Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Decorating with wallpaper

Do you like to decorate with white,  or colour?

Our entrance/hallway and stairwell is in need of a makeover and lately we have been looking at wallpapers that we may be able to use to give it a new look.

Love these beautiful florally patterns with the pretty sprays of flowers  -  would make me happy but would be more suitable for a bedroom though and may be a little much for my DH

This Scandinavian design called Mr and Mrs Collins I thought was old world elegant - would look great for our daughters bedroom which is next in the queue for a new look.

Roziere's hot air balloon, I thought was  magnificent - love the soft delicate colours. 
After the Mongolfier brothers first flight {1783}, flown from the Jardin des Tullieries in Paris, balloon mania swept through the decorative arts. The balloon always speaks to me of freedom, sailing through the sky.

We will most likely go with this, an Anaglypta dado panel, in the Gothic design and then paint it white or cream.  As we are not able to buy this in New Zealand we will have to import from England.
the Gothic design we like - has quite an art deco appearance
Now I will show you a beautiful gift that I got in the mail  last week - was so excited to get this gorgeous cushion cover and sweet card, many thanks. Claudia is so creative and does the most beautiful sewing and special work. 
Go over and say hello and meet Claudia

I am grateful and blessed to know of her wonderful friendship. 
Although we have never met we have enjoyed corresponding for over twenty years.

I am also very grateful for all the virtual friends from across the world - isn't blogging wonderful!
Always love to see you here, thank you and appreciate all my wonderful friends.
Wishing you a happy week


  1. I love the look of printed wallpaper but I agree with your choice. If I were to have wallpaper it would be something discreet like the an Anaglypta dado panel

  2. Thanks Trishie, great to get your opinion.

  3. That wallpaper you chose has a lovely design. I've become a real fan of wallpaper since working at a home furnishings company that produced custom wallcoverings. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start Carolyn!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Wonderful choices on the wallpaper, love all the designs. What a cute cushion cover.

    Hugs diane

  5. How awesome that you both have been corresponding for 20 years! That is wonderful! And the cushion she made you is so very lovely! As for the wallpaper...I LOVE it! I have just gotten some for my girls room and am thinking of doing our front foyer is well! Let us know what you decide! And yes blogging is great fun!! Happy week you! Nicole xo

  6. Wallpaper comes in and out of fashion, but I think it's wonderful. My whole first floor is wallpapered, and I love it! You have chosen wisely; however, you can be a bit bold with entrance wallpaper as you will actually spend less time looking at it than your "lived in" rooms.

  7. My dear Carolyn,
    first of all I want to Thank you for this lovely words in your post today :O) You made my day WONDERFUL !
    I am so happy, you liked my little gift and I am so thankful too for your so wonderful friendship through all those years!
    The wallpapers you have shown are beautiful and I am wondering, which kind you will take to make your hallway!
    Wishing you a wonderful week, and sending much Love and hugs, my dear friend!
    Claudia xox

  8. Dear Carolyn,
    You know how I love flowers, so Roziere's hot air balloon caught my eye.. But, if I was going to pick It would probably be more in line with your choice, which is wonderful.
    I love the gift from Claudia.. How wonderful to have a friendship for 20 years through corresponding...
    And yes, blogging is wonderful.. I have come to know so many nice people, just like you...

  9. Hi Carolyn,

    I love the Gothic design that you chose! That is really elegant. I can't believe you've been blogging for 20 years! Wowza! That's so awesome. Have a wonderful week!


  10. Dear Carolyn!
    Oh yes, I am so glad to know you and your beautiful blog though you are so far away from me!
    What a friendship! 20 years that' s extraordinary!
    I hope you and your friend have the chance in the future to see each other!!!! How funny must be that!
    I hope you show us photos of your finished walls with the new wallpaper!
    Have a happy week Carolyn!
    With love,

  11. I did not decide for a wallpaper in my apartment but the first 2 are really pretty!

  12. I like the wallpaper you chose, and the
    floral is lovely too. And it was a wonderful
    gift from Claudia.

  13. Blogging friends are so special. What a thrill to receive your lovely cushion.
    I think you can buy the Anaglypta dado here in Australia. My sister used it. I'm not sure about that pattern though.
    Have fun deciding.
    Hugs Kay

  14. What a lovely present, with such a beautiful saying! The wallpapers are lovely, the one in the first picture with the great bunches of delphiniums is amazing isn't it, it would make a great feature wall in a bedroom!! xx

  15. Wow they all so beautiful *•*
    Happy week hugs to you x

  16. ... these are the true emotions of life. The meetings ... friendships ... Claudia is very dear ... JUST LIKE YOU! LOVE!!! NI

  17. I haven't lived in a place with wallpaper since I was a little boy. I do have fond memories of it since it was my grandma's house :)

  18. Hello Carolyn,

    We have to say that we would not generally consider ourselves to be wallpaper people but the designs which you show here are very tempting. However, the Anaglypta dado designed paper is wonderful. We can imagine that looking very good indeed, especially if painted in a contrasting colour to the rest of the wall. How clever of you to discover this....an idea which we may well steal from you!

    Yes, Blogtopia is a wonderful place. And it is extraordinary how one can form close friendships with people whom one has never met. The world becomes smaller and happier through such relationships.

  19. Blessings and much love.
    I love all you share.
    Love and smiles across the miles
    Love Jeanne

  20. Hello Carolyn,
    I love the gothic design paper you chose. it will be beautiful. congratulations on the lovely gift!
    Big hug,

  21. What a pretty cushion. I love the art deco textured wallpaper. The walls in my house are mainly painted white. Over the years I have added colour but after scraping off layers and layers of wallpaper when we purchased this house, we stick to paint. White goes with everything.

  22. Wonderful patterns. Love the air ballons!

  23. I have mixed feelings about wall papers. In the right place, with the right design they are marvelous. I love the white panels you chose. They are so elegant and will allow many future options. Although I am sort of in love with the balloons too!
    How wonderful that you and Claudia have been friends for so long. The pillow is beautiful in thought anddesign.

  24. Good morning wonderful Carolyn! How fun to decide what colours or patterns you will use! We are just plain white paint people here, but I think that wall paper looks especially good for a small space; it seems to expand tiny areas and make them special. HAVE FUN! Anita

  25. Pretty wallpapers...I would love to take a hot air balloon ride someday...wouldn't you??
    Love the paper you have chosen (almost) for your room. It will be so pretty when it is up and painted. A little show'n tell when you are finished!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Big hugs, xoxo

  26. I adore wallpaper!! I know that paint is easier, to change, but there really is no way to achiever the same drama wallpaper adds to a room. I think all of your choices are lovely!!

  27. You found some beautiful wallpapers Carolyn. I especially like the one on top. Do you know how it's called?

    You received some beautiful presents!

    Madelief x

  28. What a beautiful gift. I really like the sentiment on the pillow too. Have fun with the wallpaper decisions, those are all very pretty possibilities!

  29. Hi Carolyn, beautiful wall papers and designs. I have the anaglypta in a border paper in our guest room painted right over the design and love it.
    What a lovely gift from Claudia. The pillow cover is so pretty but the friendships over time even more precious.
    Have a great week,
    Blessings and Hugs~

  30. We have paint on the wall no wallpaper.....oww Carolyn...i always like that heart you made for me...it is hanging above my bed.....so i sleep every night under your heart you send me after my mother died in 2011....love it with whole my heart......love you my friend.....have a nice week.....and now i am off to Claudia !..xxx !

  31. Although I do not have any wallpaper at home, it is a great way to update a look.

  32. Dearest Carolyn,
    You are wise for selecting the Anaglypta Paintable Gothic Dado 10 Piece Panel Wallpaper! Strange that you cannot get this in your area though. I did check on Wayfair, here they have it but NOT in Australia, that would have been an easy option for you.
    Nevertheless, you no doubt will find a way to obtain it.
    As for your beautiful gift from Claudia, you are lucky and knowing each other for 20 years is quite unique. We don't go back that long but Claudia is a very special friend too!
    Blogging is a great community of often like minded people.
    Sending you hugs.

  33. We've never wall-papered, but I've always been intrigued... I love the one you've chosen, and it would definitely be my choice as well... but the one with the balloons is delightful!

  34. perfect blog post!!

  35. Hi Carolyn,

    The Anaglypta dado is lovely for its wonderful design, although I like all the options you've presented. Good luck with this project and looking forward to seeing the finished result!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  36. Beautiful wallpapers! The one you dress is very elegant.

  37. Carolyn,
    The wallpaper you have chosen is so pretty. I think it will look nice when you paint over it in white or beige. I love the floral designs, and they would look lovely in a bedroom. Be sure to show us if you wallpaper your entrance. I'd love to see how it turns out.


  38. Online friend relationships can be absolutely wonderful, some of the dearest people in your live ever!
    She made you a darling pillow!

    And have fun with the wallpaper choices!

  39. Hi Carolyn! Choosing mustnt be easy at all, there are many beautiful designs and patterns. Love balloons too, they always inspire me of freedom as well, I really love also the gothic design you picked at the end. How sweet Claudia, the cushion is so sweet! And totally agree with you, blogging is wonderful indeed!:) Have a lovely day my dear, hugs! xo

  40. Have fun decorating, Carolyn. I usually paint our walls but wallpaper is far interesting and playful in any space.
    Have a beautiful rest of the week, dear. xx


  41. i love it. It remind me when I was a child

  42. The wallpapers are gorgeous and I really love the one you selected! It is going to look so elegant. Your friend sounds like a sweetie and her pillow is lovely. I will stop over and say hi. Hugs xo Karen

  43. The dado wallpaper is fabulous Carolyn and I am sure that it will look nice hanging in your hall. I have used wallpaper as a feature on one wall and am happy with the result. I think that the trick with wallpaper is to use it in moderation :-) This is going from a fellow kiwi who has the job of stripping wallpaper from her new project. I have bought a small house around the corner from Maison No. 20 and the first floor has lots of wallpaper as does the stairwell so I have a feeling it will take me a while :-)

    Agree about blog friends; we would be lost without them!


    Leeann x

  44. Hello Carolyn, I just can't choose between all those pretty papers! The anaglypta dado panel is very elegant and will look lovely in a hall. Most of our walls are in cream or lemon, no paper just plain old paint which I normally love but having seen so many pretty things on your blog I’m tempted to rethink.
    What a lovely gift from your friend, having friends (virtual or real) makes the world such a happy place. Have a good weekend, Barbara.

  45. I adore wallpaper Carolyn and would have every room papered if I could. I think it gives life to a room. Believe it or not, but I love bright, large florals and dream of having walls covered in a garden :)
    sending hugs...

  46. That balloon wallpaper is gorgeous! I think if it were me I'd choose that. Every time I left the house from my hot air balloon hall I'd feel anything was possible!

  47. great. these are fine wollapers, carolyn! they look so "nostalgic"....
    many greetings

  48. Carolyn,
    I just came across your blog, and I have to say it's so full of creative stuff. The wall paper photos are just fantastic.


  49. I LOVE THE DADO!!!
    Love it.
    Very good choice,


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