Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Red and white polka dots

Louis Vuitton are known to be creative with their window displays and this one stopped me in my tracks and I had to take out my camera to share with you.
Yesterday when I passed by the shop, couldn't figure out the new window display... looked like huge swirling octopus tentacles in red and white polka dots.

Have since found out, the windows have been designed by Yayoi Kusama, an 82 year old Japanese Artist. Kusama is one of the most exciting and prolific artists working today.
Famous for her iconic use of polka dots and she collaborated with Louis Vuitton to produce a range of collectable pieces in her signature style.
Certainly does make a change, from the brown monogrammed leather.

Wishing you a happy week


  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Very interesting indeed! How incredible that she's 82 years old still working, producing, and living life to its fullest. So many folks just throw in the towel when they get a certain age.. it's great that she's out there, being creative!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. It certainly makes you have a second look doesn't it.

  3. Very special indeed, dear Carolyn- I am sure it will make many other people stop and have a look, and I guess that`s what it was meant to!
    Wish you a beautiful tuesday , with happy hours.

  4. Best regards from France Carolyn...
    Enjoy your day !


  5. Pretty polka dots!
    Love this collab!


  6. Her style is very interesting and original !Nice week Carolyn!

  7. WOW! LOVELY IN EVERY WAY, but the most impressive thing to me is the AGE of the artist! THIS IS EXCITING MY DEAR! It gives me hope.....oh, the hard work to keep going at that age!!! WONDERFUL INSPIRATION! Anita

  8. Dearest Carolyn,
    Oh, I'm surprised to read your post today. I've never heard of her name, but 82 years old Japanese Artist ""Yayoi Kusama" with Louis Vuitton ☆☆☆
    Kind of rare design to me, haha thank you very much for the word "tentacle"; I didn't know this word(^^;)

    ps> So sorry for my absence to your blog. I found that your new post doesn't show up in my dashboard like several my other friends. I'll try stop by as often as I can♬♬♬ And also happy to know we have a mutual friend!

    Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  9. Thats really marvellous work of art! It would certainly stop me in my tracks too, thanks for sharing this.
    Have a wonderful day Carolyn :)

  10. I do like polka dots and red!!

    I hope I am stil creating at 82!


  11. It certainly got my attention! Love that the artist is still going strong and coming up with creative design.

    Have a great day ~

  12. Hi Carolyn,
    Very interesting, indeed. You know I must be crazy, because the first thing that came to my mind upon seeing this was the LochNess Monster...but a pretty version! :)

  13. Love polka dots.....can't buy Louis Vuton...not enough money on the bank....hahahhahahah...love Ria...xxx..

  14. What an amazing display I'm so glad you had your camera so you could share it. I love looking at displays in shop windows so of the shop windows in London are so imaginative too especially Liberty.
    Sarah x

  15. What an interesting window display. It's something that would definitely catch my attention. I love polka dots. Wishing you a wonderful week my friend.

    Much love,

  16. Hello Carolyn
    Thank you for stopping in my Blog today... I love your comments! The red polka dots made me smile... what a inspiration! Thank you for sharing!


  17. Dear Carolyn,
    Wonderful artist, and still going at it.. Very interesting design. To be able to earn a living at what you really love.. I truly admire this hard working woman.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my kitchen.. I thought I was never going to finish.. The prep work is the hardest... I hope your renovation goes smooth.

    Now I should have more time to visit... Thanks so my Carolyn for coming over.
    Big hug!

  18. Hi honey
    Gosh I have missed you. I have been catching up with you tonight and I was so sorry to read the post about your Mom. I do hope she is doing better and recovery goes well for her. I know you have been beside yourself with worry.
    This is an amazing display. To know it was done by an 80 year old artist makes it even more amazing.
    I admire her for doing what she loves.
    Hope I can keep in better touch with you in the future. I have really been a bad blogger these last few months. I just can't seem to find extra time here lately to blog.
    Enjoyed my visit with you

  19. Dear Carolyn,
    what a lovely picture! But I also had to look twice ;O))
    I love Polka Dots!
    Have a happy week, my dear friend,
    love and hugs,

  20. Wow kind of window decor...the people with the creative free flow make those wow things.

  21. Hi Carolyn,
    It is great to have the opportunity to see Yayoi's work. And it is an inspiration that she continues on her life's creative journey.
    Hope you are well.


  22. They look special indeed Carolyn. Their bags will look lovely against the red and white background.

    Madelief x

  23. That is a very interesting display. I am sorry to hear about your mother's fall but hope that she has a quick recovery and all will be well. Best wishes, Tammy

  24. Hi, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Lilybets' blog is so lovely and I'm so happy to have your visit from there!
    Thank you for sharing the polka dots and the story behind, it is very cool! Well, I'm not pretty sure, if I still have any creations at 82! :)
    You have a great day!
    Best, LS

  25. That is very unique indeed from the brown patent of LV.

    I never thought that polka dots and sripes can be combined together and they look good too!

  26. HI CAROLYN!!
    When I was in PARIS in April.....I splurged and bought my first louie Vetton handbag.....the window display at the large store on the Champs de elyses...was of a Carousel.....a smaller store in the St. Germaine neighborhood was all ARROWS......lots of arrows and different colors!!
    i love this one!!!
    So unique and I of all People LOVE minnie mouse..so red polka dots are my fav!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  27. HI Carolyn! What a fun and VERY eye catching display! I hope to have mt creative juices flowing that well at that age!

  28. Hi Carolyn!!....wow that is really different. I'm not sure what I think about it yet but I can surely appreciate it. I hope to be still creating at that age.

    Finally I'm back from my summer blogging hiatus. I looked back on a few of your posts and I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's troubles. I'm glad she is slowly making a recovery.

    Hope your winter is turning into springtime flowers and lots of sunshine! It's always a pleasure visiting you.

    Warm hugs ~ Jenn

  29. Very interesting. That was some smart design as I am sure it will cause a lot of people to stop and take a second look.

    Hope your week is going well.

  30. Wow, that window display is incredible :D

  31. A M A Z I N G!
    My first thought was - not at all Louis Vuitton - but now I feel differently.
    The wonderful design draws you in - I must go and have a look!

    Thanks Carolyn and you have a wonderful weekend!
    Shane xox

  32. Hello, dearest Carolyn,
    oh yes, they really look like octopus tentacles - brilliant!
    I hope when I am 82 I will be as creative :o))
    Lots of hugs - now SPRING is coming soon to NZ!!! :O)))
    Happy weekend to you, Traude

  33. Hi Carolyne, wow, looks exiting! Must find out more about this artist. 82 and young at heart and spirit! Have a happy sunday!

  34. Oh my gosh! That display would have stopped me in my tracks as well. So cool!

  35. Hi,Carolyne.
    What a coincidence! I knew of the artist,Kusama Yayoi, on my weekly English paper this morning, and I just read your post! It is stunning work!


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