Thursday, January 31, 2013

A day out

It was the most glorious sunny day,  wearing sunhats, sunblock and with a bottle of cold water, my daughter and  I had the day out ... we walked around the outdoor Headland Sculpture walk.

The biennial event runs for three weeks at the height of summer and a must do, if you are able to get here. There are 30 pieces of Artwork that line the sculpture walk, a 2.5 km spectacular coastal walkway from Church Bay to Matiatia, overlooking the gorgeous Hauraki Gulf. The views of the sea below are breathtaking ...check out how blue the sky and water are, some days it really does seem like we live here in Paradise.

It is always really exciting to see what innovative sculptures the Artists have come up with and I enjoy seeing the Art, outdoors.
I took a lot of pictures but will show you some of my favourites.

The magnificent folly wins the premier award - The Pavilion Structure was wonderful - a place to get out of the sun to cool down and there were even swings to keep everyone happy.
This was made from recycled timber having a birds nest quality.

Beyond Good and Evil - Referencing Alfred Hitchcock's  thriller 'The Birds'
Waiheke Island inherits the character of Bodega Bay, the quiet coastal town in the movie and the sculpture places, the viewer into the playground scene evoking the same sense of foreboding.

Field Notes ~  explores the relationship between language, sound and form.  Each sound note visually encapsulates the sound and duration of a particular moment in the dawn chorus.

Every home should have one
Here is a cheap and simple illusion if you don't have a sea view - you can hang this on your back fence, sit on your deck and admire your view.

Breath ~ Corten steel incised with native plant, leaf skeleton patterns.

Wildfire ~ A wildfire is any uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside. It differs from other fires by its extensive size and speed and what we have been seeing a lot of around Australia and New Zealand lately.

Baubles~ wood, acrylic paint, copper stainless steel
Pohutukawa is called the New Zealand Christmas tree for their flowering season between November and January. Baubles is a group of wooden spheres suspended from the Pohutakawa tree, evoking associations with Christmas decorations.

Little Bush is an appropriation of the structures evident in the famous miniature Lego tree of the 1970's.  This manifestation in treated pine, plays on the idea of the value of a tree.

April 1975

A traditional New Zealand holiday bach - the work plays with concepts associated with nostalgia, issues of scale and moments in time and acts as an iconic comment on shifts in NZ economic and social values.  These iconic structures have steadily been diminishing as a standard feature of coastal and  lakeside landscapes, instead part of our memory landscape.

The Sculpture Walk has just been voted Number 35, on the New York Times list of things to do in the world!

 Hope you have enjoyed seeing this - 
Have a happy day


  1. What fun Carolyn! ..the birds.. was that a little creepy? :) Such interesting artwork. I am always amazed to see what others see the world .. and create something artistic based on their impression.

    I enjoyed the photos of you and your daughter and what a nice outing for you both (glad you had on the sunscreen!)


  2. Hi Leslie,

    The birds were a little creepy and strangely enough in our local paper there were a few seagulls that had landed alongside, so that made it interesting.

    C xo

  3. Dearest Carolyn,
    That must have been a fabulous day, as a mother-daughter outing to this sculpture walk.
    Did you know that you can have reply setting for your comments? That way the person you reply to will get an email. Really easy, just follow this tutorial:
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thank you Mariette for helping me with the reply comments - never quite figured this out.


    2. You're most welcome Catherine!
      Hugs to you and enjoy the coming weekend.

  4. Carolyn, We got snow overnight with lots of wind and ice. Whahhhh. Your part of the world looks wonderful and you are so lucky to be out in nice weather to see this artwork. A great time for your day out! Looks like a fun time.

  5. This is AWESOME Carolyn! I am so glad that you took all these photos to share your day with us!!!!! I loved the movie The Birds, so I think that was my favorite because of that, but so many wonderful ones.What a FUN day!
    sending love...

  6. Ciao,
    I went through the unread posts.

    what a beautiful landscape , and the cherries...

    I'm so happy you had a nice day for your anniversary ....the dessert looks very tasting ...I would like to eat one kiwi from New Zeland to compare with the italian's ones


  7. My dear Carolyn,
    so happy you had such a lovely and sunny day visiting this sculpture walk! Great art work to see! i love this BIG birdhouse and the wooden flowers... looks really great!
    Have aa happy rest of the week,
    Love and hugs to you,

  8. A nice artistic walk...
    Best regards from Paris,


  9. This looks great, it is paradise!
    Greetz, Renny

  10. Ciao che meraviglia!
    mai vista una cosa simile.
    Che bella giornata devi aver passato con tua figlia.
    Molto interessante.
    Belle anche le foto! ;)
    Complimenti cara amica!!!
    Baci di cuore e buon w.e.! NI

  11. It's amazing - and in our little corner of the world!

    What a lovley way to spend time together - skipping merrily along the coastal path! Why can't summer last forever?
    Wonderful art - Waiheke just has everything!

    I've been in Vicki's Grow Your Blog party - very hectic trying to visit as many blogs as poss - some v talented people out there.

    Shane ♥

  12. What a glorious outdoor art gallery! And an interactive one, at that! PLUS, you get the sunshine and the experience of enjoying the art of nature - that is the coolest and funnest thing to see today. We are having EXTREMELY cold temps today and seeing your side of the world is giving me hope that soon we shall be playing in the sun my dear! LOVE! Anita

  13. I loved the gazebo...I loved the birds...this is my idea of a fabulous day out.
    Jane x

  14. How beautiful and lovely my sweet friend. Thanks for the warmth and sunshine on this cold winters day in Ontario Canada

    Much love


  15. Oh dear...what a fabulous art event...and such glorious weather you have! A COLD winter wind is roaring outside of our windowpane, so a day in your sunshine was most welcome! Thank you most kindly for sharing a wee bit of paradise.
    Wishing you all that is lovely and bright.

  16. Wonderful with a mother-daughter day, so much joy in your photos.
    Wish you a happy weekend

  17. What a wonderful sculpture walk Carolyn and a beautiful sunny weather.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  18. Hi Carolyn, must have been a very nice time, lovely place and photos! Kisses! xo

  19. A sculpture walk in such a gorgeous setting and with wonderful westher - perfect! All of the sculptures are imaginative and I particularly like the
    gazebo and the musical one.

  20. Hi Carolyn!!! In this pictures, you show us a wonderful land!!!!
    Have a nice week end!!

  21. Great !! enjoy...have fun from

  22. You most certainly do live in paradise. I hope it hasn't been too warm this summer there.

  23. It sounds so wonderful Carolyn - just wonderful. I love the hut with the swings too, and the Birds is another favourite of mine - it must have looked kind of eerie, given the malevolence of the birds with the beauty of the setting - gives me the shivers!

  24. Ah, this indeed looks like paradise, Carolyn! Taking a sculpture walk is such an interesting and fun idea to spend a day out with your daughter. I especially love the bird nest shaped pavilion and would love a ride on that swing.

    Have a lovely day! :)

  25. Oh Carolyn, what a great post, love seeing these amazing sculptures and the sunshine and warmth that almost oozed out of the images.;) Here we are in winter and images like these make me want to long to be somewhere warm.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  26. Dear Carolyne, wow, this is pure inspiration and fun - would have loved to see all this myself and am glad you could shere it with your daughter. sometimes i think, yes, it's great to have grown up kids, especially when they are good friends. Cheers to a lovely weekend! xx

  27. Very cool post!
    That pavilion is amazing!


  28. Hello Carolyn,
    Looks like you spent a lovely day with your family!
    Such beautiful places! I miss beach (and summer) so much!
    And these sculptures are so interesting too!
    Thanx for share!

  29. What a wonderful event. I felt as if I were really taking that walk with you. All the sculptures were awesome. And such a beautiful day for it. Thank you for sharing.


  30. Dear Carolyn,

    The beautiful weather you are having makes me long for spring even more! Love the art shown at the biennial. So diverse.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Madelief x

  31. Love all the pictures - so nice !!

  32. Fan-freakin'-tastic! Get a little sun, get some exercise, and see some incredible art all at the same time. What could be better??? Time with your beautiful daughter, that's what makes it even better. :) That structure with the swings should be made permanent!

    Have a beautiful weekend! xo

  33. I love the picture with the swing, it's so artistic!

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  34. dear carolyn,such a free day when sunshine is wonderful.
    thanks for the report.
    many greetings

  35. I can certainly understand it making that list. I love the one with the birds, but all are pretty amazing!


  36. Oh what a paradise! Thanks for sharing with us and all the time you spent posting this.

  37. Ihana kuva tuo paviljonki ja keinu siellä:) Hyvää viikkoa:)


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