Friday, September 23, 2016

My week, with a few photos

My week has been enjoyable and here we are again, it is Friday  so now I will share a few snaps with you.
With my love for nature this little bird made me smile when I looked outside. Taken in the tree from DD's bedroom window, he/she is back again. The brightly coloured parrot did a little pirouette and you can see the video. As much as this bird is beautiful to look at, it is not good for our native species of birds, like the tui as they are competitive when it comes to getting food and sometimes upsetting and displacing our native species.

Down near where the ferry comes in this goose can often be seen there, making a loud honking noise and making its presence felt all around.

Many thanks for the kind birthday wishes for Marcel,... here are a couple of photos taken on our night out. We dined at the O'Connell Street Bistro in the private dinning room. The restaurant had been closed for about 8 months, due to a fire. So happy that they are up and running again as the food and evening was really great

Now to leave you with some pretty roses and to wish you a very happy weekend



  1. hi dear friend !! que bonitas imagenes de esos pajaros !!es un espectaculo de ave .. espero que tengas un buen dia

  2. Looks like a nice birthday celebration :)

  3. Family night is always enjoyable. I've never seen that combination of colours on a bird before. We have boring birds - brown and black.

  4. My dearest Carolyn,
    thank you for lovely pictures from your week and Marcel's Birthday Dinner :O)
    Hope, you all are well, I still have to work more, so I am really tired and hope, to have some days off soon!
    Wishing you a lovely, wonderful and joyful weekend, my desrest friend, sending Love and Hugs and blessings to you, Claudia xo

  5. Hello, dear Carolyn! Lovely, happy faces at the birthday celebration :) The parrot is so bright and pretty and the goose is a nice welcome for travelers. Beautiful roses, too. Sending hugs xx Karen

  6. Lovely post dear!Have a great Friday! xx

  7. Looks like an really nice week! Oh so colourful bird, beautiful!
    Love from Titti

  8. The parrot has fantastic colouring - we too have problems with imported species especially the grey squirrel making life difficult for our much smaller and prettier red squirrel.
    Looks a lovely birthday celebration.

  9. Hello Carolyn,
    That first picture with the bird is terrific. What a great picture...the contrast in colors is beautiful. I'm glad you had a good week and a good time at the restaurant,
    Big hug

  10. Happy weekend Caroline love Ria x

  11. it's always sad when such a pretty species turns out to be a pest, we need to control invasive species and let the natives thrive

  12. Hi Carolyn! The parrot is a very cute!!
    Have a nice weekend

  13. Goodness, it is a brightly coloured parrot!

    Sounds and looks like you've had a good week.
    Thanks for sharing your photo's.

    Happy Weekend Wishes

    All the best Jan

  14. Lovely blog piece, interesting that you have parrots, we have parakeets which aren't native so they are causing problems here too. Lovely watch though if you're not a little bird trying to get your dinner off the bird table.

  15. Lovely you had a wonderful week, dear Carolyn, and enjoyed the day out, to celebrate. Looks nice there. And yes sad the beautiful bird, is a pest around you !!
    Hugs and happy weekend. Dorthe

  16. Carolyn, to be able to see a bird as colorful as that around your neck of the woods is quite amazing. It is really a beauty. We don't see that many vibrant birds here in California. You had a nice get together for your daughter's birthday. And the pink roses are sweet, thank you.

    Have a restful weekend, Carolyn.

    love, ~Sheri

  17. That parrot is such beautiful! Love your wonderful pictures.
    Hugs ALessandra

  18. Pretty pics! Love the ducks!


  19. That parrot would be hard to miss! I do understand that one species can be hard on the native birds. Since our local climate has gotten warmer, we have become overrun with birds coming north.
    Love the roses!

  20. That parrot is amazing Carolyn! Wonderful snap shots of your weekend:) xo

  21. Hi,Carolyn,
    You had a wonderful time with your family. The red parrot is pretty.
    I was so glad to know you have been learning another language,French!
    Is it fun? Have a good day.

  22. Wow! Stunning photo!
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me on Blog and Google+ and I'll follow you back!

  23. Hi Carolyn, Love your beautiful photos sharing time spent with your dear family. Always a treat to visit you. The roses are gorgeous!! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs and Joys to you! xo

  24. Beautiful photos, as usual, dear Carolyn!
    That colorful little bird is soooo cute! :D

  25. Feels so refreshing to see your lovely nature photos, Carolyn! Family times are special memorable times indeed. The smiles say it all. Have an awesome week ahead, greetings from India ~

  26. Dear Carolyn, the days go by and now I send greetings again. I so appreciated your message left on my last blog post. I hope you have had another good week enjoying life in your lovely part of the world. Love from Linda.

  27. You are able to find wonderful things in daily life.

  28. Hello Carolyn
    It is always so nice to visit your lovely Blog. The little parrot is so pretty! Have a great weekend!

  29. I follow you, please follow me back!))

  30. That brightly coloured parrot could cheer anyone right up.

  31. WOW, dearest Carolyn, the blaze of colors of the bird thrills me! So beautiful. And I'm glad that you had a wonderful celebration of the birthday of your son - happy belated birthday-wishes to him! Your pink roses are so wonderful!
    Lots of hugs, my dear,


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