida for 8 days, starting with midnight mass at the Basilica of Immaculate Conception. So that is a good coming home to.
    Tonight we have choir practice for our first performance on the 13th so that will throw is right back into it after our break since December 14th.
    Time flies...
    Hugs to you and how I do miss the tropical Christmas years in Indonesia. It never will be the same and even going to Florida did not compare. Days are still short.

  10. Oh Carolyn, I'm so sorry that happened to you. It must have been painful. I hope your arm heals nicely. I love the little bear you made. Venice sounds wonderful, and look forward to your pictures. Just wanted to tell you I'll be taking a blog break for awhile, but the girls will still post when they can, and I will continue to visit your sweet blog, and you can stop by any time and say hello.

    Happy New Year!

    love, ~Sheri

  11. Best wishes for a happy 2018!
    Lots of love from Titti

  12. Happy new year my friend. Hope your arm is good again.
    The peonies looks so beautiful. Now I look forward for spring and flowers from the garden
    Hugs from here

  13. Gorgeous pics, especially the flowers!
    Happy New Year!


  14. I never heard of this kind of thing happening. It must be rare.

  15. Hello Carolyn,
    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I do hope you are better and the pain has subsided. I wish you all the best for 2018.
    Big hug

  16. I so envy your Orient Express trip, Carolyn, it is one of my dream vacations. All in all, 2017 sounds like a very good year. I hope you're recovering from this painful beginning to 2018 and that it will be equally as good.

  17. Such beautiful peonies, dear Carolyn!
    Wishing you an amazing new year, full of everything good for you and you beautiful family!

  18. Dear Carolyn
    Thank you very much for the nice Seasons's Greetings card and also vor the best Wishes for the New Year.
    Hope your arm is good again. I wish you all the best and send you a lot of greetings from Switzerland. Love and Hugs Yvonne

  19. Happy New Year Carolyn
    Just stopping in to say hi and hope you and yours have a healthy and happy 2018 .... and, now I see comments that mention an accident ...so I must backtrack and look at some old postings...
    I hope you are alright...

    hugs, V>

  20. Just love the colour of your peonies.
    Sorry to read about your nasty accident - hope all has healed well.

    Looking forward to seeing photographs from your trip.

    In the meantime Happy New Year Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  21. Hot plastic sounds awful. Glad you are okay. Happy 2018!

  22. Que lindo color de esas peonias amiga querida,, espero que este 2018 llegue cargado de bendiciones

  23. Lindas imagens. Maravilhosas flores. Feliz Ano Novo. Hugs.

  24. Happy New Year, Carolyn.
    So sorry to hear that such accident happened to you. Almost 2 weeks have past and I hope you have no problems now.Thank you for those pretty pink peonies. Your flowers you post are always fresh and beautiful.

  25. Ouch, dear Carolyn, your accident sounds very painful. I hope you recover well! Your other descriptions of the New Year sound very good and also that your husband took you on the Orient Express and finally to City of Venice. I'm looking forward to more photos!
    A wonderful year 2018 for you and your loved ones!
    Hugs, Traude
    PS: Friends of us are making holidays at NZ at the moment! Sigh!

  26. The sailor bear is very cute. Thanks for sharing.


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