Sunday, January 17, 2016

A lovely summers day

Yesterday was a perfect summers day... hot, sunny and without a cloud in the brilliant blue sky.

We were invited to a dear family friends 80th birthday, along with his big family and friends and a wonderful location, with their home right on the beach.
Walking over the grass and then onto the sandy white beach is a lovely place to have a party.
It seems only fitting to share a couple of photos.
A large marquee tent protected everyone from the scorching sun.
We attended Colins 60th birthday and made me think how it did not seem very long ago and how fast the 20 years had gone.
Happy birthday Colin
As the years go by, I often think how friendship is a wonderful and an important part of life.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend


  1. What a perfect venue for a special party Carolyn!
    The weather has been wonderful on and off and yesterday especially was an exceptional Summer's day!
    You look gorgeous in your pretty dress and sunhat!
    I was out and about all day yesterday and wore my sunhat too.
    It really surprises me how few Auckland people wear hats!!
    Happy Summer days dear Carolyn
    Shane x

  2. Sounds like a lovely celebration. I was just thinking the other day of how I can remember when my friend celebrated her father's 60th and now her husband just had his 60th birthday. Age and time are funny things. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Looks like a nice and warm day to be outdoors and sharing with friends and family alike. Warm greetings!

  4. Looks idyllic - the years fly by much quicker the older we get.

  5. Lovely, indeed!
    Fabulous hat!


  6. Sounds with friends is always a party...we have our first snow today.....have a Nice That you on the last photo? from me Ria x ❤️

  7. Wonderful with summer. Guess we
    have a temperature difference of
    50 degrees!!

  8. Real summer in your part of the world!

  9. Looks like a beautiful day...such lovely fun time
    Big hugs x

  10. A perfect location for the birthday event in the sunshine. You all look very relaxed. It's lovely when you can meet up and celebrate with old friends.

  11. Lovely photo of you dear Carolyn,-love the dress and your sunhat, and yes time goes far to fast, like the days have just flown, if one is thinking 20 years back -oh it is scaring as the next many years, will fly equally, and maybe eeven faster !!
    Much love and a hug from Dorthe

  12. So happy you had such a wonderful time. I love all you share. Love Jeanne

  13. Hello dear Carolyn,
    What a wonderful day.. To celebrate an 80th birthday is quite a blessings.
    You look so beautiful! Love your hat and dress...

  14. I am is bright and sunny with frost on the trees and fresh snow and did I mention COLD!! At least for today. Warming up tomorrow...
    Friendship is a wonderful thing...and I am thankful everyday that I can think of my dear friend, Carolyn. Thank-you❤️
    Your dress is lovely...looks like you are enjoying a wonderful day out by the water.
    Love and hugs, Nancy W.

  15. Hi Carolyn, what a lovely setting for a birthday party. Happy Birthday to your friend. It is a blessing to be 80 and God Bless him for many more years.
    You look gorgeous my friend. Love your hat and darling dress.
    Glad you enjoyed a wonderful time. Have a great week ahead. xo

  16. It looks like a great party in a great location. Snowed here today so lovely to see your sunshine! xx

  17. Birthdays are wonderful and it is very nice that you can celebrate together with friends and family. Your weather is lovely. We're at 12 degrees….brrrr.

  18. Lovely indeed
    Feeling to have a day like this

  19. Hello Carolyn,
    A very happy belated birthday to Colin. Lovely pictures!
    Big hug

  20. That looks like a beautiful location Carolyn! Happy birthday to your friend. Such a great age.

    Madelief x

  21. Wow! What a wonderful place to have a party - on the beach!! It's -11 degrees windchill here in Ohio today so a white sandy beach sounds pretty awesome! Blessngs for a happy New Year! Edie & Marie

  22. You look so lovely it looks such a perfect day and location to celebrate a special birthday! Sarah x

  23. I agree with you about the friedship. It sounds a lot of fun and the location is fabulous.

  24. Looks like a beautiful day for a celebration!

  25. Boa tarde, lindo dia para comemorar o aniversario, que seja sempre assim por muitos anos, sua apresentação é maravilhosa.

  26. My darling Carolyn, I'm sure it was a perfect day and a perfect place for such an important event ... oh, it sounds so strange to me, we're in Winter, with a temperature below zero for days and a quite 'ill' sun ... your post warms my hearth, in so many ways, my sweet friend, truly !

    Have a most beautiful remainder of your week
    sending love


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