Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vintage millinery flowers

How does the meadow flower it's bloom unfold?
because the lovely little flower is free down to its root
and in that freedom bold. 
~ William Wordsworth

Today I thought I would share some of my vintage millinery flowers ... love the truly beautiful velvety flowers and the colours.

I would like to thank everyone who left a comment in my last post about our water woes.
Thankfully on Monday night,  for the first time in ages ...we could hear sweet music to our ears, rain falling!

We have a holiday here today, 6th of February is Waitangi day ~ New Zealand's National holiday.
Early this morning my husband and I walked around the sculpture walk before the sun was too hot.
There were many boat loads of people from the mainland that had come over to check out the sculptures. It started to get very busy on the track and a  popular way to spend a sunny and beautiful day.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


  1. Yay for rain!!! I hope the earthquake off the coast of Australia doesn't affect you with. Sunami!

    Lovely millinery flowers,


    1. Hi Marsha,

      Have just heard the news about it now - large earthquake hitting the Solomon Islands.
      Hope everyone is safe.


  2. That is such an awesome quote, Carolyn! Pretty flowers. Glad you had a happy holiday!


  3. I love your pretty millinery Carolyn. You have so many lovely pieces. It seems a little difficult to find here where I live. But I still keep my eye out for it.
    Enjoy celebrating your special day!
    sending love...

  4. Happy Waitangi Day Carolyn and what a lovely way to start the day ... hope no more disasters for NZ you've had your share.
    The vintage flowers are so soft and pretty.

  5. Dear Carolyn,
    wonderful flower wreaths!
    Wishing you a lovely holiday!
    Love and hugs

  6. ciao,
    it sound so strange to me to hear you so happy for rain falling ....
    here is raining almost everyday and I wish sunny days

    Have a nice day


  7. Ooh Carolyn, I love the top wreath of flowers, it's so patriotic! William Wordsworth is a love of mine, and I've visited his home, Dove Cottage, in the Lake District many times ... I did a post on it last year I think. Enjoy your holiday today, looking forward to hearing about it ...

    Claire xxx

  8. Lovely !!!...we have snow here in Holland again.....o my....i must now to the shop....i do'nt like to ride with snow...but Rein is far away buying's me and the girls..hahahah...lovely day love

  9. Oh Carolyn, I am so very glad you have rain now! I must confess to finding the sound of rain falling especially at night reassuring. I can only imagine how glorious it must sound to your. Happy February 6th to you!


  10. So glad that you had rain! You must be so pleased and relieved. I remember in Italy that my daughter went dancing out in the rain when it finally arrived so I know how you are feeling. Happy 6th February, too! The vintage pieces are so pretty. They remind me of bridesmaids' head dresses.

  11. Carolyn, So pleased you have had some rain at long last I hope it is enough to make a difference. Do you have many public holidays?
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah,

      We have another public holiday coming up in April, Anzac day the Queens birthday in June and then Labour day in October.
      Always great to have a holiday.

      C x

  12. Dearest Carolyn, ♥
    happy Waitangi day! I hope you enjoyed to celebrate! I myself really enjoyed to see your sweet vintage millinery flowers, they look very nostalgic. And I am glad to hear that you had rain after a long no-rain-period. In Austria it is almost the opposite, it was very "wet" here lately (snow and rain ...) and we are happy about every ray of sunshine... :o)
    Warm hugs - ♥ XOX ♥ - Traude

  13. Ciao cara amica...allora a breve sarà festa grande da voi.
    un bacio e fortissimo abbraccio. ;) Kissssssssssss. NI

  14. So gorgeous!
    Happy Waitangi Day!


  15. Good morning precious friend!

    I so enjoy collecting these little gifts even if I were not to use them. Vintage millinary flowers tell a story of a time when such ornaments were part of a routine of dress that unfortunately, no longer exists! Oh how I wish it did! Thank you always, for coming to visit. Anita

  16. What a beautiful flower garlands dear Carolyn.
    And how nice that it is finally going to rain. Hopefully the solution to the water problem now close.
    Have a nice day and you also thanks for your always sweet comments.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  17. Dear Carolyn
    I love your vintage Millinery flowers... Just beautiful.. I am so happy to hear you had rain..
    Hope you had a wonderful Holiday.

  18. Dear Carolyn
    The flowers are so lovely!
    I wish you a happy holiday.
    Love and hugs Yvonne

  19. Your vintage flowers are beautiful and have a fabulous holiday.........Love and smiles across the miles.........Love you


  20. Hello!
    Love love love your flower wreats, look so romantic and sweet!
    I don't love so much rainy days, sometimes are ok, but I definitely prefer sun!^^

  21. I`m so happy for you dear Carolyn, so wonderful with rain again.
    Here we have snow again :-(
    And there are you, having a happy 6/2 celebration with your husbond,on a sunny warm day!!

  22. I LOVe millinery flowers too!

    What magnificent Waitangi Day weather - not a cloud in the sky where I was!
    Can you believe my dear husband is sailing in the BOI - not worried by the tsunami warning....!!!
    It all seems ok though - thank you God!

    Shane ♥

  23. I love the vintage flowers, too and hope you are enjoying your holiday! I'll go back to read more about the water woes. Take care and enjoy your week!

  24. Enjoy your day Carolyn !
    Best regards from France....


  25. Dearest Carolyn,
    Wow, great news about rain, my friend ☂ I DO wish you have no trouble for water supply. Yes, we heard the news of earthquake... and even warned us tunami in Japan. I thought about you hearing the news.
    I love your millinery flowers; really sweet velvety colors and wonderful arrangement(*^_^*)

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday and will have a wonderful coming weekend. Wishing not feeling too hot.

    Love you always from Japan to my friend in New Zealand, xoxo Miyako*

  26. Happy Waitangi day, Carolyn and how beautiful to spend it with a walk around the sculpture. I love those flowers from your vintage collection, very pretty and delicate! I am happy that rains finally arrived, that must have been a lot of relief.

    Greetings and have a lovely week ahead

  27. Glad you got rain, Carolyn! You can breathe easier.
    Love your vintage floral wreaths...feminine and oh so pretty.
    Have a lovely, water-filled weekend!

  28. Beautiful vintage florals! I love collecting these as well and have a few that I am tickled to own. Yours are lovely! I love the look of them. They don't make florals like they used to.

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    Have a nice weekend.
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  30. Waitangi Day sounds delightful, Carolyn. This sculpture is so pretty. I'm so glad that it rained for you; I know that is what you were hoping for. Have a nice weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  31. Oh, hallelujah. Hooray for the rain!

    I love your beautiful blooms. Flowers on your crown, what could be better? Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

  32. What pretty little vintage sweet. Wishing you a lovely weekend my dear friend.



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