Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Clos Maggiore

When I read about this Restaurant I knew that it would be a lovely place to dine for my birthday when we were in London, so this is where we went.
Clos Maggiore is situated in a bustling area of London, in Covent Gardens and it was voted London's most romantic restaurant.
What was funny on the day we thought we had another hour to get ready and then my husband said it was 11.45 and we had a table reservation for 1pm. So it was a mad dash to get dressed and out the door to make our way across the City.

Our table was in the conservatory ( where it is the best place to be) it is really beautiful with pretty white cherry blossom everywhere and with a glass roof, creating a light and airy dining space.
The food was delicious of a French and Tuscan style and the service from the  friendly and competent staff was exceptional.
This really was a romantic and charming Restaurant and I had the best birthday, because who doesn't like to drink champagne, taste delicious food and dress up in a pretty dress.

  The pappardelle pasta with mushrooms was so good

Yesterday the builders were back to do a demolition job on our kitchen.
The past few days we have been packing the entire kitchen, food, utensils, pots and pans in boxes to store until the new kitchen can be installed on Monday, so that is why I have not had time to sit down at the computer. It was a good time to do a big clean out and a lot of things went in the rubbish - like herbs and spices that were past there best by date.
Today we are moving out to stay in an apartment in the City for a couple of weeks while the work is taking place. Look forward to getting away from the noise of hammering, sawing and dust.

Do hope all is well with you and I look forward to coming to see how you are.


  1. Happy belated Birthday, and hope you had a wonderful time at the restaurant. Warm greetings and best wishes!

  2. All the best to you and it will be wonderful to have the remodeling finished. Wonderful!

  3. My deaerst Carolyn,
    this Restaurant looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures!
    Getting a new kitchen, sounds great, but I can understand you, that you will stay in an appartment during the time, the workmen are making noise and dust!
    Have a good time, take care,
    sending lots of Love and Hugs to you , my dear friend!
    Blessings, Claudia xoxo

  4. I am pleased that you had a love birthday celebration at Clos Maggiore, it does look a lovely place for a special celebration.
    Good luck with the kitchen, it will be exciting returning back home in a couple of weeks.
    I hate having workmen in, and have just cleared up after having a new shower fitted. I can't face the thought of a new kitchen so have decided to go for new worktops and new applicances in the hope that it will give the room an updated more contemporary appearance in a quick and easy way.

  5. What a stunning place and what a romanticism in those environments, I'm sure you will treasure every little moment you spent there, dear Carolyn !

    Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week,
    I'm sending hugs and love to you

    XoXO Dany

  6. Hi Carolyn, your birthday dinner sounds wonderful! Such a pretty seating area and the food looks delicious. Kitchen remodels are so disruptive -- it is good that you will be staying elsewhere. Now you have something to look forward to when you come home. Hope all goes well and you have some fun in the city. Sending hugs to you xo Karen

  7. What a lovely looking restaurant to go to - and lovely food too I am sure! Hope that all goes well with the kitchen works and that you enjoy the results!

  8. Hello Carolyn,
    Happy belated birthday! What a lovely restaurant...I am glad you did something special to celebrate.
    Good luck with your kitchen renovations...I hope it goes smoothly.
    Big hug

  9. Dear Caroline, a beautiful woman, at a beautiful table- it must have been special to celebrate your birthday there.
    It must be exiting when all the kitchen work is done, and you can be back in your own place again. Enjoy the "vacation" in the city . Hugs, Dorthe

  10. What a stunning and romantic restaurant! Your kitchen will ne fabulous
    Hugs Alessandra

  11. Happy belated Birthday, dear Carolyn! The restaurant looks wonderful. It must have been a treat to celebrate your birthday there.
    All the dust and noise of a renovation are no fun. It's good that you're able to get away. Have some fun in the city!
    xo Julia

  12. Happy belated Birthday,Carolyn!
    I am glad you had a wonderful time at the restaurant in London.The restaurant looks romantic! Have a good day.

  13. That must be Great a new your dress lovely....enjoy your stay in the appartement to live in it ❤️ love love Ria x ❤️

  14. Such a lovely restaurant!
    Happy belated b-day darling!
    Kisses, Paola.

  15. Looks exquisite, darling!
    Happy weekend!


  16. Looks really lovely I must say!
    Have a great weekend, take care...

  17. Such lovely and romantic reastaurant!!! I'd love to have a lunch there!
    Good luck on thr works for your new kitchen dear, works are pretty annoying but the results will pay the sacrifice! :)

  18. Carolyn, what a perfect restaurant to spend your birthday. The food looks delicious. I love pasta AND mushrooms. I hope all goes well with the kitchen remodel. I think it's wise to stay somewhere else for a couple of weeks. I know how messy construction projects can get. Enjoy your time away, dear friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  19. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!

  20. Hi Carolyn, Your birthday dinner out sounds fabulous and how pretty you look at the table. Hope you enjoyed the perfect birthday. So excited for you on the kitchen remodel. It will be fabulous. Enjoy the time away till it's done. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend my friend. xoxo

  21. That looks like a great place to eat! Hope your kitchen replacement goes well!

  22. Dearest Carolyn,
    Wow, your recent Birthday was a memorable one; even if you had to get dressed in such a hurry due to time issues.
    As much as I've always loved conservatories, this is a dream for dining below the cherry blossoms.
    Good luck with your new kitchen installment and hope all goes well.
    Sending you hugs,

  23. What a lovely way to celebrate, Carolyn. Happy Birthday.

  24. Now this looks and sounds fabulous ...

    Hope your kitchen replacement work goes well,
    Sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  25. That looks like a fabulous restaurant! I love the white cherry blossom. Hope the kitchen renovations are going well, it is a good idea to get away from it all! Sarah x


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