Friday, June 16, 2017

So glad to be back home again

Hello dear friends,
Hope all is well with you all and I look forward to coming over to see how you are doing

Having got back from a very happy holiday and still feeling a little jet lagged, want to say thank you very much for the kind wishes you sent me.
We flew with Qatar Airlines, and had a good experience, but the 28 hour trip is a long, long time with a small stop over in Doha.
Here are a few photos taken inside the airport as we walked to catch our flight on to London
the dinosaur moved and made a noise
the teddy bear installation was huge

I took hundreds of photos on our trip so until I get the chance to sort through them and share a few with you,  will show you a few gorgeous flowers that were taken at the Biarritz Saturday morning market.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend


  1. Welcome back Carolyn - so pleased that you have had a good trip and are safe at home again.
    Long trips are very very tiring so take your time getting over the jet lag, but then I look forward to hearing all about your trip.

  2. Hello,Carolyn,
    Welcome back to our blog world. How wonderful that you had a good trip!
    Those flowers are beautiful and make me smile. I am looking forward to seeing more photos of your trip!! (#^.^#)!Happy day to you!

  3. Hello Carolyn,
    Welcome back. I am so happy you had a good trip and got home safe and sound. I cannot wait to see the pictures.
    Big hug

  4. Hello, my dearest Carolyn,
    so good, you are back safe in your home! Lovely pictures ... and I am looking forward for more :O)
    Thank you for your Email, I will answer soon, did not have a lot time on the computer ....
    Have a lovely and relaxing weekend ,
    sending much love and hugs and blessings to you, my dear friend, Claudia xoxo

  5. Welcome back home, Carolyn. So glad you had a nice trip. wow, 28 hours to get there, that's a long one. I look forward to seeing your wonderful photos. I bet it was good to be home again. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  6. So glad you're back, darling Carolyn !
    In the hope you had a wonderful time in our Europe,
    I'm sending blessings across the many miles

    XOXO Dany

  7. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  8. Welcome back Carolyn! That first photo 💕 Love the peony

  9. Welcome back, dear Carolyn! I hope you had the most wonderful and exciting vacation that was worth the long trip to Europe. I look forward to reading about your ride in the Orient Express and other adventures.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Carolyn. Beautiful pictures and I look forward to see photos from your trip
    Hugs from here

  11. Welcome back, Carolyn! So glad to hear from you. The flowers are pretty and I would so love to see the dinosaur move for real. Look forward to more of your pictures from the trip. Have a great weekend, my friend!

  12. Big hugs welcome back. I have missed you.
    My grandson loves dinosaurs. I love all you share.
    God bless

  13. WELCOME back Carolyn! A lovely post from you and some great pictures again...
    Have a happy weekend now!
    Love from a rainy Sweden and Titti

  14. Welcome home Carolyn! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photographs. Hugs

  15. Glad you are home safetly ....have a Nice weekend from me Ria x ❤️

  16. Welcome back home Carolyn.
    Pleased to read that you have had a good trip and are safe at home again.

    Looking forward to seeing your photo's.

    All the best Jan

  17. Welcome back! I'll look forward to the photos. I love travelling, but I also love that moment when you open the door and know that you are home.

  18. Welcome home, dear Carolyn.
    What beautiful flowers.
    Oh yes, that was a very long flight. I am looking forward to seeing more beautiful photo of your trip.

  19. Welcome HOME.
    Looking forward to seeing your vacation pics!
    VACATIONS are wonderful.

  20. Welcome back, dear Carolyn! Such a long flight, but glad you are home safe. Lovely photos. Rest and recover. xo Karen

  21. Welcome back , glad you had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. I hope you have recovered from your jet lag, that journey sounds so long! Sarah x

  22. Dear Caroline, I`m happy you returned safe home, after some wonderful days in EU , the photos of flowers looks stunning, dear. Hugs from Dorthe


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