Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hydrangeas and a hand knitted jersey

Hi dear friends, do hope that you are having a lovely weekend.
It has been grey and windy here, which tells me Autumn is fast approaching and we will soon be turning back the clocks. I am actually liking the cooler weather, as found the hot and humid days a little much.

Today I will share a few snapshots. Hydrangeas are always a favourite flower of mine and it is gratifying been able to propagate new plants from the cuttings.

Last year I knitted Marcel (wonderful son) this jersey for his birthday. 
On a visit to the hairdressers one time and looking through the glossy magazines, I came across this Chanel advertisment and thought the jersey that Pharrell Williams was wearing was very nice. 

Searching over the Internet for a couple of hours  I managed to track down a similar pattern in a Bergere de France book. This was fun to knit and should be cozy and warm for him to wear in winter.

Thank you for visiting my blog and it is a pleasure to read your comments and appreciate you taking the time to drop me a line.
It makes my day!
Wishing you a happy new week ahead



  1. Wow, you replicated the Channel sweater so beautifully:) I enjoy knitting too. I found it very therapeutic.

  2. Thank you for your visit and yes I find knitting to be very therapeutic also.

  3. The sweater is beautiful, dear Carolyn. What a wonderful gift. I'm sure your son will be happy to wear it.
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Omg amazing job on the sweater!
    Beautiful flowers, too :)


  5. Dear Carolyn - I love the blue hydrangeas most but my soil will only grow the pink - perhaps I would prefer the pink ones if I could only grow the blue!
    Your clocks go back and next week ours move forward.

  6. Great post dear! Lovely sweater!:)
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  7. Wish you a nice sunday
    and happy new week

  8. You did a great job with knitting, long ago I made these "cables" knitting for my daughter.

  9. I wish I could make something that nice. In the 50's in high school we had classes for cooking and sewing. I can cook, my
    sewing class teacher had me rip out a zipper 6 times. At the fashion show my dress fell apart. I still have bad thoughts about that teacher. She must be in HELL. Growing up in Texas we had such bad Teachers. The system was so flawed. A good Teacher
    is like finding an Angel showing you the steps to Heaven.

  10. A lovely sweater. I so admire your talents. The hydrangeas are beautiful. I need to plant some more. Happy Sunday to you. I would like you to share your post at out link party, Dishing It & Digging It today at 4:00 EST.

  11. Hi Carolyn, I love Hydrangeas, they are the wonderful flower!

  12. What beautiful Hydrangeas, the colours are just lovely.

    I do think you have done an excellent job with that sweater, bet your son is so pleased with it.

    All the best Jan

  13. are very talented! The sweater is such beautiful. The flowers are stunning

  14. Beautiful sweater....great done !!....yes yes yes .....we have spring!!!...i am so happy with That.....lovely week love from me Ria ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Hello Carolyn! I just love Hydrangeas, but the climate in our area is too hot for them, I guess, as they never do well in my garden.
    The sweater you have knitted is beautiful, I am sure your son will enjoy it this coming winter (for you).
    Thanks for your visit and comments!!
    I wish you a happy Autumn! Today was our first day of Spring it our part of the World!!
    Many hugs!!!

  16. Carolyn, you knitted this sweater, it's amazing! The color is just right for your son. You did a wonderful job. Your hydrangeas are so pretty. Did I ever tell you that I love your pictures? They are just so sweet and special.

    Have a nice week ahead getting ready for your Autumn to come.

    love, ~Sheri

  17. Hello Carolyn! Thank you visiting my blog. We have very much snow here and I am waiting for warmer days and spring. Sun is shining but it has bee very cold wind. You have knitted a beautiful sweater, it must be warm too.
    Happy week!

  18. Dearest Carolyn,
    WOW, you are an excellent knitter and this was not an easy sweater with all its cables.
    It for sure has an excellent fit and I do love the mock neck.
    Sending you hugs,

  19. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  20. Beautiful post and I love the sweater!
    Have a happy monday, take care...

  21. I love you hydrangeas Carolyn. It's unusual to see pink and blue together because each grow in different soils depending on the pH level of alkaline or acidity and produce different coloured bracts. A pot of hydrangeas with blue bracts that our son gifted us has gradually turned pink now that it has been planted in the ground and I've tried to remedy with organic compost to get it back to blue, but without success. Nevertheless, a lovely shrub. Your son will appreciate the beautiful sweater. I like the pattern and neckline. Wishing you and your loved ones a good week and a very happy Easter season. xx

  22. Hello Carolyn,
    I am very impressed by your knitting talent. It is a gorgeous sweater! Enjoy the beautiful hydrangeas.
    Big hug

  23. Beautiful flowers and hand knitted sweater.
    So lovely are all of your postings.
    Love hugs and smiles across the miles.
    Happy Holy week and Easter blessings ♥

  24. Wish I could make such a beautiful sweater myself Carolyn. Your son will look very handsome wearing it!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  25. Hello Carolyn, thank you for your visit and for your sweet words!
    Congratulations for the beautiful sweater you've made for your son! Lucky guy!
    Hugs. Paola

  26. Hola Carolyn ,, que bonitas esas hortensias azules , son una maravilla de flor ,,espero que tenga un bendecido comienzo de semana

  27. Oh Carolyn,
    Hydrangeas are my most favorite flower. Beautiful! And the sweater turned out even better than the one from your inspiration pic :-) Wishing you a wonderful new week.


  28. Hello Carolyn! Always a treat to stop by your place and see what you're up to. Blessings to you as EASTER is fast approaching. May you have a pleasant Autumn. We suppose to get snow in the early morning hours. Spring is here, but it still snows.
    You are so very talented...very nice sweater. Awesome.

    Talk to you soon,

  29. Oh, Carolyn. Carolyn! That sweater is absolutely gorgeous! Your son will look absolutely dashing in it. I so wish I could knit like that. And I love hydrangeas. They are gorgeous at every stage. Big, happy, beautiful mopheads. xo

  30. Dear Carolyn, what a most beautiful jersey, you knitted to your son, It is gorgeous, love the pattern, and your wonderful knitting.
    I have had Mathilde here :-) so not much blogging last many days !! Hugs to you, dear.

  31. How clever to have managed to find a similar pattern a knitted Marcel a wonderful jumper. I too would love to have blue hydrangeas. Sarah x

  32. Dear Carolyn,
    I missed this post.. How I would love to be able to knit like this. What a fantastic job you did on this sweater! I know you son will treasure it always. And wear it often!


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