Saturday, May 25, 2013

How I love a trip away

Last weekend, my husband kindly took me away to celebrate my birthday for a night. After having bought a new car we were keen to go for a drive down country, to try it out.
We went back to Huka Lodge again, to spend  Saturday night there.
This is the perfect getaway for a quiet night - there is not even a telephone, or television in the rooms.

On arrival in our room waiting for  us, was a chocolate cake and a bottle of champagne.

It was a wet old day driving down, but once we arrived was pure bliss  relaxing and sitting in the spa pool and swimming in the pool. We were able to dine alone, on the outdoor deck alongside a roaring fire. I felt so lucky to be able to spend a happy weekend  with my husband, laughing and talking and having a fun time away.

Cocktail hour was from 6.30 - 7.30 and was interesting chatting to other guests staying there.

The canape potato fries were delicious

We were lucky to have a well known New Zealand  opera singer, Deborah Wai  Kapohe sing an enchanting rendition of Pokarekare Ana, a traditional Maori love song.
It was truly beautiful and bought tears to my eyes and gave me goosebumps... it was particularly moving and emotional for all in the room.

The dessert for me, was the highlight of my meal, little meringues with kiwi fruit.

Thank you to all who visited my little place, at the French Party, Anita had so kindly hosted for us all.
It was fun and am grateful to have met so many new friends and lucky to discover some fabulous new blogs and many thanks also, to new followers.
Just made me want to pack my bags and head back over to France with seeing all the wonderful sights and places to see and visit.

Wishing you all, a happy weekend


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, dear Carolyn. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip to celebrate it.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous birthday at the lodge Carolyn:)Hope you are enjoying the weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  3. Happy belated wishes Carolyn for your birthday! Your stay should have been dreamy and unforgettable ! You must have a very nice guy in your side! If there is something I get crazy about is surprises !!!
    I wish you all the happiness of this world and more experiences like the last one!
    Enjoy your week end!

  4. Belated Happy Returns - so pleased you had such a memorable day!

    Have a lovely weekend too,


    Lola & Nora:)

  5. Another birthday girl! Your trip away to celebrate sounds delightful, especially with a delicious meal accompanied by beautiful and moving musical entertainment.

  6. Good morning sweet Carolyn! And again, a happy belated birthday wish to you for yet again MORE celebration! What a fantastic time you must have had! And I have no idea what New Zealand has to offer in terms of cultural beauty in music, FOOD or any other expression. It sounds fascinating, these places you have shared and visited! Lovely wishes to you dear friend and many thanks for your participation in our party! IT WAS TRULY UNFORGETTABLE! Anita

  7. Carolyn you sound like you were in seventh heaven. What a great husband you have. I'm so glad you had time to spend together.

  8. I am delighted to hear that you and your Mister enjoyed a splendid getaway! Thank you for sharing your birthday festivities...all was perfect surely.

  9. Happy Birthday, Carolyn! Glad to hear that you spent fabulous time on your birthday!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  10. Hi Carolyn! Must have been so amazing and very romantic!:) Everything just looks perfect!:) Kisses and happy weekend! xo

  11. Dear Carolyn!
    What a romantic getaway!
    Happy weekend!
    With love,

  12. Happy Birthday Carolyn! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend in honor of you Day:) Such a delightful dessert .. and interesting and delicious combination of flavors. It must have been lots of fun to take your new car for a spin. Have a nice weekend! xxleslie

  13. Happy belated Birthday dear Carolyn!
    What a lovely time you had.. This is the way to celebrate.
    Yes, I too, had such a good time at the link party.
    Anita was such a dear to put it all together.

  14. Happy Birthday sweet friend and I am so glad you were able to go away and celebrate.

    Much love and many blessings.
    Love you

  15. Oh how romantic.... You lucky girl......xx

  16. Dearest Carolyn, happy belated birthday my friend-
    such a beautiful day you had with your husbond-
    So romantic, and lovely- in a most wonderful relaxed place, with beautiful music and yummy foods. You so deserves such a wonderful birthday!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  17. Dear Carolyn,
    Best Belated Birthday wishes to you my friend. What a wonderful getaway with your hubby. So romantic and it sounds like a special place to be for a birthday celebration.

    I am so excited to finally be able to open your blog. It seems when I tried from the comment link, it would not work. However, on my last visit, I signed up to follow by email and that seems to work now. Whatever the case, I am glad to make it here once again.

    Have a wonderful weekend and blessed year ahead.
    Birthday Hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. Dear Carolyn ,
    Happy B day ! and your husband made you a wonderful gift to celebrate the wonderful woman you are !


  19. Yeah !! France was great !!...what a lovely trip....!!...and lovely meal you have sweet from your husband....lovely sunday

  20. Lovely pics and hope you had fun!

    Visit me too: :)

  21. Good morning my dear Carolyn!

    It is always so nice to see your comment when I come in the morning to check my blog. It truly was a wonderful France party because all of YOU. How I love to create FUN! OH! I look forward to seeing more of your home renovation! Please share the progress! Enjoy your weekend, beautiful friend! Anita

  22. Happy Birthday, Carolyn! What a lovely (and romantic) way to spend it too.
    The presentation of the dessert is adorable...never thought to serve meringues that way.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  23. Wishing you the Happiest of Days, dear Carolyn. What a terrific birthday celebration!.................xox.....*s*

  24. Happy birthday Carolyn! Sounds like you husband treated you to a lovely evening!!

    Have a good week,

    Madelief x

  25. Happy Birthday! Thanks for your sweet visit!
    It sounds like a wonderful time apart with your hubby! Aren't those times special?!
    Very romantic of him to do that for you!

    All my heart,
    Deborah ;)

  26. How lovely, darling!
    Happy belated birthday :)


  27. Bless your dear husband Carolyn!!!! It sounds like such a wonderful time. I am so glad you got to get away for your special day!
    A late Happy Birthday to you dear friend!

  28. Oh, dear, I missed your birthday. I am so sorry :( It sounds like you had a wonderful time! What a grand way to celebrate your special day!!!!

    Happy belated birthday!!


  29. Carolyn,
    I am finally able to get through to your post. I visited many times during the French link party, but your page kept coming up blank; not sure why. What a wonderful place to spend on your birthday. How nice that chocolate cake and champagne were waiting for you. The log fire looks dreamy.

    It sounds like you had a special birthday, Carolyn.


  30. Dearest Carolyn,
    Glad you did have a very special birthday!
    Enjoy this new week.

  31. My dear Carolyn,
    how lovely from your hubby :O)
    I am so glad you had such a lovely and wonderful Birthday-Weekend!
    Wishing you a wonderful new week!
    Love and hugs to you!

  32. (Belated) Happy Birthday, Carolyn. Glad that you had a fun, quiet and a relaxing time! The chocolate cake looks so yummy and so does the desert.

    Wish you a blessed and a blissful year ahead,

  33. Sweet Carolyn, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Your trip away sounds fabulous and I am so happy for you! I enjoyed the lovely photos and reading about it sweetie! The opera singer sounds incredible and the food looks yummy! Thank you for your visit and for always leaving me such sweet comments! I hope you have a beautiful week! Love to you, Paula xo

  34. Happy birthday Carolyn. So romantic
    and fun to celebrate with your man.
    Wonderful with the pool and fire.

  35. Oh nice to be able to get away to celebrate your birthday!! The food looks wonderful...the dessert - yummy!
    I remember the pictures from your last visit...such a lovely place to spend a few days.
    I loved your cheese post...I am a cheese lover too! It could be every meal if my hips would allow...LOL!

    Happy Birthday...and I hope you have another happy year.
    Hugs and love,
    Nancy W.

  36. Belated happy Birthday Carolyn what a wonderful treat to be taken away for your birthday it sounded a wonderful evening. I would have loved to have hear the singing.
    Congratulations you are my winner of the Joanne Harris book I gave away for the French Link party. Please can you email me your address.
    Sarah x

  37. Dearest Carolyn, So very happy for you that you got to celebrate your Birthday in such style! Wonderful Birthday!!! Happy Belated Birthday and may you have many more super birthdays!!!

    Much Love and God bless you,

  38. A bit late but I wish you an happy birthday Carolyn !
    Best regards from Paris,


  39. A belated happy birthday to you. What a lovely way to spend your birthday. The atmosphere, the food and your loving man. Thanks again for your loving thoughts and prayers. xoxo Linda

  40. Hi Carolyn,
    Happy (belated) birthday!!!
    Your husband was so sweet!^^

  41. Hello Carolyn,
    Wishing you a happy belated birthday. It looks like you had a wonderful time spent in a lovely place eating yummy food with great company. Can't get any better than that. I do love seeing all the pretty places you visit!!!
    Have a happy week ahead!
    Warm hugs ~ Jenn

  42. Hi Carolyn! Your husband has been very very sweet!!! with this weekend, he gave you a wonderful gift for you birthday!
    And so... happy birthday, hoping I'm not too late!

  43. Happy birthday Carolyn !!!
    A new car and a road trip.WOW !!! I bet is was so nice getting away with your hubby.I love it when we can do it.Its always like a renewal.
    I wish you the very best.You are always a Sweetheart,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  44. What a sweet husband...happy happy late birthday my so sorry to have missed it. My life is crazy right now...but today I send you my LOVE all tied up in a pretty PINK ribbon. oxxo

  45. Happy Birthday, dear Carolyn! That looks like a perfect getaway celebration, no phones or tv. How lovely to have a new car to make it even more special. Very glad you had this wonderful adventure!



  46. Wishing you a happy birthday, Carolyn!!! What a lovely getaway on your special day. Lots of love!!! x

  47. Thank you so much to all, for your very kind birthday wishes.
    I appreciate your friendship and so glad that I took the leap into blogging and have met so many lovely people, I can truly call friends.


  48. Dearest Carolyn,
    So sorry for my belated comment. How lovely to have a get away for birthday♡♡♡ May you have many happy returns♬♬♬ 

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  49. Happy Birthday sweet Carolyn! It looks like you had a nice celebration and a lovely weekend! Sweet birthday hugs coming your way!!! Diane


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