Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Spice Jars

I have been trying to straighten up the kitchen a little bit  ~ had some spices and herbs that were still in their small boxes. A while back we had moths in the pantry that must have come in with some wholemeal flour, I think. Thankfully we have got rid of them all now.

Anyway we bought some ground glass apothecary style jars. I love them that they have a good seal and keep things fresh and tidy and make the pantry look much better.

I used an old French label courtesy of The Graphics Fairy and printed them out and then wrote on each one.  I look forward to buying some more of the glass jars so I can get everything a little more organized.  Looking at the wooden rack, I probably need to paint it another colour - liked the red once, but probably needs a new coat of paint.

Here are a few more little knick-knacks I have around - love small things and found a little glass cloche to keep my miniature tea set in. Behind that are some samples of granite which we eventually want to do when we get around to doing up the kitchen and replace the polished concrete bench tops, which we have never been pleased with. The workmen that did them, never did a very good job.
Now it is the weekend, I wish you a wonderful one

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