Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy birthday

Yesterday the 18th September was our son, Marcels birthday... how those 23 year have gone so quickly!

We had reserved a table at Masu { a wonderful Japanese Restaurant} to celebrate the special day.
One of my favourite things are a long lunch and what better thing to do, is enjoy delicious food over a bottle of wine, and share some stories and laughs.
It was one of those days though, as Marcel was not feeling well and it was more of a rushed time, so we will re-celebrate another time.

The reason for the photos, was when the children were little they were asked by the hairdresser who used to cut their hair, if they wanted to be featured in a Hair magazine.
So it was fun for them to have their hair cut and go and spend the afternoon at a photo shoot and then to see their photos in the magazine.

I am so distraught, have just discovered we have a catastrophe on our hands ... noticed in the hallway there is water oozing up through the floor boards and waiting for the plumber to come around.
Unfortunately I think our hot water cylinder may have sprung a leak :-( 
Oh well sometimes there will be days like this.

Anyway I just want to wish you a happy weekend


  1. Dearest Carolyn,
    Happy birthday to your son.. The photos of your children when they were young are so sweet.. So good looking, and I can see why they were asked to do the photo shoot.
    Beautiful thick hair.. Both of them.
    Oh good grief! Not your hot water cylinder... I am so sorry Carolyn.. Yes, you are so right... There are days like this..
    Take care,

  2. May your son have a wonderful year starting with a very happy birthday. May he get to feeling better soon.
    Sorry about the water works! Hope all goes well.

    Blessings to you,

  3. Your children are beautiful Carolyn! And a very happy birthday to your son!!! I hope that your water situation is resolved very soon!!!! You take care friend! Nicole xoxo

  4. Dear Carolyn,
    Happy belated Birthday to Marcel! 23 years, yes, time is flying, isn't it?
    I am sad to hear your problems with the water! Hope you get it fixed soon and it does not get worse! Yes, there are days like this, always, everywhere...
    Take care, and have a good weekend!
    Sending Love and hugs,

  5. Many good wishes to your Son and blessings for a happy weekend. Much love Jeanne

  6. Dear Carolyn,

    Judging from the picture above your son must be a VERY handsome young man! Happy birthday to him and may he recover soon so that you may have that long lunch you have been looking forward to.

    I'm sure the plumber will sort out your problem very quickly. We had our hot water tank replaced a short while ago and it did not take long at all!


  7. Happy Birthday to your son! Time is flying so fast!

  8. Dear Carolyn

    Happy birthday to your son - oh to be 23 again!!!
    I hope he is feeling better and you can celebrate together soon.
    Good luck with the plumbing issues.....
    Enjoy your weekend

  9. Don't you wish little boys would stay little boys much longer? THAT MUCH TIME HAS GONE BY? Oh Carolyn, bless you all. ENJOY a great weekend-long celebration!

  10. Happy birthday happy birthday to your son from South Africa..
    Tell him a big giraffe from krugersdorp is saying hi to him and sending love..
    And my maloo too and me too..
    Have a great weekend xx

  11. Hello Carolyn,
    I hope there wont be too much water damage! Happy belated birthday to Marcel!
    Big hug,

  12. Happy BDay to your son Carolyn! So sorry he wasnt fine, hope he is better now. How sweet the pic of them when they were kids! Hope the disaster at home is fixed! Happy weekend! xo

  13. Happy Birthday to Marcel! Hope he is feeling better! Sorry to hear about the water situation! Good luck getting it all sorted out. Do find a way to enjoy your weekend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  14. Yes Happy Birthday with your son, dear Carolyn, I wish you another beautifu day to truly celebrate him!
    And then I hope dear, that the water issue will be properly fixed, and all be well again !!
    A happy weekend to you.

  15. Congratulations with your Son ......!!!...enjoy a happy Ria...x!

  16. Oh what a nice fellow, dear Carolyn!
    Surely he is still as nice in the "ripe old age" of 23 years !!! I wish him a happy birthday and that he soon feels completely comfortable! And I wish YOU a wonderful weekend and that the problem with the water in the hallway can be easily fixed!!!
    Lots of hugs, my dear!

  17. Dear Carolyn, Happy Birthday to your son and so sorry he was feeling under the weather. Wishing him a prompt recovery. The pics are adorable and how fun both brother and sister shared a photo shoot in a magazine. Fun and happy memories.
    So sorry to hear you have a water leak. I know how stressful this can be. I had the same thing happen here a few years ago and it was a mess to clean up all the water.
    Wishing you a good weekend just the same and the problem fixed soon.
    Sending hugs your way.

  18. What a handsome son Carolyn and now he is 23yrs and all grown up. Hope that water problem has been fixed and your day can return to normal.
    Happy weekend

  19. nice date to celebrate
    new post:

  20. Dearest Carolyn,
    Oh my, poor Marcel... it can happen and usually it is Murphy's law that it always happens at the wrong moment.
    The same for your hot water cylinder; hope it is not too bad. We had that happen while we were in Curaçao on vacation in 2012. Luckily our cat-sitter did spot it early on and our best friends took action for having it replaced. That's life; it is not like in a magazine nice and clean all the time... In-between there are other days laced through the tapestry.
    Enjoy your Sunday and sending you a big hug,

  21. Happy birthday to Marcel!!! He was such a cute little boy. They must have loved the photo shoot and seeing themselves
    in the magazine.
    I sure hope your leak isn't really bad Carolyn and that there isn't too much damage.
    sending big hugs...

  22. Happy Birthday to you son. Your kids look wonderful as children and I am sure they still do as adults. I am so sorry about the water. Plumbers charge a mint. I hope it is easily fixed. Hugs Kay

  23. Happy birthday to your boy. My oldest will be 19 next month and Japanese is his favorite cuisine. :) Your kids must have gorgeous hair to be featured like that. Sorry to hear about the water problem. We had a kitchen ceiling leak a few weeks ago. I'm afraid the owner won't do a thing and come winter when there is a chance for rain, we will have more leaks. So frustrating! Take care, Tammy

  24. Dearest Carolyn; Wow a little belated Happy Birthday to your Marcel♡♡♡ I DO wish his condition gets perfectly better soon as well. You have really sweet memories with them when they were young, so heart warming to read, my friend. Well, my birthday was yesterday19th and I had lunch with my cousins and aunt at western restaurant. Haha, not Japanese restaurant; don't we love other style of meal sometime(*^_^*)
    Sorry to hear the water problem, it sure is main function for everyday life!!!
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs to my dear friend in New Zealand from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  25. Hi Carolyn, just catching up now that I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting. Happy Birthday to your son! I bet you can't believe where the years have gone. I hope that you have got the water situation sorted out now and that it wasn't anything too serious. xx

  26. Happy Birthday to your son, i hope he feels better now. Yes the time with kids is running. My daughter is 25 now and feels like yesterday, she came into school.
    Have a nice weekend

  27. Belated happy birthday to Marcel. They do grow up so fast, don't they? Hope the hot water system is fixed.
    Enjoy your weekend Carolyn.

  28. Oh Carolyn, so sorry to hear your son wasn't feeling well on his birthdays, of all days. Nonethelessless wishing him a happy belated birthday. And sorry to hear about your water leak. Hope it all gets resolved soon. Wishing you a wonderful new week.


  29. Happy birthday to your son. He was a very cute boy.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words.

    Hugs from here

  30. Happy birthday for Marcel dear Carolyn!!!!
    And I hope all is good with your house and your water system!!!!
    Happy next week my Dear!
    With love,

  31. Happy birthday to your son but what a shame that he wasn't feeling well. Time really does fly. I hope the leak was not as bad as it sounds. Hopefully it's fixed now without causing too much damage.

  32. You are so sweet... Thank you Carolyn for visiting Fibi and Boo.. So happy you enjoyed them..
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  33. Hi Carolyn...happy belated birthday to your son. Hope he is feeling better now! Enjoy your week:)
    ~Anne xx

  34. Dear Carolyn
    Happy belated birthday to your son. My daughter is also 23 years old.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Love and hugs Yvonne


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