Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Just add a touch of yellow

As the weather has been grey and drizzly the past few days here,  I want to inject a little sunshine and colour today.

Nothing like a vase of pretty yellow roses to  bring some beauty and brighten up the house

Just had to share this ... It would be fun to ride out into the countryside on this bicycle for a picnic, so stylish! 

Life is riding a bicycle 
To keep your balance you must keep moving 
~ Albert Einstein

I've got plans for today and really must get back to doing the things on my to do list

Thank you so much for visiting me today
Hope you have a wonderful week


  1. Carolyn, I love yellow roses so. I have planted some myself in my garden, and they start out a deep yellow color, then lighten up to a soft pretty yellow. What a fantastic bicycle. It's very handy for drinks and goodies. :~)

    Have a beautiful week, Carolyn. Your posts are always so special.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. You are so right!! The yellow just adds that colorful touch to your space!! And that bike is so dreamy! Beautiful blooms friend! Good luck getting everything done!! Nicole xoxo

  3. Dear Carolyn,
    those yellow roses are beautiful!
    Love the yellow bike too!
    Have a lovely and wonderfull new week,my dear friend,
    sending Love and hugs,
    Claudia xo

  4. Hello,Carolyn.
    Sorry,long time no see. My blog and I were sleeping for several months. How lovely to see the yellow roses and the yellow bicycle.I agree with you, It is fun to ride out into the countryside on bicycles. My bicycle I bought ten years ago is also yellow! But yours is more stylish than mine!! Enjoy hiking!

  5. A bike with a bottle of of champaign, that is fun!

  6. Nothing better than a bunch of yellow roses, I'm keen on yellow, so warm and bright colour! It fits well with your shabby bedside table.
    The bike is tempting indeed!

  7. Lovely "sunshine" from your roses, and that bicyckle is surely saying summer and picnic dear Carolyn. We have been lucky to have sund while Nadja and Mathilde visited, so we were on both beach and in the woods, for tours .
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  8. That is a quite a bicycle isn't it! Your touches of yellow are lovely! xx

  9. Beautiful rosses ......happy week love Ria...x!

  10. Yellow roses certainly brighten up a room Carolyn! Yours are beautiful. You would look so smart riding that bright yellow bike around town!
    I hope you are having a great week sweet friend, and getting a little fun in :)
    sending hugs...

  11. Hi Carolyn, oh the beauty of yellow roses. Yours are gorgeous, fresh and sunny.
    Enjoy and have a wonderful new week.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  12. I love your touches of yellow. The roses are gorgeous. The bike is so pretty!

  13. Dearest Carolyn,
    That is a lovely yellow bike to ride!
    I'm also very, very busy and barely made it for reading some blogs tonight; however late...

  14. No rain here until the next winter season. Just dust and hot, hot, hot. Pretty yellow roses. My aunt's favorite that my uncle always brought to her. Since he passed away, her children carry on the tradition. Hope you've had a lovely week. Best wishes, Tammy

  15. The flowers you always have in your home are always so lovely! Such a wonderful colour to brighten your dull days. Sarah x

  16. Such pretty roses, and that yellow bike is just perfect :)

  17. Hello Carolyn, it’s been a horrible grey and wet day here today your flowers were just what I needed to bring a little sunshine into my life. Thank you for sharing them, Hugs Barbara

  18. YELLOW ist the best color to bring sunshine into the world, dearest Carolyn! Thank you so much for sharing these bright yellow roses with us! Here in Austria we had some just-grey, some grey-and-stormy and some grey-and-rainy days, too, but today we had nice spring-sunshine and not TOO much wind. I loved it to walk in the afternoon-sunshine along the fields for about 50 Minutes :o) Hope you will have nice autumn-days SOON!
    Lots of hugs, my dear,

  19. Beautiful yellow roses, Carolyn, and so pretty on your lovely table! Isn't that bicycle so fun? I love the Einstein quote - how true is that? Hope you catch up on things, that to do list never ends.....Hugs xo Karen

  20. Pretty roses and yellow is a colour I like more and more...sunshine and happiness!
    Have a great weekend, take care!

  21. I love that song by Donovan Mellow Yellow.........Such a bright beautiful post my sweet friend. I love all you share.
    Love Jeanne

  22. Hi Carolyn, just love those lovely yellow roses - a delight to look at.

    Hope you have had a good week, bet you have been busy.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan


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