Sunday, October 16, 2016

LIfe is busy

Dear friends,

Hope all is well with you all
 We had the pleasure of having our dear daughter home for the weekend and we always enjoy our times with her. Going for lovely long walks and having her back home.
Out on our walk we spotted a Mother duck and ducklings - could not get any closer as it was private property and sorry it is not very clear

Last week I downloaded a new upgrade to my iphone and after that I could not get anything to work, my computer, fitbit wasn't telling me how many steps I was taking, and then was not able to download photos. Thankfully after spending time with the Apple help desk I  now have the operating system Sierra and everything seems to be up and running again. Very frustrating when you are unable to get things to work, so now I look forward to coming over to visit you.

 Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible
~ Dalai Lama

Hope your weekend is lovely and now wishing you a happy new week ahead


  1. Congratulations! You have successfully overcome difficulties of computer and let us enjoy again the beauty of nature.

  2. I am glad it works again.....happy new week love Ria x


  3. Happy new week to you too Carolyn. The mummy duck and babies are adorable and are those snowdrops in your pot? If so it must be spring where you are? I adore snowdrops although mine are much smaller than the ones in your picture. xx

    1. Thanks Barbara for your visit and yes they are snowdrops and yes Spring is almost here.

  4. Hi Carolyn! I love these flowers .. are they lilies of the valley ?
    Enjoy your spring time!

    1. Hi Monique,

      The blooms are snowdrops - I love lily of the valley and actually planted a bulb but don't know what happened to it.

  5. Good evening dear Carolyn. What a beautiful post. How wonderful you had your daughter home for the weekend. Time spent is so precious..
    Love the flowers and mama duck and babies...
    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

  6. So happy to hear that you got a solution to work, Carolyn! Love your white lilies, they brighten my day.

  7. Deaerst Carolyn,
    so glad, you had a lovely weekend with your sweet daughter :O)
    Your pictures are looking, like Spring is coming around, with wonderful Snowdrops :O)
    Wishing you a wonderul new week , sending much Love and hugs and blessings to you, my dearest friend,
    Claudia xo

  8. Dear Carolyn!
    So beautiful that your daughter was here ...
    And the little ducks are so cute.
    I wish you a happy sunny week!
    With love,

  9. So happy that your daughter was here. Thank you for the lovely pictures.
    Hugs Alessandra

  10. I hate phone upgrates! Always more problems than before😀

  11. I love seeing your spring flowers! The quote is perfect for the times we are living in.

  12. Helo dearest Carolyn,
    yes,it sounds like a busy time - wonderful that you had a good time with your daughter, not so fine that you had technical troubles, but now it seems to be okay again. I hope you are enjoying the spring-days!
    Hugs from here, Traude

  13. Beautiful pics! Love the ducks!


  14. Dearest Carolyn,
    What a blissful time spent together with your dear daughter!
    Oh, our modern day communication gadgets can cause us some problems from time to time. I often wonder if it is build in with those updates?!
    They more or less control us...
    Sending you hugs,

  15. It's always a special when you can spend time with a precious daughter! Lovely to see the mother duck and young. Here they are flying south for the winter and I hear them overhead. Technology can certainly be frustrating - glad that you have it all working again. Hope you have a lovely spring day. Hugs xo Karen


  16. It sounds like you had a lovely time with your daughter Carolyn. Technology is great when it works isn't it? I am glad you got it all figured out.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  17. I know how frustrating when you have problems in computer. It is good to hear you have overcome difficulties of computer!! Do not worry,I can imagine how sweet the duckling on the grass is!
    Have a good weekend,Carolyn.

  18. Too bad for your Iphone dear Carolyn! It's so frustrating when some device stop to work out of the blue and you don't know what to do... but I'm happy you've found the way to make them run again! :)
    Beautiful photos, spring signs are so sweet and beautiful! :D

  19. Glad you spent time with your daughter at the weekend, lovely times.

    Hope this week has been good too - the days pass by so quickly.

    All the best Jan

  20. So nice to have spent time with your daughter, Carolyn. Those white flowers look like snowdrops to me, so pretty.
    Glad your computer is up and running again. I didn't have computer access for a few day and missed my blog friends. Wishing you a peaceful weekend, my dear friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  21. Hello Carolyn. I often think of you on the other side of the world embracing Spring weather as I am doing my best to be happy it's Autumn here. Dreading Winter. Sorry. I am envious of your weather! Blessings,


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