Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Cricket Match

 Looking back at the history of the game of cricket which has its origins in England, spanning from the 16th Century.
 To this day it is played professionally in most of the Commonwealth Nations and it is such a fun and exciting game to watch.
First grand Cricket Match played on Hampton Court Green

Striped Cricket and boating blazers,  have always been a bit of an obsession for me and evokes a timeless and vintage look

On Sunday was the final game of the Cricket World Cup... our Black Caps took to the field playing against the Australian team, and we watched from the sofa.
We were proud to see the boys had made it this far and had our fingers crossed.
The Australian team were too good and stepped up and delivered.
Congratulations and well done Australia.

Wishing you a happy week


  1. Love the styles that go along with the history of cricket! Sorry that your team didn't win but it sounds like it was an exciting match! Wishing you a great week friend! Nicole xo

  2. Dear Carolyn,
    what a nice post about Cricket :O)
    Thank you and Congrats to the Winner Australia ....
    Wishing you a wonderful Easterweek, my dear friend, and sending Love and hugs ,
    Claudia xo

  3. Hi dearest friend. How are you? I no lost my present for you... I wrte a you a mail, your post is like you, WONDERFUL great history. I lat a you and a your family a wonderful Easter. KISSES. NI

  4. Thanks for the cricket lesson...........Love all you share.
    Happy Holy week and Easter blessings
    Love Jeanne

  5. :-( Sorry your team did not winn- but maybe better luck next time.
    I`m not much of a sports interested woman, so not watching anything sport at all- but I understand that others are extreamly interested and feeling so tense and exited when watching a game.
    Dearest, I wish you a lovely Easter, and send you warm hugs, from also cold Denmark!
    Dorthe, xxx

  6. Cricket seems to be like Golf, is it?

  7. Hi dear friend !! Ese look lo encuentro muy masculino !Espero que tengas una bendecida Semana Santa !!

  8. Cricket is one of those games that I have never got to grips with, I think it is because I don't concentrate for long enough! I have to cheer for the Aussies though! xx

  9. I don't really understand cricket, but I do like striped blazers :)

  10. Hi Carolyn, so sorry your team did not win but they played a good game and I am sure it was exiting. Great pics and a bit of history.
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter week.
    Hugs and Blessings to you my friend, CM

  11. Dearest Carolyn,
    Very lovely post in connection with the fashion relation to cricket. Yes, it has left quite a mark for centuries. Never ever did we watch a cricket match though. Must have been fun and indeed, congrats to Australia.

  12. New Zealand did well to reach the finals! I was cheering for them :)

  13. LOvely post about cricket. Congratulations on Australia.

  14. Hi Carolyn! These pictures about the history of cricket are very nice!


  15. I'm sorry your team didn't win. I went to Lords cricket ground for a conference last summer. It was so interesting learning all about the history of the game and looking at the pitch where so many victories have occurred. Sarah x


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