Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tulips and look who has been visiting our Island

Aren't tulips, pretty flowers. I am loving the little vase of colour I have in the kitchen and makes me smile, when I see them.
Our weather today is rainy and grey and it feels like winter is on its way, so I need something to brighten the day.

He is happiest who hath power to gather wisdom from a flower
~ Mary Howitt
Gordon Ramsay surprised the staff at Te Whau Vineyard recently with a request for a late lunch, for his party of five. 
He flew in by helicopter to enjoy the food at one of our Award winning Restaurants. The view from the Restaurant is amazing.
 "He was heard to say "Gosh you live in Paradise"
Ramsay was on a quick trip, to speak at a Fundraising event in Auckland. The Rising Foundation is a charity which works with young people at risk.

The party started with a medley of five starters including  paddle crab salad on wasabi mousse, venison carpaccio, Te Matuku Bay oysters, all highly praised.
The main course was Aoraki salmon served with marinated fennel salad, charcoal prawns and fresh mixed vegetables.
Sticky toffee pudding was the top pick for dessert.  

Photo by Tony Forsyth 

Have a lovely day and thank you so much, for stopping by


  1. Enjoy your day dear Carolyn !


  2. Flowers are one of the lovely joys of life. They always bring cheer into a home.

  3. Dear Carolyn,
    yes, Tulips are wonderful flowers! They are always the first flowers I buy in Spring to have in the house :O))
    You lucky one, you met Gordon Ramsey! I love this guy and I watched a lot TV Shows with him :O)))
    Have a wonderful week, my dear friend,
    Love and hugs to you,

    1. Hi Claudia,

      No I did not get to meet Mr Ramsay but news went all around the Island that he was here and there was an article in our local newspaper.


  4. Hi Carolyn! I also love the tulips!

  5. The tulips are very pretty. Our daughter gave me a bunch of very pale daffodils with very pale orange centres. The orange has got even paler and I love the calm atmosphere they create right now.

  6. Tulips are my favorite flowers but they don't exist any more in the gardens or in the market. It's already too hot here and people go swimming on the beach.
    Have a lovely day Carolyn !
    Big hugs, Olympia

  7. Love your tulips.....i have French tulips in my post today.....enjoy the nice that Gorden was there !!

  8. Hi Carolyn, really...your tulips are fantastic. This flover are a lot meanings! KISS. NI


    Tulips have to be my favorite VASE flower; I love the white version and they certainly pick up the gray days! I had a lovely bouquet of white tulips for my wedding anniversary in March and the simplicity of the vase with the pure white of the tulips just added so much class to my house. What a lovely surprise indeed to have such a celebrity come to your island!!!!!! Anita

  10. Dear Carolyn!
    I loooove tulips you know!
    Happy week and a lot of sunshine for you!
    With love,

  11. Dearest Carolyn,
    Oh, my poor knowledge; I checked who Gordon Ramsay was p;)
    He has 3 Michelin as a chef☆☆☆
    I LOVE tulips, too. It is getting warmer and warmer here.

    Have a nice week and Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  12. Good morning dear Carolyn,
    Such lovely tulips... They are a sure sign of spring.
    I bet the staff at the vineyard was surprised to have Ramsay and his friends stop in for lunch.

    Sending you a big hug!

  13. Tulips and Irises are one of my favorite springtime flowers!!!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!


  14. White or yellow tulips are among my favourite flowers. Yours are perfect addition to already lovely interior. Have a great week, Carolyn!! x

  15. Hi Carolyn, bright flowers always cheer me up as well and make me feel in spring though the weather is bad outside! your tulips are adorable! kisses! xo

  16. Carolyn,dear,
    I too love the tulips, but in my garden they are still having green buds, and even the weather has been lovelt this week, there will be many weeks untill they bloom beautifully!

  17. I love tulips and they always brighten my day too. It must have been such a surprise for the staff having Gordon Ramsey as a customer. From your pictures I have seen your island does look like paradise.
    Sarah x

  18. Dearest Carolyn,
    Great that such celebrities put time and effort into such fund raisers.
    Love your tulips and so glad you get the rain; much needed for the gardens before they go to sleep!

  19. Carolyn let's hope that he does not tell too many people as they will all want to come and live there :-)

    Love the tulips, we also have a lot here at present.

    amicalement from a sunny SW France, Leeann x

  20. Your tulips are such a pretty shade of pink Carolyn ... Im sure they brightened up your day. Gosh! Gordon on your home turf .... I would love to know what was on the menu. Hoping your week is going well and that you're enjoying the last of this beautiful Autumnal season. xx

  21. So cool I love his shows. Beautiful flowers too. :)

  22. Hi Carolyn....The tulips are a sumptuous color. I no longer grow tulips because the the moles and such eat them up. Yours are a real treat!

    I'm impressed...Gordon Ramsey no less! Hope he enjoyed his lunch.


  23. Glad I'm not the only one who takes the ol' helicopter out for a little lunch break, hehehe. And I think he's got it right. You do live in Paradise!

    Gorgeous tulips!

  24. Hi, Carolyn,
    Your tulips are so pretty. I also like your scale! Wow, what a lovely one! I think you can enjoy being in your kitchen with those things even in rainy days and grey days!
    Have a good weekend,

  25. I love tulips, Carolyn. You must live in paradise...especially if that comment came from Gordon. Haha...


  26. Love you my darling friend.
    I love your flower quote and love all you share.
    Happy Mother's Day
    Love Jeanne

  27. sounds so interesting about Gordon Ramsay.
    lovely tulips. Today I was watching the pictures with the Tulip Fields in the Netherlands, amazing colorful world. have a nice weekend Carolyn

  28. Wow! How exciting Carolyn! It's tulip season in Seattle and they are everywhere. Your display is so pretty. Have a nice weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


  29. Aren't tulips just the most beautiful flowers!

  30. I hope he's nicer in person than he is on the show. :) Lovely tulips! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  31. Wow he came there? I really like his series on tv! Tulips are amazing!
    Happy weekend Carolyn!
    MaryFashionLove on Bloglovin

  32. I love tulips , and the color of the ones in your picture is so nice , and really they warm up a grey day .



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    flw me and tell where u’ve followed me!


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